5 New T-Shirt Designs By Terry Luc

So, we are awaiting approval from Amazon to add these five t-shirts to our Amazon store, in the category Clothing and Accessories. Normally, no approval is required when I add artwork to the store.

But these are the first artist t-shirts I have tried to add, only to discover that I had to submit an application to add them.

It’s All A Scam, t-shirt by Terry Luc, sizes S/M/L/XL

Lizardman, t-shirt design by Terry Luc, sizes S/M/L/XL

Put A Little Heart In Your Art, t-shirt design by Terry Luc, sizes S/M/L/XL

Revolution, T-shirt design by Terry Luc, available in sizes S/M/L/XL

Terry Luc, Squish t-shirt, available in size S/M/L/XL

I won a free shirt from Sarkhead street art graffiti t-shirts

Street Art, Graffiti, New York

Image by racoles via Flickr

When I visited my Facebook page today, I was surprised to find  this message:

hey Marie, you’ve won a free shirt from http://Sarkhead.com/. let us know which one you want and what size. 
Head Sark via Mookie, celebrity spokescat for Sarkhead

Great, I get my pick of all the shirts there–retailing at $59. each.

This is a good promotional tool. I posted a notice to Facebook and blogged about it. Now, I will share on Twitter, Digg, and Reddit.

A few months ago, I won a skillful pencil drawing from artist Trevor Jones, which led me to write an article about him for Yahoo!

A give-away is a great way to promote. Artists have lots of options and ways to do this. It doesn’t have to be a $59. shirt or a pencil drawing potentially worth hundreds. I’ve exchanged artist cards and postcards with artists I’ve met on Facebook. The point is to connect, share, get some energy going, get your name and art out there–which is priceless PR.