Artists + Designers Submit To New Online Sales Venue

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Creame is coming soon. Creame will sell wall art, art prints, and accessories in their online shop.

If you are an artist or designer send them an email.  Visit the Creame website for details.

We’re also adding Creame to our growing list of art sales platforms here.


Another Success Story of Artist Who Follows Our Blog

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Big Dr. Wavelength – Limited Quantity

Artist Alan Singer’s limited edition print have been curated into the new Avant Debut after he submitted his art using the information we posted last month — read details here.

Alan Singer is a professor of art and helped one of his students get into an art magazine using the information we provided–read about it here.

We’re Adding Artist Prints and Posters to Our Japan Store

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We’ve had an Amazon store for several years with monthly sales of artist posters and prints. Now, Amazon is allowing us to list our art prints and posters in their Japan Amazon store.

We have to list each item one at a time, and it takes 24 hours before buyers can purchase the items. But we’re excited to see how our sales will increase by offering our best selling items to buyers in Japan.

Jimi Hendrix and His 1969 Corvette Stingray by Chris Osborne

Jimi Hendrix and His 1969 Corvette Stingray by Chris Osborne

Our first Japan listing:
Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray- Poster by Chris Osborne [並行輸入品]

Art Sales Via This Hands-on Interior Decor Site + Service


With New York style and aesthetic, CricketsCrush offers art for home decor–including photographic prints, paintings, drawings, and sculpture in her virtual warehouse–and as part of Cricket’s interior design service.

Buyers can shop for art in a price range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars or Cricket will come to their home and remake their walls and table-tops for them, working with the home owners existing furniture pieces and style. Because of Cricket’s community connections she brings artist’s work into the home of buyers in the Hamptons and New York City.

Cricket is enthusiastic, known, connected, with a courageous personality. Perhaps you’d like to consign some of your work with her? She also features her favorite artists on her site. Visit and explore here.

We love how her services work for artists so have added CricketsCrush to our e-list of 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art.

For #Artists Wishing to Make A Living From Online Art Sales



More and more artists are asking–“Is it possible to make a living selling my art online?” Yes, it is possible. But you need to be open to learning from others and finding out what works for you.

This is our third article in a row on how to earn money online selling your art. The first here featured a photographic artist who made one thousand dollars using an online sales app. Our second article featured a site where artists make twenty thousands of dollars or more, per year, selling their work.

Today, we are featuring a combined art sales site and print app.

Artists can set up very attractive shops on TicTail for free, select from a variety of looks for their shop, then add apps–many are free. Add a currency converter app, a footer app to add navigation or links to your shop, and the free Printful app. Integrating Printful with your TicTail shop automates the printing and shipping for you! They take care of it all.  New orders automatically go into production. When a new order is received by Printful, you’ll receive an email about it. Then they print and ship and send you a notification.

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For artists searching for more sales platforms, you will find Art Sales Resources, Print Sales Resources and other E-lists here.

Artists: List Your Print Editions and Art

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We’re adding artist prints and other art to our art dealer account to make them accessible to art collectors and other opportunities.

People of Print, based in the UK, has invited us to join their directory. They publish artists in their magazine and do exhibits.

We are also listing artist prints and other artworks for sale in our Arte Booking page gallery. Artists, we will promote all your listed art and let you known when any sales inquiries or other opportunities are presented.
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If you are an artist with print editions you’d like is to review for listing, pleases complete the form below to request further details. If you have other artworks, we are especially interested in colorful contemporary work and Mid-Century Modern style artwork.


#Art and #Artists : The Brilliant Works of Ula Einstein

I’ve been thinking about Ula Einstein’s art over the past several months, ever since she contacted me about her work. My overall impression is that her artworks are simultaneously detailed and minimal. It can become something of a conundrum thinking about this dichotomy. Yet that’s what stays with me–her lightweight airy paper works so complexly patterned. Even the color spots in the artist’s mixed media originals and prints contain an illusion that they are free-floating forms.

As she encompasses so much territory, Ula refers to herself as a “multi-disciplinary” artist “engaged with fragility and substance.”

Ula Einstein burned paper piece is light and airy, employing minimal tools and techniques, yet richly patterned and detailed.

Ula Einstein burned paper piece is light and airy, employing minimal tools and techniques, yet richly patterned and detailed.

Ula Einstein’s “mixed media” materials include paper, fire, hot glue, color pencils, and inks, as she employs the active techniques of burning, cutting, crumpling, tearing, piercing, erasing, taping, and stitching, among other actions. Ula sums up all this activity by simply stating — “making is part of the content.”

Vortex in Orbit #4, mixed media on paper ©Ula Einstein

Vortex in Orbit #4, mixed media on paper ©Ula Einstein

The art originals in Ula’s 2014-’15 Vortex in Orbit series, ©Ula Einstein, consist of Prismacolor premium color pencils, fire, and hot glue.  Limited Edition prints from the originals are digitized on a Cruse Scanner and professionally printed using archival pigments, and then signed and numbered in the edition by the artist.


Vortex in Orbit #5 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 11 x 11″ $185. (Custom size available) - See more at:

Vortex in Orbit #5 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 11 x 11″ $185.

Prints and artworks can also be commissioned to larger sizes to meet your needs. Contact the artist via her website here.

Vortex in Orbit #19 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 14 x 17″ $225. - See more at:

Vortex in Orbit #19 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd edition prints 14 x 17″ $225

Ula Einstein also creates installations in components in her studio, which she then reconfigures for each exhibition.


Vortex in Orbit #3 ©Ula Einstein Ltd. edition prints 9 x 11″ $180. (Custom sizes available) - See more at:

Vortex in Orbit #3 ©Ula Einstein Ltd. edition prints 9 x 11″ $180


Ula Einstein is a highly visible New York City artist who exhibited several of her paper works at the 2015 Flux Art Fair seen here in photos published in a Hyperallergic feature. Üla’s work is internationally exhibited in galleries, museums, and non-profit art spaces, and are in numerous art collectors private art collections.


Vortex in Orbit #16 ©UlaEinstein Ltd. edition prints 14 x 17″ $225 - See more at:

Vortex in Orbit #16 ©Ula Einstein Ltd. edition prints 14 x 17″ $225


Below are more artworks in the artist’s Vortex in Orbit series, as well as more on her materials and studio practice.


Vortex in Orbit #9 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd. edition prints 11 x 11″ $185 - See more at:

Vortex in Orbit #9 ©Ula Einstein, Ltd. edition prints 11 x 11″ $185


Vortex in Orbit #17 ©Ula Einstein- Ltd. Ed. Prints 14 x 17″ (ask me about custom sizes) - See more at:

Vortex in Orbit #17 ©Ula Einstein- Ltd. Ed. Prints 14 x 17″ (ask Ula about custom sizes. Contact her via her website.)


Ula describes her art practice in this interview in her studio–


Ula Einstein's tools for her art practice

Ula Einstein’s tools for her art practice



3 Developing Art Platforms Artists May Want to Know More About

Most artists have their work for sale in the Saatchi online gallery, and perhaps in a few other online galleries, in addition to their own website, blog or online portfolio. Creating a presence on other sites extends your reach to those who buy art for their homes and businesses.

Here are a few newer art sites that caught our attention recently–

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Ampliative Art is a new art site in Spanish and English with very grand plans and a manifesto. They hold live meetings and are currently crowdfunding to build their online platform. If you are the type of artist who likes to get involved from the early stages of development and growth then this may be the place for you.


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Artellite, based in Canada, is for artists, art galleries, and arts organizations to join in those categories. They talk about transparency, and you do see right away when you visit the site the number of users. The site has been under development since 2014 and says that they are about e-commerce solutions for the Art World and about selling art. They have an interesting curated collection.  Take a look and if your art is a good fit you can join the site free here to check out the features. I noticed that Artellite offers sales options in multiple currencies–US Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds and Euros. Joining could extend your reach and international selling abilities.

The Artful Project is calling itself the new home of affordable art, and in this instance the word affordable seems a euphemism for print–and primarily photography based prints though they seem to be branching out into text-based artworks. They have curated collections and participate in Designers fairs and the not surprisingly Affordable Art Fairs.


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Growing Demand for Online Fine Art Limited Edition Prints and Artist Multiples

hiscox-printsales projections

Experts project a huge increase in online art sales. According to the Fine Art Multiples site that published an article a couple of weeks ago– What is Driving the Demand for Artist Editions and Multiples?

“The internet’s ever-increasing role in the art market has been backed up with forecasters predicting e-commerce to increase significantly over the next five years. According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, 2015, the value of the online art market will rise to $6.3 billion by 2019. A $4.7-billion increase since 2013.”

They further make the point that selling in this competitive and flourishing requires the provenance and certification of the work featured online as growing in importance.

Artists selling directly to their buyers have an advantage of providing living proof of authenticity of the work, and will like more sales by providing each buyer with a printed and signed certificate of authenticity with each print sale.

Artists looking for art print sales platforms with find hundreds on our e-list here with new venues added.

We’ve updated our e-list of hundreds of POD (Print-On-Demand) art sales sites, as well as adding many other new print sales options, such as  sites like Print Solo a new platform for buying and selling fine art original prints and artists’ books. Print Solo showcases, promotes and sells the best of international printmaking. Print Solo only sells artworks printed by the artist independently or in collaboration with a technician. Prints that have been editioned by a printing studio without the presence of the artist are not eligible for sale on  Print Solo. Artists find out eligibility requirements and Register here.

Gift Guide: Limited Edition Prints of City Landmarks, Florals, and Feng Shui Buddha Art


If you are on the look-out for unique gifts–nothing does it quite like real art!

UK artist Clare Haxby–with studios in both Singapore and London– offers her beautifully packaged (unframed) fine art prints for international delivery in 3-10 days. The artist offers custom framing and delivery of framed prints in Singapore (only) in 10 days from when you place your print order.


The artist’s feng shui Good Luck Buddha art prints could be the perfect gift for the home or office of your feng shui afficionado friend of family member. These feng shui Buddhas come in 4 styles–

Emerald Lotus Buddha represents enlightenment and self-acceptance, Scarlet Lotus Buddha enhances the feeling of being grounded and creative, the Emerald Mudra Buddha increases harmony and peace, Indigo Orchid Buddha awakens one’s intuition allowing in higher spiritual vibrations.

These Buddha art prints are not considered religious objects, but are viewed as images symbolizing good luck and well-being.


Other Clare Haxby limited edition fine art prints to consider for gifts, include 7 prints in her floral botanical series, 9 prints available in her Equestrian series, and 19 available prints in her Singapore Landmarks and Skylines series.

With so many colorful art prints to choose from, perhaps you’d like to give a Clare Haxby gift card instead. A gift card allows your business associate, family member, friend or loved one to choose their favorite print.

Clare Haxby gift card

Clare Haxby gift card


“I know how special it feels to open a beautifully wrapped gift and that is why I take such great care with the presentation and packaging of my Fine Art Prints, from the crisp wrapping tissue to the beautiful ribbon and cylinder packaging.Clare Haxby 



Case Study: Art Students Ask, Which Online Art Gallery is Best for Sales?

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch is a graduate completing her MFA degree at The School of Art, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, USA. This current semester, Danielle is one of 9 graduate students in artist Alan Singer’s Business Practices For Fine Artists class.

Alan Singer recently asked–

“Hello Marie,

In your marketing materials research do you rate the effectiveness of some of the many sites that are proliferating like Fine Art America, and Art Pickle?  My students ask me all the time which ones are the best, and I look around and each time there are a dozen new ones.

In the past I have paid membership fees for some of these sites, but I don’t think any of them have resulted in sales.  Maybe name recognition but little business.

What do you find out when you look at them… Any advice?”

In response, to Which online galleries are best?, I replied that it would vary artist to artist, and I offered to do a case study to analyze some of the factors an artist might consider when deciding which online galleries to try. Alan’s student Danielle Burch volunteered to be the subject and I reviewed her artwork, bio/CV and website here. Also I’m assuming that the main goal of all the student artists in Alan Singer’s class is to get sales– although it’s nearly impossible to divorce the necessary visibility of art from sales of art.

Danilee Birsch

Danielle Burch


Danielle also identified a site, Art Pickle, as popular with students, writing that “Art Pickle is a website that allows artists to promote their art and open studio events along with links to galleries hosting or sponsoring their work.”

I agree, that where your artist friends are selling is an important factor to consider. When I viewed Danielle’s art, right away I thought of the site Deviant Art , which has long been a site for young artists actively engaged in cross-promotions with their friends and actively building a large following and achieving consistent sales. Being an active artist on the Deviant Art online gallery site is the key to success.

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch


When I first viewed the images of the paintings Danielle Burch sent –above and below in this article–I thought they were Surrealism, perhaps with aspects of Pop Surrealism and Dystopian art, which are very specific genres or niche markets.

Although Danielle may not agree, and may be heading in a different direction with different interests, as stated in her Artists Statement,  she sees her work as a series dealing with “abstraction, realism and assemblage to convey aspects of hearing loss related to my life story,” and combining “abstraction and trompe l’oeil” in her paintings.

Since I see her work as primarily Surrealism, I’d suggest that for increased visibility she might get a free page featuring her work on the UK site Surrealism, and perhaps join a Surrealist group, such as the BeInArt Surreal Art Collective that publishes books of their art, and puts on curated group exhibitions while maintaining a strong online presence.

For sales, Danielle might add her portfolio to two large and diverse online galleries, one is Saatchi, which has featured a Saatchi Surrealism Collection. Saatchi is known for having an annual high volume of art sales in all price ranges and for putting on live exhibitions of online gallery artworks. In 2013, a BBC News article quoted Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Gallery as saying, ” We sell more art in a month that most brick-and-mortar galleries do in a year.” Saatchi has offices in New York City and Los Angeles, California and they put on live exhibits in both US cities.

The second large online gallery, Ugallery features the Surrealism genre here. Ugallery stated that, “almost 70% of artists have sold one painting through Ugallery, and one sale usually leads to more.”

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch


While working toward her Master of Fine Arts degree at RIT, Danielle Burch has

served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Watercolors, Drawing II and Printmaking,

an Adjunct Professor and a Gallery Assistant at Gallery R. Throughout her first year,

Burch completed illustrations for a children’s book, and showed artwork in Rochester,

Oregon, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, where she held her first solo exhibition.

Danielle Burch

Danielle Burch

Artist Marketing Resources has been researching online galleries since early 2008 and shares an e-list 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art on Selz with credit card or via PayPal option here and Artist Print Sales Sites and Resources here–both are also in our new Shopify Store here.

African Fine-Art Prints Exclusively From EN1

APSENiprintlaunchPortraits Africa and EN1 PRINTS offer exclusive access to limited-edition fine-art prints from some of Africa’s best young and emerging artists.

EN1printcatalogpagesampleAfrica was chosen for the opportunity it offers to lower the cost of ownership of original art, and to help significantly with the financial position of these individual artists. This dual benefit is only possible because a Dollar or Euro is worth far more, in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa, than anywhere in Europe, Canada or the United States.


AfricaEN1 promophoto
Keith McFarlane, Founder, Artworld, Portraits Africa,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ceri Thomas, Founder, EN1 PRINTS,
London, United Kingdom
James Matty, Founder, EN1 PRINTS,
London, United Kingdom


Turn Your Instagram Pictures Into Art With Canvas Prints


Did you know there are over 300 million monthly Instagram users? This successful app has been around for less than 5 years, but it has turned into a massive social network and its growth does not seem to stop. Not too long ago, an Instagram picture made the cover of The Wall Street Journal. No kidding! Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites today.

What is so great about uploading pictures to Instagram? Well, it allows you to choose among various filters and end up with professional-looking pictures. You can fix any lighting issues or make your photos look more artistic just by selecting some of the available filters.

Now, since photo enthusiasts take enough pride on their shots to share them with their followers, wouldn’t you take that hobby one step ahead and transform them into canvas prints? All you have to do is select your most treasured Instagram photos and ask a professional online printer like to do the rest.

Choose Among Rolled or Stretched Canvas

The best thing about a personalized project is that you get to choose the photo you want to print, the material you want and where to place it after it is done. It is your project, so there are no rules to follow. Online printers offer several options and you can take your time to choose exactly what you need. For instance, take a look at this canvas print catalog, they let you customize size, print finish and paper type.

When you are creating a small art gallery for your home or office, you can choose either rolled or stretched canvas. Both options will give your space a unique touch However, the best choice depends on your preferences, budget, the space you have available and the desired results. Here is what you need to know to make a wise decision:

Stretched canvas: if you do not want to pay big bucks on expensive frames, choose stretched canvas as they are ready to mount on the wall. Its frameless effect looks great on any wall regardless of the wall color or canvas size. Plus, a stretched canvas is less likely to be damaged.

Rolled canvas: if you have a tight budget or maybe want to build a frame of your own, this is the best option for you. A framed canvas is commonly more durable than a stretched canvas. If you have a special type of frame in mind, go with rolled canvas to make them look vintage, classy, modern or the look that fits your interior design.

Are you an amateur photographer? Do you want to create a charming environment? Log into your Instagram account and choose the most fascinating pictures you have saved. Personalize a space without spending a fortune. Remember that a picture can tell more than a thousand words; it can tell a whole story.

Image courtesy of: Pixabay Cellphone


African Print Services: A New Sales Opportunity for African Artists

I  invite you to take part in a new joint initiative with the newly launched EN1 Prints of London, England. EN1 Prints are a brand new print-on-demand service offering and very good deals to contemporary artists ready and willing to sell limited edition prints of their original work.

 I have negotiated a special deal with EN1 for Artworld’s African Fine Artists that will market fine-art prints (A1, A2 or A3 sized) from your original work. (Initially the agreement is for African artists, perhaps later this will be extended worldwide). The bare bones of the arrangement are as follows.
 (i) There are no fees or charges up-front. You pay nothing, now or ever for the print-service.
 (ii) If a print is sold, the printer get 20% of the selling-price, APS gets 5% (ploughed back into the Artworld service) and you, the artist, get 75%. Payment will be made within 7 days from the sale, less any bank & currency conversion charges.
 (iii) You are free to set your own prices for prints offered from your original work. I recommend an edition of 100, and (in consultation with EN1 Prints) a selling price of USD 75. For each print sold you will receive about USD 56 (75%) less bank costs, EN1 Prints gets about USD 15 (to cover the service, materials and printing) and APS gets USD 4 (or 5%).
 I URGE YOU TO TAKE PART UNDER THE RECOMMENDED TERMS! To do so just reply to this email with the single word YES. I will then contact you with further information (I will need a print quality digital master for each print sold through EN1 Prints. If you want to set special prices or a different edition size then email me with your proposal. I strongly recommend that to reduce costs to a minimum you accept the standard deal! 
 If you want to look at the offer in detail you can read the detailed prospectus, African Print Services: A New Sales Opportunity for African Artists . This also describes what you need to know about the digital images required by the printers. The bigger the digital image, the better: but they can manage with relatively low resolutions, the minimum being some 1600 x 1200 pixels.
 I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! If you have any questions, just reply to this email, or drop me a line at .
 Best Wishes,
FROM: Keith McFarlane
Editor, Artworld
Nicolaas Witsenkade 47-B
1017 ZV Amsterdam
The Netherlands / NL

EN1 Prints UK | Call to Artists + Photographers


EN1 is planning to launch their new art print sales site on June 1st!

They are Seeking Artists & Photographers who wish to sell their work in ‘Prints’. Artists can get in touch via email with Ceri:

Hi Marie,

Thanks so much for the offer to Post on your blog.  We really appreciate it!
We are seeking further Artists who wish to sell in ‘Prints’. Launching 1st June (only a few days left) but we will continuously seek further Artists as we expand. Lowest Commission Rates Available and fabulous Incentives for Artists. Promotions, Big Advertising Spend.
The Website – will be ‘Live’ for Monday 1st June.
Please use this email address – for any Artists who wish to contact us for further info.
Again, thank you so much and we will certainly return any favours for this!  Just ask!!!
Kind Regards
Visit us at (Please note..our new website will be available for June 1st)
Follow us on Twitter @en1prints

SOLD! Art on Amazon USA Now Listed On Amazon Japan + Amazon Euro

Chris Osborne's Robert Johnson and the Blue Terraplane limited edition poster in our Amazon store (click image)

Chris Osborne’s Robert Johnson and the Blue Terraplane limited edition poster in our Amazon store (click image)

Recently, Amazon USA sellers were offered options to expand their store listings to Amazon store sites in Europe, Japan and all over the world.

Shortly after apply this option to my Amazon store, a buyer in Europe ordered Chris Osborne’s limited edition Robert Johnson & the Blue Terraplane poster, available on Amazon here. The poster buyer paid the extra shipping from the USA to Europe.

If you are an artist with print editions and posters especially, we will review your art for our store. If we think that it will sell on Amazon, we will add listings of your art to our store–find out more here.

Coon Gap Hollar and other Walt Curlee Americana #Art Prints

Coon Gap Holler, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Coon Gap Holler, oil painting, Walt Curlee


We are pleased to feature talented artist Walt Curlee, now offering Giclee prints from his oil paintings in our Amazon store. Coon Gap Holler is one of ten new available prints. View five more Walt Curlee prints now on Amazon here.

Coon Gap Hollar, above, is available on Amazon here.


Blackberries Rural Farmland Panorama, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Blackberries Rural Farmland Panorama, oil painting, Walt Curlee


You’ll find more information of Blackberry Patch Rural Farmland Panorama here.


Appalachian Pumpkin Patch, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Appalachian Pumpkin Patch, oil painting, Walt Curlee


Appalachian Pumpkin Patch available here.


Autumn Wheat Harvest,oil painting, Walt Curlee

Autumn Wheat Harvest,oil painting, Walt Curlee


Autumn Wheat Harvest  on Amazon here.


Small Town Winter Landscape, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Small Town Winter Landscape, oil painting, Walt Curlee

Giclee print from Walt Curlee’s oil painting Small Town Winter Landscape now on Amazon here.