Representation to Abstraction: Destroying the Figure in the 21st Century #OpenCall to Artists

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First of all, I’d like to congratulate artist Nadine Robbins — her painting is featured on the cover of Poets and Artists magazine.

Poets and Artists has print and digital versions of their magazine. They have an open call for artist submissions for their next curated issue–Destroying the Figure in the 21st Century.

The Curator for the Issue is Daena Title. Click here to read the full submission guidelines.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2015    Publication Date: July 2015

DESTROYING THE FIGURE IN THE 21ST CENTURY—When Representation and Abstraction Merge

At what point does the figure in a figure painting lose its formal or narrative dominance? Please submit work that walks this line or crosses over it.

Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines when making your submission. Submission Guidelines here – Send up to three images (high-resolution 300dpi – jpg) that fit the theme.


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Bad Habits: Erotic Humor and Food in the Portrait Paintings of Nadine Robbins

Eggsistencial, Nadine Robbins

Eggsistencial, Nadine Robbins

Peel back the layers in the images and titles of Nadine Robbins oil paintings to find multiple meanings (double entendre) of subtle erotic humor–a theme that she carries thought out her work.

Nadine  grew up in France, (with a mother who was an artist) and attended an impressive array of fine art schools.  Nadine’s work has twice been featured in the prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters show in London.

Golden Gown, Nadine Robbins

Golden Gown, Nadine Robbins

Her portrait The Golden Gown, while on display at the Brill Gallery, was hailed by art critic Keith Shaw as  “the best nude oil painting I’ve seen in the Berkshires outside The Clark [Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute]. Critic Shaw went on to say that, ”Nadine Robbins is developing into a superb figure painter, and her double portrait, The Golden Gown, is an American masterpiece, both technically and artistically.”

Moxie, Nadine Robbins

Moxie, Nadine Robbins

Nadine’s reach also extends to Chicago, where renowned collector Howard Tullman has added her portrait “Moxie” to his impressive array of nudes.

Nadine Robbin’s work will hang in the exhibition Fixation 2014, curated by Sergio Gomez & Didi Menendeza show in a Chicago gallery that will focus on physical or psychological obsessions with objects or subjects.

Mrs. McDonald, Nadine Robbins

Mrs. McDonald, Nadine Robbins

Besides her clever and skillful renderings of the human face and form, Nadine has a passion for oysters.  Four of her still life paintings of oysters are featured in our sidebar gallery. Click on any image to go the artist’s website. Or click this link:

Bad Habit, Nadine Robbins

Bad Habit, Nadine Robbins

Artist Nadine Robbins Gets Her Painting Printed on Wood

6 Well Fleet Coctails, painting on canvas, Nadine Robbins

6 Well Fleet Cocktails, painting on canvas, Nadine Robbins

Last month, we published a blog post about a company that prints your art on wood. Artist Nadine Robbins read the post, watched the video embedded in our article, and then decided to give Prints on Wood a try by ordering a sample print of her painting.

Nadine's painting printed on wood

Nadine’s painting printed on wood

Nadine Robbin's painting (above) printed on wood.

Nadine Robbin’s painting printed on wood (view 2)

Nadine Robbin’s says: “The painting prints out a bit dark but has a really nice silvery sheen to it. I’d probably use a brighter painting next time. Could be very interesting for pastels/watercolors.”

Like her painting and want to see more? Visit her website:

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