2 New Sites: Art Contests + Gallery Submissions

Photomontage - Composite of 16 different photo...

Photomontage – Composite of 16 different photos which have been digitally manipulated to give the impression that it is a real landscape. Software used: Adobe Photoshop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Art Contest Magazine is free to join Ning site. Art Contest Magazine has 5 open contests, two are for Photoshop based art and design work.


Huuta art , a larger site, requires that you buy a pass to submit to the gallery opportunities there. A two-day pass is $2., and there are options for weekly and monthly passes.

Art-Profiles: A New Social Media Site For Artists


Image by misteraitch via Flickr

Visual artists who connect with people in other fields hoping to find buyers,may become lost in the crowd of others who are *not* passionate about art. Yet artists who tend to connect only with other artists on large social media sites such as Facebook may feel some frustration as well. Artists wonder how and where they might connect with art collectors and art-lovers online.

Art Profiles addresses those issues in their  large new social media site for creative people. The site is designed to connect artists with companies and art-buyers. Art Profiles has a *sales* feature which allows artists to post free ads that include artwork prices– yet takes nothing on sales.

Art Profiles is a something like a bigger better Ning site with more features. The site founders provide free marketing tools and even promises to promote your art on Google, Facebook and Twitter.