Etsy Sellers Turn Your Shop Into Your Own Website With Pattern


Etsy sellers, Etsy has launched Pattern that allows you to turn your shop into your own website   <Get a 30 Day free trial.

You’ve already uploaded your images, descriptions, prices, and keywords into your Etsy shop. No need to do it all over again. Now with just a couple of clicks you can turn your Etsy shop into your own website.

To get started on your Pattern site you first turn on Direct Checkout with just a click. Purchases made through Direct Checkout are fully protected by Etsy and provide the most secure payment experience.

According to Etsy, Direct Checkout attracts more buyers –globally and mobiley–allowing them to pay with a variety of currencies.

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Call to Artists: New *Art For Your Walls* Streaming Shop

We’re reaching out to new markets and potential art buyers with a new aspect to Artist Marketing Resources— we will be writing about and featuring original art prints and editions for sale in our new OnSugar streaming shop. Each time we feature an artwork in our shop, the image and description stream into The OnSugar site for thousands of shoppers to see and buy! OnSugar buyers are seeking fashion trends, accessories, and home decorations such as wall art.  So with this feature we will be taking your wall art directly to high-end OnSugar buyers.

We are looking for artwork that is interesting, fashionable, even trendy. We are especially interested in limited editions that you the artist will ship direct to buyers. We handle the payments and transactions and only take 10% of each item sold.

If you would like more information, or if you are an artist with original designs, wall art prints, Giclee canvas prints or have other art works in editions or series, and you would like us to feature your work in our OnSugar space, send a link to your site, a link to your portfolio, or send 5-10 low resolution jpeg images to: