ArtPOP Promotes Artist’s Work on Billboards


ArtPOP! Promotes  Artist’s Work on Available Billboard Space.

Wendy Hickey is promoting artists and beautifying America with her ArtPOP! program.

Selected artist’s work is printed large-scale on a vinyl material that is guaranteed to last outdoors for one full year. In some cases, the artists receive their vinyl to keep.

But Wendy also plans to create purses, wallets, and messenger bags from the vinyls to sell and further fund the ArtPOP! program.

If you’d like to help fund ArtPOP! or if you are an artist interested in participating in your city, you will find further details in this feature article in Xposy Multimedia Magazine.

Billboard art by Jason Woodberry of Charlotte, North Carolina

Billboard art by Jason Woodberry of Charlotte, North Carolina

Just A Minute Festival (No Entry Fee)

Just A Minute Festival

The Just A Minute Festival is an online viewers choice event and it is accepting entries until Oct 1, 2012. Productions can be of any style, media or genre but no more than 1 minute in total running time. There is no entry fee. Upload productions to our site before October 1, 2012. On Oct 5th, the polls will open and the films will be streamed through the You are invited to come back and view and vote as often as you’d like. During the voting period, we will choose one of you registered voters at random and send them $20 to say thanks for voting. The polls close on Dec 1st. Although there are a number geographically specific sponsored prizes, anyone from anywhere can win the top prize package which includes $500, just by getting the most votes.

This program is supported in part by grants from the Winchester Cultural Council, the Arlington Cultural Council, the Medford Arts Council, Beverly Cultural Council and the Billerica Arts Council, local agencies, which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.


Deadline: Mon Oct 1st, 2012

Winchester, Massachusetts 01890 01890-1113
United States of America

How Do You Get An Article On Your Art Published?

Five of my articles on artists were published by Yahoo! in one week. I know from talking with other Yahoo! contributors, that original subject matter for an article is a must.

My first article is on a Cleveland sound artist, and titled:  Cleveland: Chris Kulcsar- an Artist Who Uses Sound (If problems with the long link, try this short link:

My second article, on a Pittsburgh sound artist, I titled– Pittsburgh: R. Weis – Compositions of Manipulated Sound (short link:

My third Article published by Yahoo! is titled: New York: GeneFree Video Performance Art

My fourth article published: Germany: Light Art Photography

My fifth article published by Yahoo!
Jeanne Bessette–Painting the Human Element

I originally wrote the first four articles for the VASA project blog (

When I began writing for the VASA project blog as a regular contributor, I established a goal to write on artists in *under-served* regions such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Since I am a member of a large group of primarily Pittsburgh artists, I put the word out that I would be writing on Pittsburgh artists working in video, photography, sound art, and digital art. The name R. Weis came up rather quickly. His fast response to my email and his enthusiasm for the article made it a pleasure to work with him, which inspired me to complete the article that same day.

Contacting Cleveland sound artist Chris Kulcsar proved to be a bit more challenging. At the time he did not have a website, and little online presence. I actually had searched for another sound artist I had heard about in a news cast, when Kulcar’s name came up on his friend’s blog. The blogger put me in touch with Kulcar, who wanted to answer my questions for the article, but was building a new website and would have his bio/CV and artist statement on his site within a few weeks. I know that writing statements, updating CVs and bio information can be time-consuming, as is building a new website, so I agreed to wait.
Several weeks later, Chris supplied me with the link to his new site, and answered all my questions. (In the mean time, the major holidays had come and gone and my mother had died, so, in this case, the delay in hearing back from the artist was not a problem). However, I don’t recommend making someone wait six to eight weeks if they express an interest in writing an article on your art. Have your materials ready and send them right away.

For the GeneFree article, both artists graciously provided me with information and videos to view. Unfortunately, my mother died while I was working on the article, and so I had to attend to family matters. I ended up cutting my article on GeneFree short, and would have preferred to have written a lengthier article.

Working with all of the artists proved to be inspiring, and the articles flowed as I wrote them. I posted my articles to the VASA project blog with images and embedded videos. Yahoo! does not allow images unless the author of an article holds the copyright to the images, or has a license to use the images.

I am pleased that Yahoo! has accepted and published my articles.

So, how do you get an article on your own art published? Perhaps the best way to get started is to connect with a regular contributor of an appropriate art site. Leave a comment on one of their article, then follow-up with an email. If you can’t find an email address for a contributor you would like to work with, leave your email address and site link in your comment. Some art news sites have a form for you to complete to request a feature on your art.

I am especially interested in writing on photographic artists, video artists, sound artists, and digital artists in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and greater areas. But, I have also written on New York artists, German artists, and North Carolina artists. Any artist working on an interesting project should be able to get an article on their work published no matter their geographic region.

Marie Kazalia