Peter Worsley’s Oil Painting *Scenes of Life* In Our Virtual Gallery Show

Pretty Baby, oil painting on canvas, Peter Worsley

ice cubes, oil painting on canvas, Peter Worsley

Two Women Talking, Peter Worsley

Here is the link to a Preview of our virtual gallery exhibition:

You can attend the online show by clicking this link:

Virtual Gallery Opening: 1st Group Show– View 37 Artworks in 3D Gallery Walk-thru

American Spring, oil painting on canvas by Durand Seay

An eclectic Group exhibition including figurative and abstract paintings by Susan Corbelletta, Alx Fox, Barbara Harman, Pat Hafter, Cathe Hendrick, Chris Osborne, Jonathan Nourok, Jim Rugg, Alex Ruiz, Leon Sarantos, Michael Krasowitz, Beth Surdut, Durand Seay, Peter Worsley,

To view the exhibit click on the link to the 3D virtual gallery room –it will take several seconds to load: