Online Catalog of Prints and Photographs

Some artists openly comment on their reference materials–such as Shepard Fairy who has used vintage Russian posters as resources for his art-making.

Many other artists wish to keep their reference sources hidden. Perhaps with some digging, you can uncover some of the obscure images for your personal use within the United States Library of Congress in Washington DC– a massive collection that comprises tens of millions of books and manuscripts as well as 15 million prints and photographs. The good news is that the images are free to download.

Through the website you have access to the online catalog Prints and Photographs that consists of 69 very diverse collections, including 18th century British cartoons, 19th century American baseball cards, old Japanese prints, theater posters, black and white photographs of the Middle East, promotional posters from the First World War and of course beautiful pictures of recent American history.

Unfortunately, not all collections are accessible online. But the images of the collections that are available are often very large TIFF files for download, making them perfect for large format printing.

How do you go about a search within such a massive collection? If you only want large images, here is a research tip. Once you click on one of the 69 collections, you are taken to a page “About this collection”  in the left column. Above is ‘View All’. If  you click on *view All*,  you will be shown all the images. If you select the check box ‘Larger image available’, only the large files come up.

Artist Works From the VIP Art Fair

Did you visit the 2nd annual VIP Art Fair last week? Here are screen shots of some of the art on exhibit at the fair. The first image shows how the art appears in a left to right flow–this is a line up of paintings by Anton Henning that can be clicked for a larger view with zoom features.

Anton Henning painting

painting by Beatrice Milhazes on view in the James Cohen Gallery

somehow I missed the artist's name, but the mixed techniques in this painting are wonderful

Some February Calls for Artists to Submit + Grants


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Beers.Lambert Contemporary art gallery in Canada has an open call for artists to submit by March 5th.

Alternative Processes International Call for Entries at the Center for Fine Art Photography has a deadline of February 15th.

Creative Capital is the only US arts organization that has an open application process for artists to apply for a grant. Now is the time to submit your 2012  artist grant application.

The Sarjah Art Foundation, based in the Middle East, has an open call for artist submissions from artists seeking funding for new work up to $200,000 USD. On their site you will see *Open Call* at upper right.