Online Festival for Digital Arts: Call For Artists

Video Art

Video Art (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

Fonlad 2013: Call For Artists
The Online Festival for Digital Arts, 9th edition, centers on the Space for Arts, Media & Performance, aims to celebrate 50 years of video art by intervention projects in unconventional spaces and experimenting with new languages and forms of presentation of digital arts.

Over the past 50 years, video art has evolved from television monitors to projections on large building facades, through several different surfaces and supports, in which mixture of different arts elements make video a kind of chameleon that is transformed according to the location and the surface on which it stands.
 Video art is undoubtedly the great art of this century, on this new era that begins full of transformed potential, challenging new ways for society. The multiplicity of forms which video art contains demonstrates the versatility of this artistic medium, adapting to the location and time in their particular way of being: the same piece seems to change when it is presented in different places and in different contexts.
The same paradigm lives digital art, including Web art that, while captive by the screen of a computer, is transformed into new forms.
  It is this versatility that FONLAD Festival aims to present through a number of initiatives in several unconventional spaces, ranging from the common room to the monumental space of a museum, the public space to a private garden.
  To test new ways of presenting video art, photography and digital art in new headquarters space, trying to bring the “street” these new forms of art.
  In 2013 we will continue to invest in training and performing artist residencies, exhibitions and international video interventions in unconventional spaces, supported by partnerships with some of the most important international festivals in Europe.

Deadline: March 31
Deadline: Sun Mar 31st, 2013
Media Arts & Performance Space
Pinheiro Chagas, 60