Artists: Offer Your Buyers Something New, Create an Edition of Prints on Wood

Create an edition of Prints on Wood to offer buyers a new options to own your work. No frame required, ready to hang. Each work is unique due to woodgrain details.

Prints on Wood

SOLD! Limited Edition Print in Amazon dot com Art-Only Store

Today we sold one print from the print edition on paper by artist Terry Luc. The print is titled America 1, and you can view and purchase this print on Amazon via this link:

America 1, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

In addition to America 1, the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store  offers other limited edition prints by Terry Luc.

Natalie Woodpecker, limited edition print by Terry Luc

Fire Eater, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

Natalie Woodpecker by Terry Luc–you can view and buy this print on Amazon dot com via this link:

Fire Eater by Terry Luc

Lemma Peel, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

Print on Paper: Lemma Peel by Terry Luc

Temptation by Terry Luc

Temptation, by Terry Luc, limited edition prints available on Amazon

Golden Arrow by Terry Luc

Golden Arrow, Terry Luc

Silent Sphinx by Terry Luc

Silent Sphinx, limited edition print on paper by Terry Luc

Not pictured: Rumsfeld (aka Redrum) print by Terry Luc–view it on Amazon via this link:

Art on Amazon–A Google+ Public Page

(please ignore this verification code: {EAV:f3a728645d545cb0}) If you like using Google+ you may have noticed the option to create a *page* and make it *public* to all Google+ users. Yesterday, I created a Google+ page for the Transmedia Artist Amazon store. I named this Google+ page Art on Amazon.

I used the Artists on Amazon logo above, but simplified the page name to Art on Amazon to bring more people interested in art to the page. This new Google+ page is more than just a static profile page. I will continue to post items to a stream from this page and encourage artists selling in the store to do so as well.  I have already added several items listed in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store. Visitors may comment on these and other  posts.

The Art on Amazon Google+ page is a great place for artists selling in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store to post more about their art and interact with buyers. For instance, artists may share details and behind the scenes details and photos about the making of an artwork, or share photos from an art exhibition, and more. This will help bring interest and buyers. I plan to post to the Art on Amazon Google+ page daily, and would like to see store artists post as well.

All are welcome to the Art on Amazon Google+ page.

New Art Print in Our Amazon Store: Sneaker Dog by Jerry Gonzalez

We just added a new print edition to the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro StoreSneaker Dog  by Jerry Gonzalez. Sneaker Dog is printed on 11 x 14 Textured Fine Art 310g paper and retails for $30.00

Sneaker Dog, by Jerry Gonzalez

Artists: Store Reviewing LOVE / Valentines Day Art

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

Image via Wikipedia


Do you create love themed art?

The Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store at is reviewing Valentines Day art to add as new listings in the store.

The store currently lists original paintings, Giclee prints on canvas, limited Giclee prints on paper, digital art, and digital art prints, limited edition posters, and other print editions.

We would like to add more original fine art paintings and fine art prints, Giclee prints and posters, in any style, that we can promote and sell as gift art appropriate for the upcoming Valentines Day February 14th 2012 buying season.


If you create love themed art, and would like us to review your website or online portfolio, then submit your name and link using the form below:

Special Offer! Free Limited Edition Art Book When You Purchase A Print AND Free 2 Day Shipping!

You will receive a copy of William Phelps Montgomery  limited edition print book of his art images free with each print purchased in the Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store  . Plus  for a limited time get free expedited shipping! Choose from 15 ready to hang limited edition Digital Art Prints laminated to museum grade plexiglass. All prints made on Lambda printers at PC Colour Lab, Los Angles, California, USA.

Bookcover for William Phelps Montgomery's book of his digital fine art

Rusty Forest, by William Phelps Montgomery

Click here to purchase Rusty Forest 

To the Point, by William Phelps Montgomery

To the Point 

Metallic Screen 6, by William Phelps Montgomery

Metallic Screen #6


Untitled #23, William Phelps Montgomery, limited edition Lambda print laminated to plexiglass

Untitled #23 


String Cheese, William Phelps Montgomery

 String Cheese 2 


Untitled 136, by William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #136

Untitled 59, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #59 


Untitled 121, William Phelps Montgomery

Untitled #121 


Untitled 24, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #24 


Untitled 12, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #12 


Untitled 70, William Phelps Montgomery

 Click here to purchase on Amazon: Untitled #70 


Untitled 61, WIlliam Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #61


Untitled 106, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #106 


Untitled 15, William Phelps Montgomery

 Untitled #15 

Untitled 20, WIlliam Phelps Montgomery

Untitled #20

Art For Sale

Buy one of a kind and limited edition artist paintings and prints in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

fugue 5 op 91, painting on canvas by Marta Lowndes

Kill Me In The Comments, digital art by Grase Migel

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio, Limited edition Giclee print on paper

3 New Limited Edition Giclee Prints From *People Sitting* Series by Milan Rubio

People Sitting #010, by Milan Rubio

We are pleased to offer three new limited edition Giclee prints on  Hahnemühle William Turner 310 fine art paper (with double UV protection) by artist Milan Rubio, now in the Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store.

Sitting People #010 by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #015, by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #015 by Milan Rubio is offered in a hand-signed and numbered limited edition on

Sitting People #07, by Milan Rubio

Sitting People #07 by Milan Rubio

All print purchases include a certificate of authenticity.

Tweet Exchange


Image by chrisinplymouth via Flickr

My Twitter account @Artozon (Artists on Amazon) for my Amazon store has over 8,000 Twitter followers. Recently, I was offered $6+USD per Tweet to send out sponsored Tweets. This gave me the idea to do a Tweet exchange.

To take part in the Tweet exchange:

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I will follow back.

Send me your Tweet of 140 characters or fewer, and I will Tweet it. Either leave your Tweet below in a comment or email it to:

Tweet one of my 3 Tweets:

Limited edition #Giclee #art #Print – Cotton Candy Skies by William Basciani #buy on @amazon

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray #Poster  easy to buy on Amazon

Digital #Art #Print  Metallic Screen #6  limited edition made @ PC Colour Lab, LA, CA, USA

New in Amazon Artist Store: 6 Giclee Prints by William Basciani

The William Basciani painting skill and style now available in limited edition Giclee prints

Cotton Candy Skies, William Basciani

Cotton Candy Skies, the artist describes as “image with Nutcracker and blue & pink skies”– a Giclee print 18 x 20.5 inches: $300.00

Summer of 98, William Basciani

There are 48 Giclee prints left of this “Fireworks Painting”

Flagship, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper: Flagship by William Basciani

His Studio, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: His Studio by William Basciani

Reserved, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Reserved by William Basciani

Flowering Fantasia, William Basciani

Giclee Print on Paper, title: Flowering Fantasia by William Basciani