Better Facebook Free Add-On Expansion

Last week I created a new Facebook fan page for my e-commerce store, and wanted to invite all of my 2500+ Facebook friends to *like* my new fan page. With the current Facebook set-up, that would take about one full hour of check-boxing to get that accomplished. When I mentioned to a friend the amount of time it would take, he said Better Facebook would allow me to send the invitations with one click.

I did not want to mess around with something complicated, so when I installed the Better Facebook add-on app, and it was oh so easy, it seemed almost too good to be true. The App did everything for me. When one of my Facebook friends added a new post to their Tumblr blog, a new *Tumblr* tab automatically appeared on my Facebook page alerting me to the new post. With one click I viewed the post in Tumblr and with one-click returned to my Facebook page.

Right now, on my Facebook page, in addition to the Tumblr tab I have a Twitter tab where I can view a list of the 25 recent tweets from Facebook friends. Each tweet in the list has a one-click button to *Like* *Comment* or *reply.* When I click on *reply* it took me directly to my Twitter home page where I wrote a Twitter update, tweeted it, then return to my Facebook page with one click.

There are so many great features to Better Facebook that I began to wonder how the developer could have come up with so many ideas for one app. When I contacted Better Facebook author Matt Kruse, he told me that he listens to what users want. “I have received a ton of suggestions from users at Better Facebook Users Voice and I will go through that when working on the next version, so I can incorporate some of the requests that users voted up the most,” he said.

Better Facebook author, Matt Kruse

Matt Kruse is at work on the next major release of Better Facebook (version 6), that “will be an improved filters interface that is much easier to understand and use, and easier to use Options interface, and User Interface touch-ups so Better Facebook blends more seemlessly into the Facebook interface,” he described.

Creator Matt Kruse started working on this app in 2009, and continues to offer it as a free download. He is also at work on a redesign for his Better Facebook download site, with a new color scheme, and a new look.  Matt has also written a number of iGoogle Gadgets and a free script called Better iGoogle

Article first published as The Better Facebook App on Technorati.

Like this Fan Page

Marilyn & her 1955 Lincoln, by Chris Osborne

Marilyn is there–on the new Facebook fan page for the Amazon Artist Store.

To *Like*  the fan page for the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store click here.

So far, I have added a great new e-commerce storefront to the fan page. Not the free kind with the tiny tumbnail images, but one I subscribe to, that has a large *buy* button on each item and large images.

I set up a new Twitter account @Artozon (Art on Amazon), then I added an app that brought my Twitter feed to the new store fan page.

Around and around it goes, and will shall see what comes out of it all!

Like my fan page and I will like your fan page! If you are an artist interested in selling in the store, fan the page for more information.

New Facebook Group: Ebay, stop sellers who blatantly rip off artists!

The satellite office campus of eBay in the Nor...

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Ebay, stop sellers who blatantly rip off artists!, an open Facebook group started by artist Paul Richmond after he discovered copies of his paintings selling on Ebay. You can read about Paul’s discovery and how he fought back, in the article, Ebay Rip-Off Artist Caught With His Pants Down, first published on Technorati:

650 artists members of this Facebook group have instructive stories to tell.

Join the group, via this link:

5-1 Rule for Social Media

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The 5-1 Rule of self-promotion—  That is, cross-promote other artists and share valuable information five  times (5 tweets, 5 comments, 5 posts) before you promote  your own art or services.

An early book on how to use Twitter, by Steve Weber, states a 10-1 rule for tweets. But I think that with 10-1,that is, if every ten tweets are about someone else before tweeting about yourself, then your identity could get lost, and could even confuse followers.

The 5-1 rule makes more sense, IMO.

This week, on this blog, I think I have approximated the 5-1 rule by posting about 2 Technorati articles on artists, offering artists an article on their own art (via a contact form), and providing options for artists to sell on Amazon dot com in the new Transmedia Artist Amazon Store. For the 5th item, I’m letting all my readers know that they can sign-up to my newsletter to receive a list of 12+ great top sites where artists can submit their art for features and increased exposure.   My newsletter  is already written and waiting in AWeber for a Sunday July 7th, 10:30 a.m. send-out. Sign-up now to receive the list of 12+ top sites to submit your art, by going to the Transmedia Artist Marketing site, and completing the easy to find newsletter sign-up form on the right side of the home page, here:

What to Tweet about?

I have three Twitter accounts:

but I have only recently begun to become intentionally active on Twitter.

Two years ago, when I searched the word *artist* on Twitter the list contained about 300 artists. Today, the number of artists using Twitter is in the thousands to hundreds of thousands with lots more artists joining Twitter all the time.

If you have a Twitter account then you understand how easy it is to make connections on Twitter. Do you know how to specifically find and connect with art professionals, who can help your career, on Twitter? Would you like to follow hundreds of art curators, art collectors, art magazine editors, art journalist, art business professionals,art print publishers, art gallerists, art consultants, art agents, art funders, art non-profits, artists, art agencies, art sponsors, interior designers and others who buy art for their clients?  Do searches on keywords in Tweets and Twitter profiles to find them. I know this may seem obvious, yet it takes some effort to make this work well. Also, click the *Who to Follow* button at the top of your Twitter page, on a regular basis, for suggestions.

Tweetdeck makes searches easy. Just now, I found the popular arts Twitter account @ArtAnorak ,and viewed their lists, where I found an *arts_business/Artjournalist* list that I added as a new column in my Tweetdeck to follow the Tweets in that list more closely.  I’m no expert on using Twitter or Tweetdeck. I tried TweetDeck two years ago and found it just a little too plugged in, if you know what I mean. I recently installed Tweetdeck again and now I see it that has many new features. Today, on Tweetdeck, in my *recommends* list, there were several listings of those who had Retweeted (RT) some of my Tweets. I missed those RTs on the Twitter site but Tweetdeck tracked them for me. I made a point of following all those who had Retweeted my Tweets. Also, Retweets mean that Twitter is working for me. It’s kind of fun to send bits of information out there and track them to see what others do with the bits. For me it exciting to see Retweets of my new e-book, that I am promoting,– here is the Link to my e-book:

Click the little cloud icon at the bottom of a Tweetdeck column to track Twitter Trends. Set up continuous Keyword searches in Tweetdeck by clicking on the wrench icon at upper right (for settings), then clicking on *Global Filter* and adding your keywords–it’s that simple.

Once you’ve begun using Twitter and have built a list of Twitter followers you’ll want to keep them interested with lots of great content in your Tweets. This may require some warming up. One Twitter expert, who wrote one of the first books on using Twitter, advised that only 10% of your Tweets should be self-promotional. As a visual artist, you are your brand, so, all your Tweets will educate others about you and about your art and/or  Tell your story in some way. So, I think that it may be impossible for a visual artist to do a 10%/90% split in their Tweeter self-promotion. That’s my opinion and I’d like to hear what others have to say.

Today, I Tweeted the PR Success story of how I connected with artist Trevor Jones when he selected me as a winner of one of his drawings (on Facebook). Then I wrote and published an article about him on Yahoo!  The article, published as an exclusive just a couple of days ago, has been read by hundreds already. (Link to article: ). Since Trevor Jones is a Canadian artist (living in Scotland), I am hoping that Yahoo! Canada will also pick up the article. (One thing can lead to another, and that happens on Twitter too. It’s easy to tie Twitter and Facebook together–Tweets can be automated to appear on Facebook, or, Facebook status lines can be set to automatically feed into your Twitter account.)

Artists, in your Tweets on Twitter, try *Telling the Story of how* –how you got the exhibit, how you made the sale, how your friend got his/her show (cross-promote). Tell the Story of How you learned a certain technique. How you set up your studio. How you came to live and work where you are now. There are lots of  possibilities. If you keep those two broad themes in mind—Educate others about yourself, and, Tell the story of how…—you will find that you come up with lots to write about in your Tweets.

Others goal on Twitter include–making your Tweets memorable, catchy, and to the point.

Some things not to do on Twitter: I often see Tweets using quotes by famous people–and many on Twitter find quotes to be lame content, unless really relevant to a current life event in some way.

Also, saying Good morning every day on Twitter, and then good-night at the end of the day every evening is not very exciting or inventive and has already been overused by many and may cause others to unfollow you.

If you have Tips and Advice on ways to use Twitter ( or not use), or what to Tweet (or not Tweet) about, please share in a comment below.

Put Your Dreams Into Action:How Creative Entrepreneurs can Market and Sell Their Products

  Carolyn Edlund is the next speaker for the Creative Souls Telesummit.

  Her talk will be “Put Your Dream Into Action: How Creative Entrepreneurs can Market and Sell Their Products

Carolyn Edlund’s talk, Put Your Dream Into Action: How Creative Entrepreneurs can Market and Sell Their Products

will include information about:

  • How to know if your product is ready
  • Your unique selling position
  • Branding and online presence
  • Business planning and goal setting
  • Understanding your market and why this is crucial
  • Creating multiple income streams
  • How many ways are their to sell your work?
  • Marketing techniques – the secret to making 6 times as many sales!

It’s free, and the interview (with Tamra Fleming) starts at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, (12 noon Pacific), on Wednesday, May 18th.

It lasts 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q & A at the end.   Participants can purchase all the interviews with speakers, and upgrade packages, if they wish.

Here is the link:

Hey, I’m on Twitter. Follow Me!

My oldest Twitter account has over one thousand followers:

and I’m just getting started with my newest Twitter user name:

and I also started this twitter account a few months ago:

Love to have artists on them all. Please follow one or all three! I will follow you back.

Tip: List your art business on Twellow ( –it’s sort of the Yellow Pages for Twitter.

Holiday Sales Op News for Artists

James Day explains his new sales plan for his Art of Day site:

Here’s how Friday’s holiday feature will work.

Normally I post one feature each day (on for a single artist with up to 20 images. My thought is that instead of Friday being for one artist it will be for up to 20 artists. Each artist will have one image of an artwork of theirs they wish to sell.  All artworks in Friday’s feature will need to be either for sale on the artists website, or placed for sale in the Art of Day store but for a 10% commission. If the art is for sale only via the artists website, a commission is not required.

Information needed:

  • Artist name
  • Title of artwork
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Shipping weight

(if for sale in Art of Day store)

  • Price (US dollars)
  • Link – to artwork in artist store (not required if selling item in Art of Day store) A Buy Now button will be located below each artwork for sale taking visitors to the Art of Day store, or to each artists store where they can purchase the artwork there.

    If you’d like to be included, please send me the info on one (1) of your artworks The artwork must be for sale and ready to ship within 2-3 days if purchased.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,


    James Day
    Founder of Art of Day

    WEBSITE (Portfolio)
    Sculptor & Artist James Day


    BLOG (Artist Features)
    Artist Features, Gallery Networking, & Art Event Promotions

    FAN PAGE (Facebook)


    TWITTER (Art of Day)
    – Premiers all featured Art of Day artists to the twitterverse! –

    Visit the Art of Day website to submit your art and bio for review or your gallery’s upcoming events for inclusion on Art of Day. The website accepts artists and galleries as contributors, meaning you can submit your own articles & event announcements for immediate review. Submit your own article today!

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    I plan to begin featuring exhibition news from my blog subscribers. All blog subscribers, and those interested in the content of this blog, are welcome to submit news, links, ideas, suggestion or comments to me for consideration–   via email to:

    Within the next few days I will begin a weekly update of my Kickstarter project, which will continue for 4 more weeks. The information should be relevant and beneficial to the artist readers of this blog who may also be seeking funding and increased networking opportunities.

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