Gallery Call to Artists for Exhibition and Sale of Artworks Priced $199.

Arc Galley in San Francisco, California, describes itself as  “dedicated to showcasing and promoting emerging and established artists from around the country whose work embodies both skill and risk-taking.”  Arc Gallery puts on both juried and curated group exhibitions. They are interested in discovering artists. 

Arc Gallery has a current Call to Artists for works priced at $199.00, with $120.00 from the sale going to the artist.

“SNAP!” Bay Area Juried Exhibition & Off-The-Wall Sale


All works must be priced at $199. Submit one piece of work you are certain someone would like to own right now, priced at $199.– artist receives $120 from the sale of the artwork.

This January show is also a try out for Bay Area artists. Works that sell get their curator’s attention. Arc Gallery has put several January artists in their curated exhibitions.

DEADLINE:  January 5th, 2017

Sculpture, painting, drawing, photo, printmaking, mixed media, collage, assemblage, ceramics, fiber art, artist book – Original artwork only. No giclee reproductions. (This exhibition cannot accept jewelry, video, film, performance art, installation and works requiring an external electrical source.)

Only artists residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. The Bay Area includes the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, and Stanislaus.

Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco 94103

Arc Gallery & Studios partners: Matthew Frederick, Priscilla Otani, Stephen C. Wagner & Michael Yochum

January 27 & 28, 2017

Friday, January 27th, 7-10PM

Saturday, January 28th, 12-3PM

All works priced at $199 retail with $120 of sale going to artist.

January 5, 2017. Works must be submitted online before midnight Pacific Time to be considered by jurors.


 For hundreds more, thousands even, list art galleries accepting submissions click here.

All-Woman Group Art Exhibition

San Francisco’s Lim Gallery Presents All-Woman Art Group Exhibition Dynamic Color, Featuring Patter Hellstrom, April Hawkins, and Saundra McPherson (via PR Newswire)

Download image SAN FRANCISCO, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Lim Gallery is proud to announce the upcoming show Dynamic Color, which includes fine art and paintings by Patter Hellstrom, April Hawkins , and Saundra McPherson , on view through June 30th, 2013. (Photo:…

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New Paintings by San Francisco Bay Area Artist Marian Yap

Today we are featuring two paintings in Haiku Threads, a new series by Marian Yap, a San Francisco Bay Area artist. 
Marian says: “The green one is titled Celadon, the red one is titled Cinnabar.  Celadon green and cinnabar red are colors that appear frequently in Chinese fine arts, architecture, furniture, ceramics and textiles.  My work is generally abstract and I paint on canvas and paper.  I also do printmaking– primarily monotypes.  Let me know if you would like more information. Thanks, and keep up the good work!”

View more of Marian’s color abstractions on her website and on her blog 

Cinnabar 2, acrylic/mixed media on 24″ x 24″ gallery wrapped canvas by Marian Yap

Electric Works Gallery and Print Publisher

Electric Works

Electric Works (Photo credit: D.C.Atty)

Electric Works Gallery is a gallery and print publisher. They’re holding an open house this evening from 7 – 8 p.m. in their new gallery location, that houses new workspace and a bookstore, at

1360 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th) San Francisco, California. Visit their website and check the artists they publish, here:

Electric Works began printmaking in 1981, working with artists who are masters of strong visual content and with each printmaking project they have combined traditional techniques with new contemporary art challenges in an attempt to reinvent just what a print is, making the most ambitious projects possible.

In the Electric Works online bookstore you will find several prints in limited editions of 100 selling for only $40.00 each.

I enjoy reviewing small art publishing companies such as Electric Works, though hard to categorize for our PDF resource lists–are they an art licensing company, a gallery or a store?

You’ll find thousands of more links to art sales sites, art galleries and art licensing companies on our Artist Marketing Resources share lists. We’ve noticed an increase of sales of our PDF resources lists that sell for just $18.95. You can pay with PayPal or buy with Google Checkout** via the links below. Artists are gearing up for autumn submissions and using our resources, so I wanted to be sure to share these access links again:

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 900+ Places to Sell your Art PDF list:

I’ve added many more links to the 900+ Places to Sell Your Art list, and there are probably well over one thousand now, but I have not had time to count!

Our ebook guide helps you craft your professional art submissions–the Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook is available as a PDF here: 


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San Francisco: 5 Alternative Exhibition Spaces That Accept Artist Proposals Year-round

altered space

altered space (Photo credit: indianfilipino)

S.H.E.D. projects is located in industrial West Oakland, California across the bay from San Francisco.  S.H.E.D. Projects provides a temporary workspace for emerging artists and an exhibition space for installations, performances, and other projects. Proposals are accepted year-round. Email:

Stairwell’s  is a series of exhibitions accompanied by short publications and off-site group excursions (Field Trips) in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Stairwell’s is a curated project. If you are a Bay Area artist and would like to submit your work for consideration, email 3-5 images,link to your website and a few sentences about your work and how it fits the Stairwell’s projects, to

Unspeakable Projects represents newly emerging artists working in video, installation, painting, drawing and performance. Send proposals, web links and jpgs to Include CV or artist statement.

Alter Space–Main Gallery, Peephole Gallery, and Alter Space Print Shop

Alter Space has taken up shop at 1158 Howard Street, a light industrial building built in 1922. The roughly 5,000 square foot space now houses artist’s studios, several gallery spaces , diverse workshops, and a full basement that functions as a Print Shop and common workspace. On the ground floor the Main Gallery and Workshop areas still retain their original wood floors in combination with white-walled brick and timber.

The Main Gallery at Alter Space houses group exhibitions, performances, and events. To submit proposals for this space please contact Alter Space by email (below).
In the Peephole Gallery, conveniently located in the public restroom, Alter Space hosts both group and solo exhibitions. Artists are given boxes in which to create, and the boxes are then made viewable via peepholes in the bathroom walls.  Alter Space print shop is coming soon. Sign up for newsletter or check their site in the near future for digital and screen-printed items and info on how you can become involved.

Alter Space


SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103    Phone: +1 (415) 735-1158   Email:

La Boutique is dedicated to exhibiting high-quality, innovative artistic expression  by both emerging and more established artists,  allowing artists to increase their visibility. La Boutique is currently accepting proposals for exhibition in two distinct spaces: Main Gallery as well as  STOREFRONT WINDOW. La Boutique promotes innovative, original, and site-specific installations. Artists and curators are invited to submit proposed work, in 2D and 3D media, including but not limited to drawing, painting, pastel, printmaking, photography, mixed media, and sculpture.

Each of the selected artists will be exhibited for a one to two month-long period. An area will be provided for artist bio and contact information. All exhibitions are actively promoted through an opening reception, a dedicated page on their website, an email blast, a postcard etc…

The main gallery is the bottom floor of a bi-level 2500 sq. space, with tall ceilings, and original building detail, including exposed beams and brick walls. Artists working in all media are welcome to propose solo and group exhibitions for the main gallery. As La Boutique is a multi-function venue, consideration will only be given to proposals that allow artworks to remain installed while the gallery transforms for events.

STOREFRONT WINDOW can be curated independently of the interior main gallery, and offers a unique opportunity to bring artwork to the public and into the street.This deep vitrine is perfectly suited to presentations of three-dimensional works and carefully considered installations of two-dimensional works. The storefront window is accessible to the public at all times, and welcomes a diverse audience. Plan your installation to take advantage of the window’s unique space: which includes large street facing glass panels and a window platform. Each selected artists will receive a $200 stipend for materials and construction.


Interested artists please submit:

  • Detailed Description of Proposed Project, specifying the proposed exhibition space, i.e. window installation or main gallery
  • A detailed Artist Statement
  • Visual documentation: 20 images maximum. Please include only recent work that is relevant to the proposed exhibition. Image files should be in JPEG format

Please submit your complete application to

La Boutique

414 Jackson Street, Suite 101

San Francisco, CA 94111


April 18, 2011


New Giclée Art Prints Available From kellyannart

San Francisco Bay Area artist Kellyann Gilson-Lyman offers new original art in her kellyannart line Giclée print series, now available to collectors. The three kellyannart line series are titled: In the White Spaces, The Inertia Collection, and Iconoculture/See Beauty in What You Do. In all three series, Gilson-Lyman’s images reflect and engages with the positive cultural concepts in humanity. In The Interia Collection, and In White Spaces collections, the artist presents images in her primarily abstract colorist palette that also demonstrate her interest in pattern. In the Iconoculture/See Beauty in What You Do series collection, the artist expresses her world view on modern beauty by incorporating appropriated iconic images of the famous film stars Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.  All three series contain Giclée prints from scanned original mixed media paintings, and original digital art compositions. Titles within each series are available as Giclée prints on canvas as well as on a variety of papers including metallics, and in a variety of medium to large sizes, such as: 32 x 32 inches, 36 x 36, 36 x 60, 40 x 60, 48 x 60, 24 x 48 inches, 36 x 72 inches, 42 x 60 inches, 40 x 55 inches, 64 x 72 and other sizes. kellyannart also offers commissions to size specifications.

Price list available upon request from kellyannart, email:

All kellyannart Giclée prints are archival and printed by the virtually 100% green graphics company Eco Visual ( The kellyannart print edition series are print ready and designated for print edition costs with Ecovisual,  using only local produced recycled cotton papers and water based pigment inks and biodegradable mounting adhesives.

Originals currently on view in Corporate Lobby Exhibition,275 Battery Street, San Francisco, by appointment (phone: 415-412-4959), and via images on the kellyannart website, at:

Sample Images available upon request.

About the artist:
Kellyann Gilson-Lyman, who has exhibited her photographic art and mixed media original artworks on canvas widely since 1995, created her Giclée print series in 2009, adding new work  to each series line in 2010 and 2011.

Kellyann Gilson-Lyman has apprenticed with art and design professionals, and has professional experience in web design and creative direction of brand management including core expertise in design, ad campaigns, staff management, creative direction, client relations, strategy, media relations, fine art production and printing, digital/film photo retouching, and photo shoot management. Kellyann has had numerous exhibitions of her art since 1995, and her work is included in corporation and private collections. Full details may be found in the attached file: Kellyann CV_Bio.pdf

Kellyann Gilson-Lyman
phone 415-412-4959
Kellyann Gilson
1968 Marin Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707

Verve, kellyannart

ode to seeing beauty in Sophia Loren, kellyannart

Hotel des Arts, The Question of Ex-istence Exhibition

The Question of Ex-istence

Exhibit Reception

Saturday, November 6, 2010

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Hotel Des Arts : San Francisco

447 Bush Street

Questioning Statement

All of the artists featured in this exhibition have answered ‘The Question of Ex-istence’ with their artistic creations. We know this because it is not the label that makes them artists, but that in which they create to represent their existence. The questions we ask are often what unites us as a global community and is part of the fabric in which the human experience is woven. Without the ongoing asking of intelligent questions, we become blanketed in complacency.

The many types of questions that let us grow as real beings,paving the way for the next chapter in our lives are usually, factual, convergent, divergent and evaluative in nature .

Many of the questions in which we encounter are needed to explore abilities and reveal potential to ourselves and others so that we may move forward and endure.

Factual questions are simply straight forward, and are based on facts of awareness, with little processing power they are often answered, with a yes, no, right or wrong.

Convergent questions offer a finite range, of acceptable accuracy with complex analysis, cognition, comprehension and synthesization, make your creative thinking ability strong.

Divergent questions explore alternate perspectives and create variations of correctness, scenarios may be based on logical projection, and the conceptual ability to think long.

Evaluative questions require a high level, of logical cognition and a predefined process, answers let the questioners know, within a comparative framework where they belong.

R.S.V.P. : About : Schedule of Events : Press Release : Bidding Guidelines : Artists

View Exhibit @

S.C.R.E.A.M. iNC,

Featured Artists

Candace Loheed : San Francisco

Jane Elliot : San Francisco

Marie Kazalia : USA

Craig Britton : San Francisco Bay Area

Benjamin L.M : Australia

Alex Segal : San Francisco

Claudie Bastide : France

Sona Mirzaei : Los Angeles

Dean Gustafson : San Francisco

Orangeland 5 : Global

Arthur Pusher’: North Beach, San Francisco

Reserve Collection

Robert Kipniss

Leonor Fini