ArtandOnly A New Online Platform for Art Collectors


Julie Engelmann of ArtandOnly, a Swiss based art collector platform, e-mailed to let us know that since their launch a few weeks ago, they are rapidly attracting collectors from all over the world who have been looking for a new platform that is on the cutting edge of today’s global art market. ArtandOnly has quickly become the première destination for both art lovers and collectors.

I asked Julie how artists are selected for the ArtandOnly site. According to Julie, the ArtandOnly curatorial team evaluates each emerging artist’s background and education, and looks into prior exhibitions and “who and how the artist has been represented so far. Of course the most important part is the work.” Julie said that their team of curators team has a certain vision and will decide about the overall impression of the work– if it is aligning with that vision.

ArtandOnly Founder Frédéric de Senarclens

ArtandOnly Founder Frédéric de Senarclens

Frédéric de Senarclens launched his new venture ArtAndOnly after seven years in Asia running one of the most successful galleries in Singapore.  Now he has taken his passion, expertise and extensive personal relationships with artists, collectors, dealers and gallerists and expanded into the global online market by developing a new and innovative online art marketplace. ArtAndOnly is a powerful and integrated sales platform that connects collectors and artists to a network of  professionals specializing in contemporary art across many disciplines.

“Once you look at the current marketplace you begin to see the limitations of a physical gallery space. By dematerializing the old brick-and-mortar model, we are able to give collectors a unique opportunity to access the global market directly” de Senarclens said.

RIght ronga, Pascal Dombis

Right ronga, Pascal Dombis


ArtAndOnly’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. Artists have also been searching for new ways to access the market, establish direct relationships, and gain greater reach and exposure. This platform provides those connections and exclusive consignments when the other players do not.


Chaos San Sebastian, bronze sculpture, Jedd Novatt 

Chaos San Sebastian, bronze sculpture, Jedd Novatt


Frédéric de Senarclens has set himself apart in another way– “We think buying and selling art online should be a full-service experience. We look forward to being a trusted partner through the entire process, with advice and a personal touch every step of the way” de Senarclens said.


untitled 129, work by Armen Agop

untitled 129, work by Armen Agop

Not only do they offer customized services from search and acquisition to delivery and installation, but their newsletter and editorial blog, Le Journal provides invaluable information on important market trends, updates about artists and their works, and insight from industry experts, curators, and the art world’s most respected writers.

enattente, Yves Dana

entente, Yves Dana

“We are reshaping the art world by providing greater transparency and direct access to the market. Collectors from all over the world have immediately begun to take advantage of ArtAndOnly’s unparalleled platform” said de Senarclens.

You can join the ArtAndOnly network today, and find out more at

Aggregation 10, Kwang Young Chun

Aggregation 10, Kwang Young Chun


Gift Guide: Limited Edition Prints of City Landmarks, Florals, and Feng Shui Buddha Art


If you are on the look-out for unique gifts–nothing does it quite like real art!

UK artist Clare Haxby–with studios in both Singapore and London– offers her beautifully packaged (unframed) fine art prints for international delivery in 3-10 days. The artist offers custom framing and delivery of framed prints in Singapore (only) in 10 days from when you place your print order.


The artist’s feng shui Good Luck Buddha art prints could be the perfect gift for the home or office of your feng shui afficionado friend of family member. These feng shui Buddhas come in 4 styles–

Emerald Lotus Buddha represents enlightenment and self-acceptance, Scarlet Lotus Buddha enhances the feeling of being grounded and creative, the Emerald Mudra Buddha increases harmony and peace, Indigo Orchid Buddha awakens one’s intuition allowing in higher spiritual vibrations.

These Buddha art prints are not considered religious objects, but are viewed as images symbolizing good luck and well-being.


Other Clare Haxby limited edition fine art prints to consider for gifts, include 7 prints in her floral botanical series, 9 prints available in her Equestrian series, and 19 available prints in her Singapore Landmarks and Skylines series.

With so many colorful art prints to choose from, perhaps you’d like to give a Clare Haxby gift card instead. A gift card allows your business associate, family member, friend or loved one to choose their favorite print.

Clare Haxby gift card

Clare Haxby gift card


“I know how special it feels to open a beautifully wrapped gift and that is why I take such great care with the presentation and packaging of my Fine Art Prints, from the crisp wrapping tissue to the beautiful ribbon and cylinder packaging.Clare Haxby 



Artist Clare Haxby Celebrates the Singapore Formula Race With an Art Print GiveAway on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.52.54 PM

The Singapore F1 takes place this month from 18-20 September. Artist Clare Haxby is Celebrating Singapore’s Formula One Street Track Night Race With a Fine Art Print Give-Away on Instagram. Read more about the race and Clare’s art here  and here.

Participate in the Clare Haxby Instagram Giveaway here –>
-CH Singapore Skyline _nightscape studio portrait 72dpi


Opportunities for #Artists wishing to break into the Asian market


Artists around the world regularly contact Artist Marketing Resources for details on getting their work into the growing Asian art market. Often these artists target Tokyo Japan as their point of entry. There are other cities to consider–Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul.

Dot.N is a Seoul, Republic of Korea (aka South Korea) based online gallery and arts project planning site scheduled to launch on April 1st 2015.

They’ve invited more than 5000 artists internationally to register on the Dot.N site on April 1st and upload their art images.

Jeonghyun Lee of the Dot.N Arts Planning company said, ” Up to this point, the system looks similar to existing sites such as Behance.” Dot.N wants to establish an “artists’ online archive on a grand scale.”

When artists all over the world sign-up to the Dot.N website, they will be exhibiting and sharing their artworks with art collectors and the art buying public, as well as business enterprises, banks, hospitals, advertising agencies and web agencies who will have options to buy and use (license) artists’ digital art images. This is one way Dot.N will generate additional income for their artists.

The Dot.N Arts Planning company will advertise and promote the availability of both the digital images and the original artworks on their new site.


If you are an artist wishing to connect with gallerists and artist agents in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian cities–we have extensive contacts on our artist resources e-lists:

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Featured Artist: Clare Haxby, British Expatriate Painter In Singapore

Our regular Saturday feature presents the work of one artist, with all artworks available for purchase. Today, we are featuring the paintings and prints of British artist Clare Haxby, a long time resident of Singapore. Contact the artist via her website Clare Haxby Artist. Several of these artworks will be on display in the exhibition Singapore Landmarks at The American Club of Singapore from January 5th 2015 for 8 weeks.

Singapore Skyline, Clare Haxby, Mixed Media on Linen 244 x 122 cm, $14,150. USD

Singapore Skyline, Clare Haxby, Mixed Media on Linen 244 x 122 cm, $20,000. USD


 Raffles Hotel by Clare Haxby     Framed Artist Signed Giclee print on German Hahnemuhle 99 x 78 cm ( unframed)      Usd 370

Raffles Hotel,Clare Haxby, mixed media on linen, 122 x 122 cm $16,000 USD   Raffles Hotel Artist Signed A1 Giclee print, 99 x 78 cm ( unframed) $350 USD


Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, Clare Haxby, Mixed Media on Linen 244 x 122 cm, SGD 21,000/  $16,500 USD

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens (Triptych), Clare Haxby, mixed media on linen, 366 x 122 cm $12,570


Emerald Mudra Buddha by Clare Haxby     Acrylic on Canvas 122 x 92     Sgd 7,000

Emerald Mudra Buddha by Clare Haxby
Acrylic on Canvas 122 x 92
$5,500 USD


Singapore Flyer by The Gardens on The Bay, Clare Haxby, mixed media on Linen, 153 x 122 cm, $6,900 USD

Singapore Flyer by The Gardens on The Bay, Clare Haxby, mixed media on Linen, 153 x 122 cm, $6,900 USD


Tropical Ginger Lily by Clare Haby Mixed Media on Canvas 100 x 100 cm $3,950 USD

Tropical Ginger Lily by Clare Haxby
Mixed Media on Canvas 100 x 100 cm
$3,950 USD





Learn Figurative Encaustic In A Daily Correspondence Course

In the Fullness of Time, Encaustic painting, Richard Young

In the Fullness of Time, Encaustic painting, Richard Young

Artist Richard Young’s Encaustic Master Class

If you’re currently an abstract artist (or any other style) and want to learn figurative encaustic, Richard Young will get you started by creating a preliminary sketch on the encaustic substrate and shipping it to you. This will be a daily correspondence course at your convenience. You don’t have to be at your computer at any particular time. Over the 4 weeks, Richard says that he will, ” leave no stone unturned in the figurative encaustic process.”
There are 3 parts to the course:
  • Setting up a foundation and being able to maintain accuracy throughout the process.
  • Building on the foundation and meditation on creativity and technique.
  • Finishing touches and knowing “when” the final brush stroke is made.
Richard offers his expertise in detailed pics,videos and detailed in-depth instruction for $500 for a 4 week class. $1000 for a 4 month master class. For more details please email me, Richard Young, at  

Encaustic portrait painting by Richard Young

Pale Horse, Encaustic painting by

Pale Horse, Encaustic painting by

Artist Clare Haxby Gains Visibility Via Melbourne Cup Horse Racing and Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser

Artist Clare Haxby created, displayed and distributed her printed promotional materials at this years annual Melbourne Cup Charity Luncheon. Her contribution towards the day’s events helped raise over $16,500 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Artist Clare Haxby business cards and printed promotional materials

Clare Haxby at the Charity Fundraiser Event

Painting by Clare Haxby on display at event.

One of several paintings by Clare Haxby on display at fundraising event.

Add Ten Art Images and Your Site Link to The Creative Finder

Have you signed up for Creative Finder? It’s growing fast! More and more quality art and artists continue to join, wishing to bring clients, opportunities, art sales and increased visibility to their work.

Sign-up and add your art to the Creative Finder– here is the link:

Add ten images of your art and your website link,free,  to get visibility. Creative Finder also offers upgraded paid options with additional features.

Clare Haxby Art Show in Singapore

See our TIME OUT SINGAPORE  listing
DIRECTIONS : Kerbau Road is off Serangoon Road or Racecourse Road, via Belilios Road.
Car Park is also on Belilios Road
Singapore_map - Copy 1.jpg
Clare Haxby
Artist Painter
Mobile : +(65) 9326 5502
Email  :

Singapore: Elephant Parade art exhibit and auction

painted elephant by Sona Mizraei

On 11/11/11, a herd of over 100 brightly painted life-size elephants will swarm the streets of Singapore for two months in a colorful outdoor art exhibition called the Elephant parade. The purpose is more than decorative. Famous and emerging artists contribute hand-painted elephant statues to bring public awareness to the need for conservation of Asian elephants. In the past 100 years the Asian elephant population has decreased by 90% with fewer than 35,000 remaining in all of Asia. In Thailand there are just 4,000 elephants left, of which only 1,500 live in the wild. The Asian elephant could become extinct in a couple of decades. The Asian Elephant Foundation was founded in 2006 and gives the Elephant Parade to raise money to conserve the Asian elephant.  The first Elephant Parade was in Rotterdam in 2007, which raised nearly 250,000 Euros. Each year auction prices for the painted elephants rises. In 2008, Antwerp had Elephant Parade, in 2009 Amsterdam and Emmen had an Elephant Parade, and in 2010 London, where the top painted elephant piece sold for 155,000 pounds. This year Elephant Parade Milan, Singapore and Copenhagen. At the end of each Elephant Parade the elephants are auctioned off by a famous world class auction house, such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s. Part of all proceeds of Elephant Parade are donated to The Asian Elephant Foundation. It is Elephant Parade’s mission to become the world’s largest financial support organization for the Asian elephant, which is threatened with extinction. Hand painted elephant miniatures, books, posters and postcards are available in shops and in an online store ( By supporting Elephant Parade Singapore you play a part in saving Asian elephants.