Marie Kazalia’s Paintings Available on the Curated Site ArtFinder

Marie Kazalia’s Art Now on the Curated Site ArtFinder

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Oil Paintings by Artist Maria Gibbs Depict Moments From Everyday Life

Hens and Chicks, oil painting by Maria Gibbs

Hens and Chicks, oil painting by Maria Gibbs

Maria Gibbs paints to fulfill her passion for the world around her. She loves the artistic process and the act of painting in oils in her studio. She follows her creative inner voice producing stunning images of subjects that include flowers, succulents, landscapes, and people dancing. Her use of vivid colors bring the paintings to life and her combined brush and palette knife work result in remarkable and subtle nuances in texture. Maria works her large floral images in two series–the first, stylized in nature with much romantic appeal, and the second, near photo-realism. She is excited to share these paintings with you in the galleries on her website

Bloomin' Red, oil painting by Maria Gibbs

Bloomin’ Red, oil painting by Maria Gibbs

To purchase one of our original paintings or hand-embellished limited edition prints, visit her website