Pivot Art Gallery Call for Artists For One Month Site Feature


— pivot art gallery is seeking artists who would like to present a portfolio of work in their online gallery. Generally, a portfolio is up for a month beginning on the 15th of each month, after which a condensed version stays in the pivot art gallery archives.

— pivot art gallery is devoted to showcasing emerging aesthetics – that is, a sense of art viewed through various media, avenues of expression, and the intersection of these that reveals a unique contemporary arts perspective.

— edgy, conceptual, and otherwise challenging work encouraged !

— if interested, please email the following information:
link to site/portfolio | bio | artist statement | any other relevant info | your questions

— to find out more about the gallery, visit the site and blog, including current and past featured artists.

— there are no fees

Link: http://www.pivotartgallery.com/contribute

Deadline: Fri Jun 1st, 2012

Art Fairs: Comprehensive International Calendar

Art Vista helps you keep track of all the art fairs going on out there by providing a comprehensive international calendar that also lists the number of exhibitors and number of people who attend each fair. There are search options that allow you to find art fairs that specialize in photography or works on paper, ancient art, contemporary art, and other categories.

The Juried Services site, for smaller art fairs in the USA, allows you to register, create a profile portfolio and apply to select events all on one site.

Français : Visuel de Chic Art Fair 2010

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2nd VIP ART FAIR –Online Only Art Fair February 3-8th

Dear Marie:

VIP Art Fair is pleased to present you with an Elite Access Pass to VIP 2.0, the second edition of the online-only VIP Art Fair.

As a part our exciting network of galleries, institutions, curators, collectors and advisors, we value your participation in our upcoming fair. We hope you will enjoy the redesigned VIP 2.0 site, which includes new layouts, communication tools, and enhanced viewing options.

The image below is your digital VIP Elite Access Pass. This link is your access to the newest way of connecting with the art world.

Since my invitation says that I may *Share your Elite Access Pass with your clients.* I am offering a link to anyone I know–just leave a comment.
Last year, at the first VIP online art fair I had difficulty accessing the galleries due to an unexpected  (unexpected on the part of the organizers, viewers, and galleries at the fair!) flood of simultaneous attempts to log in to the fair the right at the moment it opened. Now after full year for the fair organizers to address that problem, I am eager to view art at the fair this year and expect to access the galleries easily.

Positive Visionary book of artists

“Are you a positive visionary, forging your own path, creating a career with purpose and abundance? Have you turned tragedy into triumph? Started an arts organization or Initiated an art program?

Those are Renée Phillips’ questions for her new book project that will include dozens of artists who fit those descriptions. Please help her finish the book. Renée is searching for artists who are positive and believe in making dreams possible. Who achieve abundance in their lives and share their success with others. Who contribute to making the world a better place. You can  read excerpts about some of the artists already selected for the book, at http://www.manhattanarts.com/ourbooks/ArtistsPositiveChange.htm

Renée Phillips new book will include me! In her email she wrote that she thought of me as ” a true artists’ advocate.”

Marie Kazalia

Holiday Sales Op News for Artists

James Day explains his new sales plan for his Art of Day site:

Here’s how Friday’s holiday feature will work.

Normally I post one feature each day (on http://www.artofday.com) for a single artist with up to 20 images. My thought is that instead of Friday being for one artist it will be for up to 20 artists. Each artist will have one image of an artwork of theirs they wish to sell.  All artworks in Friday’s feature will need to be either for sale on the artists website, or placed for sale in the Art of Day store but for a 10% commission. If the art is for sale only via the artists website, a commission is not required.

Information needed:

  • Artist name
  • Title of artwork
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Shipping weight

(if for sale in Art of Day store)

  • Price (US dollars)
  • Link – to artwork in artist store (not required if selling item in Art of Day store) A Buy Now button will be located below each artwork for sale taking visitors to the Art of Day store, or to each artists store where they can purchase the artwork there.

    If you’d like to be included, please send me the info on one (1) of your artworks The artwork must be for sale and ready to ship within 2-3 days if purchased.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,


    James Day
    Founder of Art of Day

    WEBSITE (Portfolio)
    Sculptor & Artist James Day


    BLOG (Artist Features)
    Artist Features, Gallery Networking, & Art Event Promotions

    FAN PAGE (Facebook)


    TWITTER (Art of Day)
    – Premiers all featured Art of Day artists to the twitterverse! –

    Visit the Art of Day website to submit your art and bio for review or your gallery’s upcoming events for inclusion on Art of Day. The ArtofDay.com website accepts artists and galleries as contributors, meaning you can submit your own articles & event announcements for immediate review. Submit your own article today! http://artofday.com/wordpress/?page_id=367

  • Free Subscription offer

    News Release:
    Free Subscription to Huge Art Opps List Now Available

    Please publish, post or forward this news release. It is being sent to organizations and individuals that provide information to artists.

    NEWS from Art Opportunities Monthly

    For immediate release, Dec. 10, 2010

    Art Opportunities Monthly is now providing a completely free version of their highly acclaimed opportunities list for visual artists. The new AOM Free is the largest free list available anywhere. Each entry is veted to eliminate the scams and the for-profit soak-the-artist schemes that flood other lists and sites.

    Artists may subscribe by using this link:


    There is no obligation and subscribers will have complete privacy. Names, email addresses are never sold, rented or otherwise divulged to outsiders.
    Each issue of AOM Free contains 250-350 carefully screened and condensed entries, delivered as a PDF directly to each subscriber’s email address. There are no passwords or URLs to remember. Each issue may be read with Adobe Reader or other such free programs or may be printed in part or in whole. Each email and URL is hot, so the user can send an email or go right to the prospectus for more information or to apply. There is also a sophisticated search system to find listings by media, geographic area or terms such as “grant” or “no entry fee.” 

    Each listing in the AOM Free Edition is exactly the same as in Premium Edition  but Premium subscribers receive even more of them, get them earlier and are given several special bonuses and privileges (see below).*
    Publisher Benny Shaboy said, “While the Premium Edition is aimed at professional artists or those who want to be, we hope to make the Free Edition of AOM available to everyone. We think it is an excellent tool for the artist who currently has limited time for production and promotion but who wants to keep an eye out for legitimate juried shows, grants, residencies and other sources of support outside the commercial gallery system.”
    For more information, contact free@ArtOpportunitiesMonthly.com
    *Premium subscribers get an additional fresh 200 listings each month, plus a bonus list of about 160 open- and repeating-deadline opps, an image page and a thumbnail in the AOM Gallery, a link to their site from AOM site, the chance to have an image of their work in AOM, even on the cover, full support for any questions or problems and a 100% money-back guarantee. The Premium Edition is  $25/year (see  subscription info).