ACID: Anti-Copying In Design Safer Online Platform and Marketplace

Last month, we featured an article on how artists designs had been lifted from e-commerce stores and used by large companies without permission. Since then, we’ve been looking for safer alternative venues where artists might protect and sell their designs online.

Recently we discovered exactly that– ACID sales initiative and Design Databank, which describes itself as a safer online marketplace platform where design-buyers can view the latest work by artist members.  Artists concerned about protecting their designs online may consider membership. Benefits of ACID membership include a specialist legal hotline to initial free advice on intellectual property issues for artists trading outside of their home countries and specialist advice from European, USA and China based teams. Members may use the powerful Member of ACID Logo, plus have access to industry standard agreements and deterrent products. Members become part of the active ACID Community interaction on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Members news and product images and designs receive free marketing via regular press releases, news stories and the ACID Newsletter. Both non-members and members may use the such IP Tracker – which tracks your intellectual property to trade safely and keep track of new designs and confidential information sent by e-mail to design buyers and other third parties.

FUSARO- New Online Marketplace for Artists

FUSARO is a new online marketplace for artists where you can create your own store and list your original art items. No reproductions are allowed–original art only.

The FUSARO website will be complete and ready for listing in early March.
Listings will be free through 2014.  The sales commission is a low 18.5 percent.
The site seller terms are similar to Amazon’s.
Visit the FUSARO site and scroll down to the lower menu for more information. Click *contact* for the email and phone number of the site owner.

You’ll find more fine art sales venues on the 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF.