Crowdfunding Resources: SchmoozBiz! + CrowdFunding Backers + Crowdfunding Reviews


Last month we shared our list of 50 Crowdfunding sites for Artists here, so you have plenty of to choose from.

Before launching your crowdfunding campaign you can start expanding your social reach by joining LinkedIn groups and by growing your Facebook and Twitter followers.

Once you have launched your crowdfunding campaign you can find backers and supporters on a new platform called SchmoozBiz! and in the new LinkedIN groups CrowdFunding Backers and Crowdfunding Reviews!

Sign up to ShmoozBiz! and start making requests to friend others within the community. The site has a lot of interesting features, including forums and a marketplace which are all free.

Managing a crowdfunding campaign is a lot of work. But, now we are seeing more groups, forums and platforms where you are welcome to promote your campaign.

If you know of others, please feel free to share in a comment. Thanks!