Shopify Stores for Artists



Shopify has many templates for setting up your store. One you select your template you will find options for customizing using your own photos. Click here to start.

Artists with print editions, or items such as printed t-shirts, hand-painted silk scarves, art books, and other limited edition items may benefit from having them for sale in a Shopify store along with higher priced one-of-a kind paintings, sculpture, assemblage, and other mixed-media artworks.


Open Call–Reviewing Art to List For Sale On Amazon


Many things have changed on over the years. A couple of years before art galleries expanded to selling art on Amazon, I opened the Transmedia Artist A-mazon Pro Store in July of 2011. I’ve sold dozens of prints on paper and canvas, paintings, and limited edition artist posters in my A-mazon store.  

View the Transmedia Artist A-mazon Pro Store here.

Now I’d like to revitalize the inventory of my A-mazon store by adding 100-200 more artworks.

I’m especially interested in adding artwork multiples–print editions on paper and canvas and artist’s posters. I’d also like to try some hand-painted limited edition scarves, accessories, and clothing, as well as select one-of-kind handmade items.

Send the link to your website or online portfolio for review to:

There is no fee unless your work is accepted into the Transmedia Artist Amazon store.

Once accepted you will be expected to pay a one-time fee of $10USD to cover your first five listings in the store. If you want to list ten items pay $20, fifteen items pay $30 etc. Note: One print edition is one listing (for possible multiples sales from that one listing). This token fee helps us all stay committed!

Artists provide retail prices and calculate shipping expenses for each art item listing (A-mazon allows$ 4.49 shipping per listing so that an increase in retail price is necessary to cover shipping costs). Buyers pays $4.49 shipping fee. Artists must provide one or more high-resolution jpeg image of each item(including detail views) to go on each Amazon listing.

Artists are notified when a buyers pays for an order on A-mazon and then has 3-5 business day to ship the sold item (with tracking number) sent directly to the buyer . If artists are unavailable the order may be cancelled. (I want to sign on artists who are attentive to their email and reply quickly!)

Artists receive paymen-t of 60% for each sold item 30 days after tracking confirmation verifies that the buyer has received the shipped item.  A-mazon policy allows buyers 30 days to return items.

Most common reasons for non-acceptance:

  1. item/items not suited to A-mazon sales
  2. photographs of item or items do not meet A-mazon standards

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.35.54 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.37.13 PM

Image courtesy of vectorolie at

Our Artist Resources Are Now in a New Store

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Our International Art Gallery Directory and other artist resources are now available in our new Selz store, with more payment options.

Click on these links to our other resources in our new store:

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Uncommon Goods Call for Art: Mixed Media Art Contest, New judges, New Prize!

Chaos Mountain, by Meghan Ellie Smith

Chaos Mountain, by Meghan Ellie Smith


UncommonGoods has a new series of 2014 Art Contests. For this year’s series of art design challenges, they’re focusing on specific calls for art. Currently, they’re hosting a Mixed Art Design Challenge, an opportunity for artists to submit different mediums of work from digital mixed media to unexpected use of material. They’re looking for different texture or medium combinations such as paint, ink, oil, paper, photography, wood, metallic, and lace. The Mixed Media Art Contest will be judged by Yellow Heart Art Graphic Artist, Leonora Jennifer, Writer of The Jealous Curator, Danielle Krysa, Cakies Blog Editor and Author of Let’s Sew Together, Rubyellen Bratcher, and UncommonGoods Home Décor Buyer, Alexis Campagna. The winner will receive $1000 and 5% royalties on each print that is sold.

Spring Cloud, by Betsy Walton

Spring Cloud, by Betsy Walton


Formation, by Vicki Rullian and Tom Heaphey

Formation, by Vicki Rullian and Tom Heaphey


Blooming, by Bianca Green

Blooming, by Bianca Green


According to Global Study Online Art Sales To Grow Fast

According to a New York daily news article, the online fine art market is expected to more than double to $3.76 billion in the next five years.

Younger collectors and first-time buyers seem to prefer buying art online rather than in art galleries.  Yet online art sites do not threaten gallery sales in the same way Internet availability has undermined the film, print book and music recording industry.

Ebay to set up something like the Amazon fine art sales platform.

Read the full article here.

Sell Your Art on Tumblr with easy to use Blk Dot

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.46.43 AM

Some artists and art galleries have a Tumblr blog exclusively, while others may have a Tumblr blog in addition to their main websites. Either way, there are a lot of artists and art galleries using Tumblr to post images and news, as well as millions of other users with a wide variety of interests.

According to Blk Dot, “Tumblr’s audience includes more than 10 million teens, 12 million 19-24 year olds and 12 million 25 – 34 years olds* with a combined discretionary spending power of over $200B. It is the world’s largest blogging platform hosting over 100 million blogs that create more than 80 million posts per day. Among social media platforms, Tumblr has the largest share of “time spent on site” after Facebook. It is the 15th most popular website in the U.S.”

Until now, you may not have thought of Tumblr as a place to sell your art.

But by setting up a Blk Dot account you can offer your original art, prints, posters, art books, and other items to buyers on Tumblr using  Blk Dot Stripe automated sales options.

I used Blk Dot to add two items for sale on my Tumblr blog, and found Blk Dot Stripe super automated and easy to set up in 4 steps. Add your banking information for deposit of funds from sales directly into your checking account. Blk Dot only takes a 3% commission per sale for their services.

You must have a fairly large high-resolution image of the item you wish to sell. Upload the image, add the description and price and the listing goes live right away. Super easy. Plus there are adjustments, such as options to move the *buy button* to any corner or center area  of your image.

Today, We Share Two Resources For Artists

Artists–we have two resources to share with you today.
The art and design magazine Design Taxi’s millions of readers now have the option to view your art with this new Design Taxi  feature >>> —*add your portfolio for free*   <<<click here, on the site  you will see *add your portfolio at far  right.
It costs nothing for you to open a store on  The Bazarr site marketplace sell your creative objects there on commission.  The more you sell the less commission the site will take.  The Bazarr is just one resource on our PDF list of 700+ Places to Sell Your Art  !