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Artists: Offer Your Buyers Something New, Create an Edition of Prints on Wood

Create an edition of Prints on Wood to offer buyers a new options to own your work. No frame required, ready to hang. Each work is unique due to woodgrain details.

Prints on Wood

New Online Boutique Selling Original Art, Limited Editions Prints, Photos etc

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 6.36.14 AM

The House of RHS is preparing to launch their online boutique on February 21st. They’re also running a competition on their website House of RHS.

If you have original art that is a good fit for an online boutique, prints, photography, fashion, extremely limited edition t-shirt art designs there is still time to get on board–

simply LIKE their Facebook page and leave a link to your artist site.

Looking for more art sales sites? Click here.

Juicy Canvas is seeking +Artists +Designers +Illustrators to be part of their beta launch!

Yes, that’s right–Juicy Canvas is seeking +Artists +Designers +Illustrators to be part of their beta launch!

For Artists, Juicy Canvas offers–
+ Greater Marketing Reach
+ Increased Monthly Revenue
+ Potential for Commissioned Work

Want to be part of the Juicy Canvas collection? Send in your portfolio! Use this link to the Juicy Canvas site and submit your art by Friday Nov 30th, 2012

What is the Juicy canvas market?
Juicy canvas allows art-lovers  to discover and customize ( just a little ) emerging art that is rendered on a high-quality canvas or archival paper.

One Digital Artist and His Art Licensing Success Story

Fine Art Print

Fine Art Print (Photo credit: Dan Braun)

One of my clients is a prolific digital fine artist with a large body of work, most of it unseen–that is unexhibited and unsold.  I found many opportunities for him, including an art licensing contract that initially began with the licensing of 12 of his image for fine art prints. Right away the artist had several sales from that contract. Just two months after signing his first ever art licensing contract with this fine art publisher, the artist wrote to me:

“G. just called. He wants to license approximately 50-60 images from me now. He is working with about 5-6 other companies including He is going to print on bamboo and aluminum too. You did it!”

And you can set up income streams from sales of art prints via art licensing contracts too. It will take some effort on your part. The good news is that it is easy to submit your art to these companies via email, and Artist Marketing Resources saves you time and removes the shroud of mystery around making submissions to get these print contracts, in our ebook How-To guide and our contact list.

Net Flag Interactive Digital Art Project

Screenshot of flag on Mark Napier’s Net Flag project July 28, 2012

In 2002 Mark Napier became one of the first artists commissioned by a major museum to create an online work for its collection.

net.flag, a public space/art project by Mark Napier, contains a constantly changing user-generated symbol of online nationhood. Any visitor can change the flag by choosing and arranging pieces of the international flags. Each flag lasts minutes, hours, or days until the next visitor alters or overwrites it.

net.flag is an ongoing online project

Mark Napier exhibits and sells limited edition prints of select individual flags from his net.flag project.

Visit the net.flag site here.

From Outsider Artist to Blue Chip: Stores / Boutiques That Sell Art

follow me on society6!

On the ArtSpace follow me on society6! (Photo credit: stallio)

For outsider artists, The Outsiders  a UK speciality art shop accepts submissions from artists.

On the Art Space site you will find the blue chip name artists as well as some less knowns, If your art is of that caliber then don’t hesitate to contact their team.

If you’d like about a thousand more links to sales venues ranging from outsider to art world insider, click here.

If all you want to do is upload your jpeg art images and let someone else do all the rest–from printing, packaging and shipping–then try Society6. On this simple and basic art licensing site you upload your art for sale as framed prints and prints on canvas, and if you size your jpegs to their specs you can sell your art as Laptop & iPod skins, iPhone cases, cards, and on T-shirts and Hoodies.

If you’d like about one thousand more art licensing sites–from simple art licensing such as Society6 and art licensing contract opportunities with companies that print art on products, and art licensing agents and artist reps internationally– then click here.

Raw Canvas Accepts Submissions For Gallery Representation

English: Mixed media On canvas

English: Mixed media On canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raw Canvas is an art house, gallery, art rental venue that provides packing and shipping art world-wide, and more.


Raw Canvas is interested in contemporary media including painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media and photography.

Raw Canvas welcomes submissions from artists seeking representation throughout the year. They accept proposals for single exhibitions as well as for gallery representation.

Due to the cost involved in producing and mailing printed submissions, the gallery encourages email submissions. Please ensure your email subject line reads “Portfolio Submission”.

Artists seeking representation in Raw Canvas should email submissions to:
or mail Attn: Miriam Naumann
Raw Canvas
1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2R9


James Dean Poster SOLD! In Our Amazon Store

James Dean and 1949 Mercury, by Chris Osborne

We’re always happy when an artist makes a sale. Chris Osborne made this amazing and fun original painting  of James Dean, then had a limited edition of 800 posters made from the painting. The posters are printed on a heavy high quality paper. Artist Chris Osborne says that she painted a scene from the movie Rebel Without a Cause in the reflections on the side of the car.

James Dean & the ’49 Mercury – Poster Print by Chris Osborne

available on via this link:

SOLD! Limited Edition Print in Amazon dot com Art-Only Store

Today we sold one print from the print edition on paper by artist Terry Luc. The print is titled America 1, and you can view and purchase this print on Amazon via this link:

America 1, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

In addition to America 1, the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store  offers other limited edition prints by Terry Luc.

Natalie Woodpecker, limited edition print by Terry Luc

Fire Eater, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

Natalie Woodpecker by Terry Luc–you can view and buy this print on Amazon dot com via this link:

Fire Eater by Terry Luc

Lemma Peel, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

Print on Paper: Lemma Peel by Terry Luc

Temptation by Terry Luc

Temptation, by Terry Luc, limited edition prints available on Amazon

Golden Arrow by Terry Luc

Golden Arrow, Terry Luc

Silent Sphinx by Terry Luc

Silent Sphinx, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

Not pictured: Rumsfeld (aka Redrum) print by Terry Luc–view it on Amazon via this link:

4 Pop Surrealism Fine Art Prints by Michael Krasowitz–NEW! In Our Amazon Store!

New York City artist Michael Krasowitz will be exhibiting at The Armory in the early part of next month.

We are pleased to have 4 of his prints in our store! Each title is printed in a limited edition of 50 on acid-free paper.

The 4  prints are from a series that Michael describes as follows:

“These images began as a project where I would create an image each day on the computer, a form of visual diary. As the project evolved a surreal world emerged bringing to life these biomorphic forms.”

Michael’s prints purchased from the Transmedia Artist Amazon Store ship flat to buyers (not rolled in mailing tubes).

Plastic People, by Michael Krasowitz, pigmented inkjet print on acid-free paper 10 x 8 inches

Plastic People, Fine Art Print on Paper by Michael Krasowitz –buy on Amazon here:

On the Avenue, Fine Art Print on Paper By Artist Michael Krasowitz

On the Avenue, by Michael Krasowitz, pigmented inkjet print on paper, 15 x 20 inches

Proposal, Fine Art Print on Paper by Artist Michael Krasowitz

Proposal, by Michael Krasowitz, pigmented inkjet print on acid-free paper, 16 x 20 inches

Symbiosis, Fine Art Print by Artist Michael Krasowitz –available on here:

Symbiosis, by Michael Krasowitz, pigmented inkjet print on acid-free paper, 11 x 20 inches

30% Off All Benjamin L.M. Paintings in Amazon Store

For a limited time, the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store  offers one of a kind art for sale by Benjamin L.M. at 30% off retail price.

Benjamin L.M. - You Can't Miss The Point Of Life, You're Already In It, acrylic painting on canvas

People Take Flight Across and Up, painting on canvas by Benjamin L.M.

We Get Higher By Working Together by Benjamin L.M.

painting on canvas Love Is Sacred by Benjamin L.M.

Buy Art Online

One-of-a kind and limited edition art in the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store     


Katherine Hepburn & 1940 LaSalle, limited edition Giclee canvas from original oil painting by Chris Osborne

Untitled #23, William Montgomery, limited edition Lambda print laminated to plexiglass

Flagship, William Basciani, limited edition Giclee print on paper

Art For Sale

Buy one of a kind and limited edition artist paintings and prints in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

fugue 5 op 91, painting on canvas by Marta Lowndes

Kill Me In The Comments, digital art by Grase Migel

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio, Limited edition Giclee print on paper

3 New Limited Edition Giclee Prints From *People Sitting* Series by Milan Rubio

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio

We are pleased to offer three new limited edition Giclee prints on  Hahnemühle William Turner 310 fine art paper (with double UV protection) by artist Milan Rubio, now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Sitting People #010 by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #015, by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #015 by Milan Rubio is offered in a hand-signed and numbered limited edition on

Sitting People #07, by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #07 by Milan Rubio

All print purchases include a certificate of authenticity.

Digital Fine Art Print in *Art Styles-Abstraction* Gallery Exhibition Opening Friday

Digital Fine Artist William Phelps Montgomery invites you to the First Friday opening of the group exhibition *Art Styles–Abstraction* at the Projects Gallery, Philadelphia. This exhibition includes the artist’s Lambda print of his digital composition, Untitled #12–pictured below:

 Untitled #12 by William Montgomery available in limited edition on

Prints made at PC Colour Lab, LA, CA, USA

Free Classified Ads for Artists on ArtLyst, The London Art Exhibitions Network


Image by Miss Sydney Marie via Flickr

ArtLyst ,the London Art Exhibitions Network, offers free membership to artists. Membership allows artists to post 4 free classified ads each week offering their artwork for sale.

Artists may advertise original paintings, sculpture, Giclee prints, or artist cards on ArtLyst for the coming holiday buying season. According to ArtLyst, adding your ArtLyst account link to your blog or site list of links will drive hundreds of viewers to your website!

New in Amazon Artist Store: 6 Giclee Prints by William Basciani

The William Basciani painting skill and style now available in limited edition Giclee prints

Cotton Candy Skies, William Basciani

Cotton Candy Skies, the artist describes as “image with Nutcracker and blue & pink skies”– a Giclee print 18 x 20.5 inches: $300.00

Summer of 98, William Basciani

There are 48 Giclee prints left of this “Fireworks Painting”

Flagship, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper: Flagship by William Basciani

His Studio, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: His Studio by William Basciani

Reserved, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Reserved by William Basciani

Flowering Fantasia, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Flowering Fantasia by William Basciani

William Montgomery’s 5 New Digital Art Prints in Amazon Store.

Five of William Montgomery’s 2011 digital art prints are now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Digital Artist Laminated Print, Title: Untitled #23 by William Montgomery

Untitled #23, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Lambda Print Laminated, Title: Metallic Screen #6 by William Montgomery

Metalllic Screen #6, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Laminated Lambda Print, Title: Rusty Forest by William Montgomery

Rusty Forest, William Montgomery

Digital Artist Laminate Print, Title: To the Point by William Montgomery

To the Point, William Montgomery

Digital Laminated Lambda Print, Titled: String Cheese 2 by William Montgomery

String Cheese, William Montgomery

New Amazon Store Seeking Art

Dear Artists

I am opening a new Amazon Pro Shop. An Australian artist already sent 8 of his paintings to me, and I agreed to post them for sale on Amazon. I would like more items to fill out my store ready early for the holiday shopping season.

Amazon takes 15% commission on most items.  For somes item, such as CDs, books, and DVD, they also take an addition $1.39 per item sold. Since I must pay $40. per month for the shop, and maintain it, I also will take a commission.

I am looking for more art items to add to my Amazon shop. Original art, artist cards, posters, Giclee prints, artist books, 3D items. I require samples sent to me to list them in my Amazon shop.

PDF file of terms and Call to submit:

To discuss more details, feel free to email:     Also available on Skype.