Free VASA Discussion Forums Begin Today–Topics: the End of the Photographic Print, Decision or Decisive Moments?, and the End of Photo Criticism

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Beginning December 7th and continuing until December 20th, Rui Cepeda, A. D. Coleman, and Roberto Muffoletto will be leading online discussions on current issues in photographic arts. Forum one: Dinosaur Bones: The End (and Ends) of Photo Criticism, explores the evolution and devolution of photography criticism over the past four decades. Forum two: Moments of Decision or Decisive Moments? Is photography about decisive moments presenting themselves to the photographer or about what the photographer decides to photograph? Forum three: The End of the Photographic Print and the Birth of the Image. This discussion will address issues related to the end of the photographic print and its shift to the digital image–atoms to pixels. To find the free registration option to introduce yourself and join in one or more of these discussions, visit the VASA site ( and select “Forums & Discussions” from the menu.