Marie Kazalia’s Painting Featured in Professional Artist Magazine Article Wins Design Award


One year ago, two page spread in Professional Artist magazine with one full page reproduction of painting by Marie Kazalia

One year ago, two page spread in Professional Artist magazine with one full-page reproduction of painting by Marie Kazalia

Professional Artist Magazine won several awards–which you can read about on their feature page here.

An article that used my painting full-page and cropped portions in the headers of every page won a design award. The editor did get my advance approval to use my cropped artwork as a design element.

Also, I was recently notified that an interview I did with John Wisniewski, Editor of Urban Graffiti magazine– who asked me lots of great questions about my creative writing–will be published in the California Journal of Women Writers.

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How Artists Use Twitter Article in Professional Artist Magazine + Full Page Feature of Marie Kazalia’s Painting

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While author Vicki Amorose was at work writing her article on how artists use Twitter, she contacted me for a quote. I complied, sending her an entire list of ways I use Twitter, never realizing that her request would result in a full-page feature of my painting in Professional Artists Magazine– on page 34 with credit caption text on facing page 35.

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Get the October art marketing issue of Professional Artist Magazine available in print edition and digital edition here.

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