What is the ” Micro Mecenat ” Arts Funding Platform!?

Micro Mecenat is an online platform in Japanese and English that applies the concept of micro funding to artist posted  projects.

“Mecenat” is a French word taken from Maecenas, a historic character famous for supporting artists and poets in the Roman era. Therefore a Mecenat is a sponsor or patron of the arts.

Rather than do the standard Kickstarter campaign seeking US funders your art project, try Micro Mecenat to connect with Japanese funders.

View the recently completed and funded projects featured on the Micro Mecenat site.

MINE and Future Cities: Two Calls For Artists To Submit

FUTURE CITIES – PLANNING FOR THE 90 PER CENT is an open call for visual projects in any media capable of transforming our urban spaces. Artists, photographers, architects and designers are invited to reflect on issues facing people in private and public spaces around the world, such as housing, transport, environment, leisure, overcrowding, proposing low-cost, low tech solutions to improve conditions and understanding.

Who can Submit? 
FUTURE CITIES is an international call for projects, where artists, designers, architects, urban planners, photographers and multidisciplinary teams from anywhere in the world can participate without limits of age, sex or profession open to design-related professionals, artists and non-professionals, multidisciplinary teams for low-cost, low tech interventions designed to confront critical issues about public space and infrastructure in specific contexts.

PLANNING FOR THE 90 PER CENT is an invitation to take a harder look at the real city wherever you happen to be, making time to think about the very important improvements that can be made by creative and thoughtful solutions to everyday problems.

In forty years time, seven out of the world’s nine billion inhabitants will be living in cities. Almost half will be living in non-formal accommodation. The need to improve the metropolis by designing for conditions and environments considered emergency situations is now urgent and necessary.

Ten projects will be selected for exhibition during the upcoming XIII Architecture Biennial and will be presented in the Magazzini del Sale – Punta della Dogana, Venice, from 27 August to 1 September 2012 during the XIII Architecture Biennial in Venice.


MINE is an international call for artistic projects, curated by Jacopo Perfetti, which investigates the theme of Self as a motor of shock and change in our society.

“Contemporary art cannot overlook it’s irreverent, surging, irritating, unrepeatable, irregular, irrational, and busting nature which makes it, first of all, a living and vibrating entity, present in the streets, and above all among people. Art is not made just to be seen, but to be lived and participated. If art could speak, as is often the case, only with art-world people, it would lose its sense of being. Art is a huge explosion of self which affects everyone. A shock within the system. The only true form of global revolution. Because art belongs to everyone and is for everyone. The Dadaists said that in art the rules are like medicine, to believe this one has to be ill. I agree, we cannot put rules on the right of every human being to express his ‘self’ through art. I believe in art and in the revolutionary potential of an artist. The use of the word ‘MINE’, in English refers to the personal mine-me, the very essence of a person, his or her private self, the only really own. And ‘MINE’ in Italian refers to a land or seamine, a metaphor for the explosive personality of an artist as ungovernable as it is visionary. Because this is the true essence of an artist. His or her deep sensitivity. An artist is like a doorway which opens and sees before anyone else the depth of things and is able to explain them to the masses so as everyone can open their eyes. It’s not possible to be a part-time artist. The essence of being an artist is something which irradiates life as a whole without alternatives. An artist is not a product of himself or herself. An artist is being one’s own very life. An artist is always himself. If one thinks of an artist such as Salvador Dalì, his life can be compared to a slap in the face of daily life, a continuous celebration of himself and his world. The strength with which he mocked bourgeois society, which venerated him like a god, while he dirtied a sheet with pen and black acrylic is the synthesis of genius. An arrogant genius, and for this very reason, total, without limits, with a power to cross every institution, every commonplace. To challenge oneself without compromises with the future as one’s only conviction, to paraphrase The Clash or there will be glory or there will be death.

It is through the eccentric personality of an artist that art will return to play out its most important role. To communicate. To surprise. To shock. Because to shock is one of contemporary art’s most current concepts. A key theme to understand the dynamics which dictated the paradigms from Warhol to Hirst. The shark in formaldehyde by Hirst was created to shock. The images of prostitutes in Teheran by the Iranian artist Shirin Fakhim were made to shock. Catellan’s boy with a drum, the gigantic sculptures by Ron Mueck or the perverse works by the American artist Paul McCarthy or by the Chapman Brothers, are created to shock. To have the courage to use one’s sensitivity to change the world! Govern one’s own Explosion of Self. What better moment than this to do so. I am convinced, and I write with more of an economist’s bent than a curator’s, that the world, as we know it today, can be more easily saved by a work of art than by the nth financial budget. Capitalism has exhausted itself, the Big Other of politics and religion has abandoned us some years now, what remains is culture and its immense revolutionary power. Man does not, unfortunately, appear to have learned anything from the past. On one side of the world pieces of a wall are kept as fetishes reminding one of a shameful history, which we swear will never happen again, while on the other side of the world even higher walls are being built as though the lessons of history have simply broken-up before the arrogance of today. Its only by looking at the future that man can learn to change the present. And only artists have the necessary folly to see into the future. To conclude, with a citation from The Warriors by Walter Hill, “if you are an artist come out and play because this is your moment”.

In this call I expect to review artistic projects which are capable of slapping everyday life. I expect ideas before objects. A work of art is not an object. A work of art is a thought. A thought which can be translated into a painting on canvas as much as in a performance, a video or an installation. What is important is that art is not emptied of it’s very artistic essence. The concept that generates it. I ask you not to simply send me a work, but also a brief text explaining your thoughts behind it, and why you created it. In making my selections I will not lend so much importance to its aesthetic values, rather its value as a public work, its ability to communicate with everyone and place itself within people’s daily lives triggering thoughts and reflections.”   By Jacopo Perfetti

View works submitted to date, and submit your own art here.