DreamTime Assignments: Call For Mobile Phone Photos

Angel with mobile phone

Angel with mobile phone (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

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Mobile Phone Photos wanted! This Dreamtime Assignment is open for submissions. You may review accepted submissions now.

Here is the assignment open call for submissions:

Almost everybody’s got a mobile phone and almost every mobile phone’s got a camera nowadays allowing you to take pictures using APPs that turn your snapshot into a hot shot. Dream time is looking for mobile for this assignment and when they say mobile, they mean the photo device, the concept, the feeling and the look. With a mobile phone, you’re ready to take pictures at any moment so for the first time they’re accepting both editorial and commercial pictures. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or a regular camera, remember the key word is mobile so keep the mobile style and feeling. Think of what you usually shoot with a mobile phone and regardless of the device used, the instantaneous look is essential. It can be anything mobile, a street scene, a day at the beach with friends, a super concert, a surprise party, an unusual landscape, a celeb making an awkward face, election day facts. What is also required for all submissions are mobile phone applications and filters which turn the common things you shoot with mobiles into uncommon shots fit for wider usage. If you’re a camera person, feel free to use your camera and just apply mobile phone style filters to get a suitable final result. If you’re keen on experimenting with a mobile phone shot for this assignment, check and test your phone settings and capabilities first. A 3 MP minimum resolution applies and Dreamtime will not accept upsampled images. Pay attention to have the phone cameras set for high-resolution and don’t forget that applications work differently from device to device. Best mobile phone-graphers will instantly receive $300 for the first place, $200 for the second place and $100 for the third place.The winners will also get  Dreamstime branded t-shirts. Open for submissions