Brussels Gallery Weekend: A Performance Affair, 7-9 September 2018

8. A Performance Affair. Selected-exhibtors

A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR, THE NEW PLATFORM DEDICATED TO THE ECONOMIES OF PERFORMANCE ART is presenting a myriad of performances for sale by emerging and mid-career artists and featuring Violent Incident, an historic performance video by Bruce Nauman, an auctioned immaterial work by Philippe Parreno, an interactive performance installation by Greg Finger– A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR will put the whole spectrum of the economies of performance art on display and for discussion.


9. A-Performance-Affair-Announcement-list-selected-exhibitors

The Panopticon, A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR’s first edition, transforms the second floor of the Vanderborght Building into an immersive space for three days of performances in collaboration with the Brussels Gallery Weekend (7 to 9 September 2018).

Inspired by the notion of the Panopticon and the building’s unique architecture, continuous and overlapping performance works by international artists will be presented throughout the dynamic venue.

7. Alice Anderson “Lost Gestures_ performative drawings © Alice Anderson Studio

Alice Anderson “Lost Gestures’ performative drawings © Alice Anderson Studio


A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR is a new Brussels based association with international outreach dedicated to performance art. Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, APA is an evolving structure that brings together artists, galleries, collectors and institutions to research and discuss current tendencies in performance art and the economic structures around it. A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR is not another art fair, but a flexible stage aimed at stimulating the acquisition of performance while finding solutions for its development and sustainability.  Events are open to the public and free of charge.

A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR is powered by Liv Vaisberg_ Office for Art & Design and Will Kerr


A wrap-up event at the end of the first edition of A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR: The Panopticon Edition, the round table encourages participants, key players as well as any interested member of the public to discuss some keys questions driving the development of collecting performance art.

While there has been considerable attention around collecting performance in recent years, it remains a niche activity with narratives primarily circulating around a few key artists and collections. The round table is an opportunity for the speakers, participants in APA and members of the public to exchange and explore the conditions that need to be created to make a broader market around performance art.

Some key questions–

What commercial frameworks and strategies exist for selling, circulating and conserving performance art, and what do they have in common with those of more traditional art objects, and where do they differ? What other strategies exist for the support of performance art? What might we learn from making comparisons with economies that
exist around disciplines such as dance, music and theatre? What status do props, drawing, photography and other documentation hold, and how are they presented in relation to the live act, within market contexts and collections–both public and private?

When and Where:
Sunday 9 September, 14:00
In APA Bureau
Vanderborght Building, 2nd floor,
rue de L’Ecuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat – 1000 Brussels – Belgium
For more information, please contact:

SOLD! Art on Amazon USA Now Listed On Amazon Japan + Amazon Euro

Chris Osborne's Robert Johnson and the Blue Terraplane limited edition poster in our Amazon store (click image)

Chris Osborne’s Robert Johnson and the Blue Terraplane limited edition poster in our Amazon store (click image)

Recently, Amazon USA sellers were offered options to expand their store listings to Amazon store sites in Europe, Japan and all over the world.

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New MergeArts NYC Multi-Genre Events Accepting Submissions

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.46.31 PM


I’ve been in communication with Faith Verrill, off and on, over the past few years. This week, she sent me news of MergeArts NYC, an organization that produces monthly multi-genre events with 20+  selected artists bringing art, music and fashion into a live show..

They’re accepting submissions–you can complete the form here.

They also have a gallery coming soon.

Their address:

52 Walker Street NYC, NY



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photo credit: suttonhoo via photopin cc

Concerning Artist Copyright : Tips on How to Keep Tabs on Your Art Images Online

Keep tabs. See what people are pinning from your blog by going to:


Do a reverse image search of your jpeg art images.

You can do a reverse image search using TinEye

This little kid explains how to do a reverse image search–

If you have found your art used by others without your permission, here are some organizations that can help–

Join Creative America united against content theft organization

A Painting Commission That Brought Great Joy!

Chris Osborne #3

Along with the picture Chris Osborne wrote:
A treasured memory… at the Brubeck home when daughter Catherine and her husband Arne unveiled my painting to Dave & Iola. Subject: Dave & Iola and the Quartet with the family car (Kaiser) of the 1950’s that Dave had told me about. They got such a kick out of the painting!
My heart goes out to this sweet, sweet family. My thanks to Patricia Bolgosano for her great photos of that day.
Artist Chris Osborne (blond at far right in photo above) has built her painting career painting celebrities and the vintage automobiles that they owned.

SOLD! In Our Amazon Store: Buddy Bolden Limited Edition Poster

Buddy Bolden’s Dream, by Chris Osborne

“Buddy Bolden’s Dream”

Buddy Bolden (1877-1931), the first Jazz horn player, popular from 1897 to 1907 in New Orleans, aka  “King” Bolden  never recorded his music (no Jazz cylinder has been found). The 1905 Cadillac featured in this painting, is a Model F 5-passenger touring car.  The young Louis Armstrong gazes at the cornet Buddy holds in his hand.  Posters advertising the King Bolden Band appear on the delivery wagon in the background.

Buddy Bolden’s Dream – Limited Edition of 800 Posters from original painting by Chris Osborne are available on via this link:

Artist-Writer Stephen Futral: Living an Auspicious Cross-Cultural Life


“I went from being a Zionist, to living in India and being Hindu, to finally being Buddhist,”  Stephen Futral said. “So, yes, my paintings are images of my belief system and my passionate relation to life.”

Stephen Futral’s autobiographical book-length manuscript titled Don’t Die Wondering– A Chronicle of Auspicious Coincidence and Choice, needs a publisher.

Stephen Futral lived and painted on a kibbutz near Jerusalem and in an ashram in India. He was at Woodstock and featured in the movie.

Chapters one through five of Futral’s autobiographical manuscript have to do with his travels to India and with Woodstock. “We opened Woodstock,” Futral said of the 1969 music festival that was captured by documentary filmmakers and became the Academy Award winning 1970 movie Woodstock. Later, he created sets for a Martin Scorsese film.

Read the article, written by Marie Kazalia, here: 

2 of My Articles Accepted by Yahoo

Yahoo has accepted two articles I wrote on sound artists. Please tweet and share the links with others. Thanks!
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