Post Your Art For Sale On Instagram: Add Your Shoppable Store With this App

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I’ve simplified the steps below, but you can find full tutorials on the Spreesy site if you need more details.

To Get Started–

Sign up for a free Spreesy account here. In your Spreesy dashboard, select your currency, such as United States Dollar(USD), add your email contact address and your PayPal account email address. Now you are set up to sell your art on Instagram.

It’s recommended that you add your Spreesy store link to your Instagram profile.

After you have set up your Spreesy account,  post an image of your artwork directly on Instagram and in your post’s caption box list the price of your artwork (like $290), a quantity (like 1x) and add the line of text: anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address. It’s that easy!

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Each time you add these 3 things to your Instagram image–a price, quantity, and the line of text anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address–  the item will appear in your Spreesy store. Here is my Spreesy store. I’ve added one artwork to get started–

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So, the next time you snap a photo of your art to share on Instagram,  in your image caption box add:
Price defined with a currency symbol (like $) followed by a number. Simply include your product’s price somewhere in the post’s caption. You can use the following currency symbols followed by the price, such as $99, €99, ₪99, ¥99, £99, or ฿99.
Quantity is defined as a number followed by an x. If your quantity is 1 painting, just include “1x” somewhere in your post’s caption. If your quantity is 10 prints, include 10x in your caption.

Always include in your caption that anyone can purchase by commenting with their email address.

Shipping If you want to specify shipping costs:

1) For domestic shipping, simply include a flat rate shipping cost in your product’s total price.  If you’re selling a product for $15 and you want to charge an additional $5 for shipping within your country, then the total price of your product should be $20.

2) If you want to charge extra for international shipping just include the format +$15. So if international shipping costs an additional $15, just type +$15 somewhere in your post’s caption. Make sure to use a plus sign before the international shipping cost such as +$5 or +£5.

Here’s my Instagram post and you can see how it appears in my Spreesy store in the image above:

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