Opportunities for #Artists wishing to break into the Asian market


Artists around the world regularly contact Artist Marketing Resources for details on getting their work into the growing Asian art market. Often these artists target Tokyo Japan as their point of entry. There are other cities to consider–Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul.

Dot.N is a Seoul, Republic of Korea (aka South Korea) based online gallery and arts project planning site scheduled to launch on April 1st 2015.

They’ve invited more than 5000 artists internationally to register on the Dot.N site on April 1st and upload their art images.

Jeonghyun Lee of the Dot.N Arts Planning company said, ” Up to this point, the system looks similar to existing sites such as Behance.” Dot.N wants to establish an “artists’ online archive on a grand scale.”

When artists all over the world sign-up to the Dot.N website, they will be exhibiting and sharing their artworks with art collectors and the art buying public, as well as business enterprises, banks, hospitals, advertising agencies and web agencies who will have options to buy and use (license) artists’ digital art images. This is one way Dot.N will generate additional income for their artists.

The Dot.N Arts Planning company will advertise and promote the availability of both the digital images and the original artworks on their new site.


If you are an artist wishing to connect with gallerists and artist agents in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian cities–we have extensive contacts on our artist resources e-lists:

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Artist Residence in the Pantocrator Gallery – Shanghai and Berlin

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pan Stage 2013/2014 Residence in the gallery – Shanghai and Berlin

Pan Stage & Summer Pan Stage 2013/2014.
Residence in the gallery in Shanghai and Berlin

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Pantocrator Gallery is a space for the production, exhibition and diffusion of Contemporary Art in all its disciplines–combining gallery activity with a residency program, which opened  summer of 2011.

Pantocrator Gallery is located in one of the most important artistic centers of China, the M50 complex in the Moghanshan Lou district in the city of Shanghai where there is a concentration of over one hundred local and international galleries, studios of local artists and design agencies.

With each residence programs, the space becomes a permanent production place open to the public during gallery hours, allowing the dialogue between artist and visitors in order to deepen in the understanding of the work, and facilitate their sales.

– “Pan Stage 2013-14” :   2 selected artists residents work in the gallery for a period of 1-2 months for each artist–this continues throughout 2013-2014. Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture or installation. The last week of the program the Gallery focuses on an exhibition of the resident artist with an opening in the gallery  and all the needed promotion.

–   “Summer Pan Stage 2013-14” : during July and August  an average of four artists working one or  two months.

Artists may apply on the gallery website: http://pantocratorgallery.com/stage.html

Artists should seek scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Pantocrator Gallery will provide the necessary documentation to applicants if required + other assistance, such as with housing.

Pantocrátor Gallery


US + Euro Artists – Get Into The Asian Art Market: Over 200 Art Galleries in Hong Kong,Shanghai, Beijing + Tokyo

I do know a bit about Asia, from having lived as an expatriate in Tokyo, Japan, India and Hong Kong for a total of 4 years. It’s well know that any traveler may put their bags down on a busy sidewalk in Tokyo and walk away, with many thousands of people streaming past, and the bags will go untouched. In Tokyo, I recall seeing a small leather purse up on a stone wall each day as I walked to a small grocery nearby the house I lived in. After a few days of seeing the purse there I became curious and had a look inside, surprised to find that it contained a quantity of cash! I even counted it. There was the equivalent of about $100USD in Japanese yen. Then I put the purse back on the wall. Locals commonly commented that “the person who dropped it may come back looking for it”–and that’s why no one touches purses or bags left on sidewalks. For an American to see that in a major urban area was quite amazing.

Of course there is a certain amount of crime in any county, but often in Asia it is organized crime and easily avoided. In China, I repeatedly encountered instances of superstition against cheating anyone in business. Small business owners considered it bad luck to cheat or steal from customers.

So what does that have to do with art galleries?

I have heard American artist state that they are fearful of shipping their art to foreign art galleries due to possible expenses from legal hassles. Based on my experiences, I would  trust most Asian art galleries to sell my art should they be so inclined.

As part of my personal research, I have compiled

a list of Asian art galleries for American and European artists thinking about getting into the Asian art market.

You won’t need a knowledge of Asian languages or need to employ a translator. Even in 2013, many Americans seem to think that they will find it difficult to approach Asian art galleries due to a language barrier. But the over 200 art galleries in China that are on my list, link to websites in both English and Chinese–some  sites are also in additional languages such as Japanese, Korean, and German.

The list of China art galleries consists primarily of galleries in the large cities of Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.  A few of these galleries in Mainland China also have additional galley locations in Taipei, Taiwan, and Seoul, S. Korea.

Yes, the list contains elegant galleries such as Chambers Fine Art in an architectural space designed by architect Ai Wei Wei. Chambers Fine Art was established in New York in 2000, and  is one of the leading galleries in the United States and China, along with famous James Cohen Gallery with locations in New York City and Shanghai, China.

But also, the list contains such galleries as–

State of the Art Gallery in Hong Kong, a somewhat lesser known that has a very Western image.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 2.02.12 PM

 And the grass-roots effort in an apartment complex turned art gallery at the C & G Apartment Art Gallery in Hong Kong, that is open to exchanges and collaborations with artists and art organizations.

There are many others. So that artists seeking a fit for their work may access a broad range of opportunities I’ve include the a wide variety of art galleries on the list.

I am still adding Japanese art galleries  to the list, and currently have 58  art galleries primarily  located in Tokyo. If you are looking for art consultants in Asia, find our additional list of art consultants here. If you would like to license your art with Asian companies or find an Artist Agent, check this list.

Artist Opportunity to Break Into The Asian Art Market — Call for Art

Zendai Himalayas exhibition, Shanghai

Zendai Himalayas Center, Shanghai, China

Zendai Himalayas Center, Shanghai, China

Zendai Himalayas exhibition, Shanghai
Deadline December 13
Fees: for framing and shipping to China depends upon size

Pantocrator Gallery Shanghai will feature an exhibition space in the center of Shanghai “Zendai Himalayas” during the months of January and February 2013, coinciding with its year-end celebrations.


Zendai Himalayas exhibition is a large leisure center where are concentrate restaurant, shops, all major international firms,etc, plus the interest that is awakening in China for contemporary art, this year will also feature exhibition halls with works for sale.

Pantocrator Gallery will present background that we have in China, but we believe it is an excellent opportunity for other Western artists can make known his work with saleability. Subsequently, if no sale, Pantocrator Gallery will keep these works as gallery fund with the intention of performing several group exhibitions throughout the year 2013 in our center of M50 Shanghai. The unsold works will be returned to Barcelona between October and January 2014 by Pantocrator. And from Barcelona will be sent to the addresses individually by each artist that is from outside Barcelona. 50 Moganshan Road (Chinese: 莫干山路50号) or M50 is a contemporary art district in Shanghai that houses a thriving community of more than 100 artists whose studios are open to the public. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_Moganshan_Road

The steps involved are:

1. Send to pantocratorgallery@gmail.com  image of the work you want to expose. Detailing the work measures, technical and brief summary of the artist in English. Approximate Retail Price including 50% of commision for gallery.

2. Subsequently, the selected works will be sent to China from Barcelona, with all others.

Each artist must pay the approximate price of the frame and a percentage for shipping, we will provide advance prices as measured by the works.

4.Each artist must sent his work to Barcelona. And must transferred to the bank account of Pantocrator Gallery, the amount for the framework, which will vary depending on the size and number of works, plus the percentage for shipment to China, that in a tube is usually cheaper and less problematic when it comes to pay customs .

-Example: a piece of paper of 40X30cm can cost:

10€ frame + 10€ shipping = 20 €.
Two works of the same dimensions = 35 €
Three works of the same dimensions = 45 €

-Deadline for sending the images to the selection is next Thursday, December 13 and the deadline for sending the tube to China on Dec. 22.

Pantocrátor Gallery  www.pantocratorgallery.com

Artist Agents and Reps List–US, UK, Asia

Thank You for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day (Wea...

Thank You for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day (Wearable Sculpture) by Agata Olek / Art in Odd Places 2009: SIGN, New York City / 20091010.10D.55121.P1.L1 / SML (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

Bernstein & Andriulli  is a premier creative artist management agency and media consultancy that represents photographers, illustrators, stylists, hair and makeup artists, interactive artists and producers. They scout the globe looking for burgeoning hot new talent. This agency reps artists out of their offices in New York and Shanghai, China
Visit their website http://www.ba-reps.com/ to find out more. This agency also manages Gallery Stock An image library founded in 2005 as a showcase for the archives of the world’s leading museum and commercial photographers. Many of these photographers have never been represented by a stock agency. The concept is unprecedented yet simple: to license only the highest-quality photography in a premium environment. Gallery Stock connects art buyers, photo editors, art directors, and designers with the photographers they know by name from the fine art world and the commercial assignment industry. The archive also houses photographs by very promising and gifted younger artists and grows each month as more images are submitted.

Your success could begin by submitting your images to some of the dozens of agencies that represent artist working across the traditional media and new media platforms, and to assist you the Artist Marketing Resources Art Licensing list provides the contact information you need in an extensive list of USA, UK, Japan, and China based artist agents and artist reps. Many artists ask about agents–and this is your chance to get an extensive contact list of artist agents and reps here.