My poem *That Moment* in new book of poetry

Dear Marie
That Moment
It seems a long time ago that we exchanged emails but I am delighted to let you know that copies of our book are now available for purchase.  We are so happy with the way it looks and feels -and the poems and wood engravings are just wonderful, so I first of all want to thank you again for granting us permission to use your poem in the book.   We would obviously be really grateful if you would promote it on your website and I am attaching a title information sheet which will, I hope, give you all the information you need.  It is available for purchase through our website .
Do please come back to me if you have any queries
With best wishes
Janie Hextall and Barbara McNaught
Lautus Press


A collection of poems

Selected by Janie Hextall and Barbara McNaught

Lautus Press

ISBN: 978 0956826503             Price: £10               Publication: 12 September 2011

 Born of a shared love of washing lines and poetry, the subject of this anthology is laundry and washing, reflecting many human emotions to do with family, relationships and memory.

It is a collection of over 50 poems ranging from folk songs such as  ‘Dashing away with the smoothing iron’ to contemporary poems by renowned poets including Seamus Heaney, Gillian Clarke, Tess Gallagher and Pablo Neruda.  There are also over a dozen beautiful wood engravings by artists as diverse as Clare Leighton and Clifford Harper.

Alexander Lee (who has written the Afterword) has suggested that we are tapping into something far more exciting than a simple love of washing lines – the current environmental and economic issues.  He started Project Laundry List to campaign in America for the ‘right to dry’ when he realised that 6-10% of US domestic electricity is consumed by tumble driers.

So whether it is the joy of washing blowing on the line, the smell of clean linen or the rhythmic dance of two people folding sheets together, this collection is a celebration.

Washing Lines will be launched at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival in September when Gillian Clarke will be reading a selection of poems from the book.

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