Skeletubes Niche Market


Last year I posted a video showing items from some interesting niche markets created by artists. Yesterday I happened to find an unusual niche art market on Pinterest. 

Skeletubes are one-of-a-kind paintings on vintage television tubes produced by artist Noah Scalin. Each hand-painted Skeletubes artwork sells from $45-$200.

The artist’s Skull-A-Day blog features skull art submissions from readers, and a weekly giveaway. There’s even been a book published about the Skull-A-Day project.

If you’d like to submit your own skull art, read the submission guidelines here:

Maybe I could……Ideas For Finding Your Niche Market

This presentation covers many niche markets. A niche market is an extremely focused area of sales where you don’t have much competition.  One thing all the artists have in common in this presentation is that they have found creative new ways to make money by inventing new markets for their artwork! Even if none of the niches here are right for your type of work, this will get you thinking! Watch and listen to it to the end–it is well worth the time you will invest.