Converting Your Color Photos to Fine Art Quality Black and White

Ancient Bristlecone, photograph by Harold Davis from book The Photographer's Black and White Handbook, published by Monacelli Studio

Ancient Bristlecone, photograph by Harold Davis from book The Photographer’s Black and White Handbook, published by Monacelli Studio

You probably shoot images with your camera phone and then make adjustments or add effects using various apps, including one or more for converting your color photos to black and white (aka monochrome).  Many digital cameras also have options for converting color image captures to black and white. But those quick conversions are sort of one size fits all, and probably won’t produce the highest quality results for your specific image. Plus wouldn’t you like to know how to make color adjustments to get the best black and white results from the start. If you’d like to step up your quality and gain more control, master photographer Harold Davis has a new book to guide you. The title of the book is The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook.  The cover price is $35.00 but the book is currently available for $17.88 for a soft cover print copy and only $13.79 for a Kindle version.

Harold Davis, The Photographer's Black and White Handbook, published by Monacelli Press

Harold Davis, The Photographer’s Black and White Handbook, published by Monacelli Press


The book will guide you in post-processing your images using such tools as are available in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Topaz plug-ins. Not all are necessary. Each image layer is processed uniquely to your personal artistic vision, and the guidebook will get you started, answer many of your questions, and assist you in countless ways to help increase your understanding for better results. Of course, you still have to put in the time and effort. If you are already proficient using post process programs, and want to explore more possibilities for image effects, the last chapter of this book–CREATIVE B & W EFFECTS–covers such things as tinting and toning, split toning using various tools, selective color and hand painting, selective focus, solarizing, simulated infrared, vintage, antique and film effects, adding borders and so much more.

Rooftops of Paris, photograph by Harold Davis from book The Photographer's Black and White Handbook, pg 196-197, split-toned image, book published by Monacelli Studio

Rooftops of Paris, photograph by Harold Davis from book The Photographer’s Black and White Handbook, pg 196-197, split-toned image, book published by Monacelli Studio


Harold Davis’ website is called the Digital Field Guide

You can view more b & w photos from the book in my Niume article here.

The author very recently talked about his book, conversion processes, and showed images in a B & H Photo video presentation  –

Alternative Collections International Contemporary Art Galleries



Alternative Collections, or Alt Collections, began exhibiting international contemporary artists in curated group shows in their Paris, France gallery space 2013. Curator Pia Camilla Copper has curated numerous exhibitions around the world and has a private gallery space, Pia Camilla Copper private gallery – Galerie en Appartement – located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and in Istanbul. Find her contact details here.  In 2015, she set up Alternative Collections Gallery in Hong Kong.

We continually research art galleries in our ongoing efforts to update and maintain of our international art gallery directory available here.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Tuomas_Lehtinen at

Image courtesy of khongkitwiriyachan at

Call for Applications: Paris Post Graduate Research and Experimentation Program Opens in NYC Fall 2015


We received an email from Virginia, who is the Director of the art program offered by the Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (Iheap) that initially began in Paris and will be starting in the fall of 2015 in New York.

Virginia wrote- “I would like to ask you to share our call for applications on your website and social media, if possible, because I believe your network might find it interesting. Enclosed in this email you will find the Iheap brochure with more information about the program and a list of the lecturers for the upcoming Session XI. Iheap is a post-graduate institute for research and experimentation in art that serves as the educational branch of the Biennale de Paris.

The program offers its participants a unique course of study that is not bound to the history of 20th century art but actively encourages the investigation of crucial issues of art in the 21st century.
Iheap is addressing all creative practitioners who have an expectation to engage not only within the art world, but also with the world at large. The lecturers, in fact, are coming from a wide range of disciplines, from the art field as well as from philosophy, economics, history, linguistics and so on. Iheap is a fluid school with the classes taking place at different locations, such as art organizations, schools, galleries, museums, cafés, apartments, parks, public spaces, parking lots and so on.”

The application procedure is online, accessed at and the deadline for submission is August 15, 2015.

Thank you for your help!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.Screenshot 2015-07-30 at 8.09.22 AM


Blossom Verlinsky: Art at The Miami International Art Fair and The Palm Beach Art Show

Hi Marie
Finally organized the photos I took at the shows into a coherent presentation.
I hope you are able to use them, so those who could not attend, can have a little
glimpse into some of the flavor of the events. There were many other paintings and
sculptures – I chose these as before, because they touched me – whether content,
technique or allusions.
Blossom Verlinsky

This is the entrance gangway to The Miami International Art Fair – Art is exhibited on the SeaFair, a 228′ mega yacht with 28 galleries–a truly unique venue for art-anchored adjacent to the Intercontinental Hotel.

This is 4th show aboard the yacht – as usual, visitors were artistically dressed – vying for attention with the art. One male visitor in black leather was attracted to his own image in every reflective surface and took advantage to admire himself and preen–ignoring the art around him.


Michael Mistrc,  untitled,  Oil Pen Drawing  18″x18″   Setford & Brdges, Paris, France
An intensely, deliciously colored and patterned composition alluding to flora and fauna.


Paul Rousso, Crumpled Bill,   printed on synthetic material  approx 36″x48, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Miami, Florida
A soon to be discarded element of our culture – an icon to be replaced with digital monetary transactions. Quite magnetic – its scale and detailed engraving pull you into the sculptural image.


Michele Mariaud, Salvador Dali carved out of a phone book  approx 14″ high with photograph of the image, Living With Art Gallery, SoHo, New York
How surrealist is this?


Kun Lunzi   Painting  approx 30″x 40″  Taihe Art Gallery, Beijing, China

A master in this ancient technique transformed into the present with its directness and power–mythical landscape using washes of color and opaque layers of paint conveying the Taoist philosophy of transcending reality, space and time. It is an evocation of a spiritual place that is encountered during meditation or dreams. The landscape is transformed through the artist’s aesthetic.

The Palm Beach Art Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center is in its 16th year – has over 70 galleries showing artist’s work. The show is crowded with enthusiastic viewers spending much time looking at the work. There was a serious interest in the art itself–well dressed, bejeweled and bedazzled by the work.


Hanns Kotter   Large Minimalist neon sculpture encapsulated in a transparent  box, Debuck Gallery, Chelsea, New York
An abstract painting using light – suspended in space – colors changing – technical and lyrical – magical in its conception – mesmerizing.


Janis Miltenberger,  Lampworked glass rods,  approx 24″ high, Riley Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio
There are three works – Poetry in glass overlays of shaped translucent colors – elements of nature frozen in a vessel.


The iconic hands – visceral – stately, isolated fragment – a fetish figure




Ann Wolff   Prelude II  (2nd piece in an edition of 4)  Created and cast in 2010
Cast Glass  30″ high x 24.75″ wide approx 7″ deep
Habatat Galleries, Royal Oak, Michigan

Remembrance of things past – personal mythology – recollections in the translucence of glass. Insight into identity and immorality as an artist and as a woman.


Emmanuel Fillot   various natural objects   approx 36″x 48″
Lelia Mordoch Gallery, Wynwood, Miami, Florida and Paris, France

Symbols of ancient rites – bits and pieces of cave scratchings and implements captured in a transparent box. Artifacts of an old soul written lyrically – frozen in time.


Yang Yang    Painting  approx 5′ x 8′    YY Gallery, Chicago

A soulful painting of figures engulfed in a mist of memories – layered and evocative of ancient rites, Deeply felt and conveyed with washes of paint and startling bright crimson – a chiaroscuro effect -perhaps circus performers.


Albert Delamour   Olympia,  mixed media with gold and silver leaf.  20″x 24″
1 of edition of 5    Living with Art Gallery, SoHo, NY

Studied at the Louis Lumiere School of Cinema and trained with masters of photography in France. This lovely photograph has a painterly quality – luminescent figure emerging from darkness.

Slanted Magazine CUBAN POSTER ART Project


Slanted magazine is a major design, illustration, and photography magazine based in Germany. Their site is in English and German and has a translation option, as well, for translating the site into other languages. If you have a book project of your own to promote, or other design related artwork, you can show your projects to Slanted magazine readers with a free portfolio account that you will receive when you buy Slanted magazine issues in their shop. On the Slanted magazine website, you will see in the upper menu *Portfolios* which has a drop-down menu list that includes Design Portfolios, Illustration Portfolios, Graphics, Interactive, and Typography. If your artwork fits any of those categories, a portfolio of your work included their could bring you visibility.

The current Slanted magazine project is a special poster issue and exhibition series–


The New Generation

Special Edition – SLANTED MAGAZINE #21 will be released in spring 2013. This special issue will be released as 320 page volume of Cuban poster art by the most brilliant artists working today including exhibitions complementing and illustrating the publication internationally.


This special issue of Slanted, CUBAN POSTER ART – The New Generation, will be released in spring 2013, attracting attention to an international level. This project has the goal to raise € 10,000 (≈ $ 13,000) additionally to our usual budget. We want to cover expenses we usually don’t have:

  1. For an exhibitions with original silkscreened posters, touring from city to city. Shipping, organization and insurances for first shows in Berlin, Leipzig and Paris will cost € 4,000 (≈ $ 5,200)
  2. Translations: The magazine will be bilingual (Spanish/English). With a volume of 320 pages we will have to translate all interviews and texts either to English or Spanish. This needs to be done professionally and will be € 4,500 (≈ $ 5,800)
  3. Additional print of 1,000 copies that will be shipped to Cuba. Whoever has been in Cuba knows how hungry Cubans are for good printed matter. Extra printing: € 1,500 (≈ $ 1,950)

This project funded will enable us to share what we see as being an extraordinary inside view into Cuban design, reflecting the reality of life in Cuba and the beauty that lies within its complexity.

More information at

WOW! Project: Add Your Art

Benetton in Town plaza. Česky: Benetton na Tow...

Benetton in Town plaza. Česky: Benetton na Town plaza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Art Incubator Foundation – London in collaboration with FABRICA by Benetton on the PROJECT WOW!
You are invited to join the network and participate in the project:
About WOW! project
WOW! = Windows of Wonder, a non-profit art project created by Fabrica, Benetton’s grant-based innovation lab, developed in collaboration with YAI-Young Artists Incubator. WOW! was conceived by a team of under 25 year-old multidisciplinary designers.
 WOW! also stands for Windows of Wonder, the new United Colors of Benetton project for artists and designers from all over the planet. WOW! is a technologically innovative transmedia experience in creative expression based on a dedicated web portal and the network of “Benetton Live Windows”—the spectacular video wall shop windows of the Benetton Icon stores present in the key fashion capitals: Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, and many more.
How does WOW! help artists?
On the WOW! website, artists from any field of artistic expression (animation, motion graphics, video, digital art, music, theater, performance, dance, painting, graffiti, etc.) can access information on the initiative, register and easily upload their creative contributions for direct publishing. The most interesting works will be regularly selected to be made visible also on the “Benetton Live Windows” global network. Taking part is easy and to make it even smoother the great design team at WOW! will brilliantly and respectfully adapt the work, if needed, for the different video wall formats.

Artists–Would You Like To Sell Your Paintings to a Paris Art Market?


deco (Photo credit: ax11)

I’ve updated our list of  700+ Places to Sell Your Art-and I think the list must have over 800+ resources by now (but I don’t have time to count them today).

For American artists reading this blog, as well as artists in other countries, you probably have thought about expanding your sales to new markets such as Europe.

Our list of 700+ Place to Sell Your Art contains resources for artists to sell their work in many countries around the world. Today, I’m going to share one resource from the list of 700+ Places…

Art Up Deco is based in Paris, France, and their site is in both French and English. When you visit the site the template of the site design may not seem impressive but some of their artists have world-class reputations. Getting your paintings on this site will make them visible to a new market.

 If you’re an artist, and interested in showing your work through Art Up Déco :

Send them either in printed form, or on CD-Rom (in jpg format), or by email :

1/ an overview of your experiences, training, artistic approach and your exhibitions.

2/ 15 photos representative of your current work, painting on canvas only, with details of format and the technique used for each piece.

3/ your details

By e-mail :

By mail :

Art Up Déco

Artistic Management,

5, cour du Marché Saint-Antoine

75012 Paris

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the return of any printed material.

Artists–Are You Interested in Registering With An International Art Consultant?

This panorama is made from 8 photos. Hugin and...

Image via Wikipedia

An international corporate art consultancy is currently registering artists to their database.  Their corporate clients and architects view the database searching for art for public and private buildings and offices. Art collectors search the database for art for private home collections.

This art consultancy also owns and operates two art galleries in Europe–one in London, and one in Paris.

If the opportunity to register for such a database appeals to you, and you would like to receive the full information–including physical addresses, website link, email address, and phone number, I will share these details in my next Transmedia Artist Marketing newsletter, that is published and sent out to subscribers each Sunday. Sign up for the newsletter at Transmedia Artist Marketing

Can’t wait until Sunday? The art consultancy is also listed in the Transmedia Artist Marketing Directory of Art Consultants:

London: Claudie Bastide @ Hayhill Gallery

Claudie Bastide

7 February – 5 March

In February Hay Hill Gallery presents the first UK solo show of the French painter, photographer and “chair sculptor” Claudie Bastide.

In 1996 Bastide had her first exhibition, which composed of sculptures constructed from chairs. As she recollects “One of my earliest memories as an artist is when I was looking at an old wooden chair I suddenly saw it transformed into a character. That was some sort of a vision which has never left me”.

The works on show will be a mix of paintings from different periods and two “chair sculptures”. In her earlier works Bastide experimented with constructivist ideas, blending geometric forms and blocks of colours in search a true of harmony. In more recent works however, Bastide steps aside from the rigorous geometry and leans towards more spontaneous expression. Bastide explains this change of direction “For some years I have let myself go to a recurring geometrical tendency and I ended up feeling somehow trapped in the shapes.”

In Bastide’s paintings colour is the most important element. It is the starting point and the only planned or preconceived part of a painting “I paint essentially according to my own feelings of a particular colour; I mean that a blue or red or green colour comes over me and I must dive into it until I get saturated with it.” The rest builds up naturally when Bastide lets loose the subconscious creative impulse. Bastide associates herself with the French movement Abstraction Lyrique, not only because she often applies the lessons of Kandinsky in her paintings, but also because of the emotional forces and poetical touch which drive her creativity.

Claudie Bastide
The French artist Claudie Bastide is an international jet-setter. She received formal fine arts training in UCAD Paris (Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs) and in the eighties and nineties ran fashion design studios in Brussels and Mexico City before she finally settled down in Paris. Following her ten years collaboration with a French haute couture icon Pierre Cardin, Claudie finally decided to give up the glamour of the fashion world and dedicate herself to art. She expresses herself in sculpture, painting and photography.
Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2009 – Exposition des “Agents perturbateurs”: Foundation Taylor, Paris
2008 – “Man in the Urban Geometry” Gallery ExArte, Geneva
2006 – “Rencontre avec Claudie Bastide” gallery Arte Viva, Levallois – Perret, Paris
2005 – “Ecriture de chaises” Halle Saint Pierre, Paris
2004 – “Histoires de zinc” Galerie Saint-Pierre, Limoges
2003 – “Venez avec moi vous asseoir sur les toits” Galerie Arte Viva Levallois – Perret, Paris
2001 – “Rêves de chaises” at CPP ad agency, Paris
2000 – “Le Bihan” Quartier Bastille, Paris
1999 – Chairs and sculpted paintings, Espace Richelieu, Paris


2007 – Gold Prize for the André Parinaud Prize at Espace Châtelet-Victoria
2005 – City Prize from Avon-Fontainebleau for the sculpture-chairs, Contemporary Art Fair, Boisle – Roi
2004 – Silver Medal for the “Arts-Sciences-Lettres” prize.
1998 – Winner of a competition for chair designers and creators organised by Aktuel

Hay Hill Gallery, located on Cork Street, specializes in the sculpture of the famed artist Auguste Rodin and represents a number of internationally recognized contemporary artists. An exhibition of works by Claudie Bastide will be held alongside the sculptures of Auguste Rodin.

For press information and images please contact Alexandra Tuulos,
Hay Hill Gallery, 5a Cork Street, London, W1S 3NY
Tel: 020 7439 1001
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 10.30am-6pm