Use Discount code: endofsummer to get $10 off International Art Gallery Directory


Use Discount code: endofsummer
to get $10 off when you buy the International Art Gallery Directory

Plans for Promoting Your Art in the New Year



Maybe you’re feeling a bit rusty after taking time off during the holiday season and now you’re eager to reset and restarted in the new year with new ideas and new plans for your art. Many people have mixed feelings right now–during the first week or two of a new year–and you may too. Some may feel eager and optimistic, even wistfully hopeful for the months ahead, while others tend to be more earth-bound in their expectations.

Right now could be a good time for a reality check and a little tough love, especially when it comes to where and how best to place your efforts when it comes to promoting your art.

Here are some thoughts on getting off to a good start in 2017!



So you want more visibility for your work in 2017! Great goal! How do you spend your time wisely to reach your goals?

While, yes, there are plenty of art magazines and blogs that will feature your work at no cost,  do you really know how and where to find all the best opportunities for your work? And, by the way, what is the best way to show your art to magazine editors? How many art galleries accepting submissions could you find on your own and how long would it take you and at what cost? What valuable opportunities are you missing out on in the meantime?

Plan to use your money and time wisely and effectively in 2017 

The internet has powerful search tools that cost you little more than your time, the cost of a computer, and the price of an internet connection. But, is spending hours and hours of your time searching online wearing you down and discouraging you? It can get pretty dull day after day, and confusing–just how do you organize what you’ve found?

The True Costs

Have you really calculated how much an hour of your time is worth and then multiplied your hourly worth and expenses by the total number of hours spent searching? Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time making more art and getting it out to the best opportunities as quickly as possible? Also the time you spend searching online may be time better spent developing your pitch and actually getting your CV, Artist Statement and artwork images out to be viewed and reviewed.

And how about your jpeg images — are they professionally labeled for submissions? That alone can take hours of your time.

We’ve understood all of these things for a very long time! Artist Marketing Resources recently celebrated its 8 year anniversary providing artists with information resources and opportunities. That’s right, we’ve spent the past eight years compiling valuable resources for artists, working with artists, and helping artists understand how best to present their work.

Now here’s where the reality check and tough love come in.

Why do what others have already done and are making available to you?

If you really think that you can go online and find hundreds and even thousands of opportunities for your art in an afternoon or two of online searching then you are just not being realistic. You couldn’t get that accomplished in weeks or months even. You may not be spending your time productively. You may be caught up in what is known as busy work. You work hard every day but you are just not sure that you are engaged in the right efforts to reach your goals. By not calculating your true cost in time and total long-term expenses you may be spending your time, energy, and resources where they are least effective. How many valuable opportunities are you missing out on while placing your efforts in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Don’t re-do thousands of hours!

We’ve already spent thousands of hours doing the research for you and we want to share that information, to help you. We want you to put your valuable time and other resources toward your creative work. We’ve already spent thousands of hours organizing resources to help you cut back on your expenses. Don’t repeat our efforts!

Calculate Your True Costs

Realistically, why not calculate what an hour of your time is worth–give yourself  an hourly salary amount of $25-35, and add your hourly internet connection cost + the cost of computer use + overhead + utilities. That’s how any business calculates their expenses.

( If you are not familiar with the term overhead–it’s just that–how much does it cost for you to use the space, or to have the roof over your head,  while you use your computer and do your research? That includes calculating the square footage of your office space, and the corresponding  percentage amount of your rent or mortgage payment, insurance, property taxes, utilities, furniture, equipment and any other expense involved for you to use that space.)

If you can immediately cut those expenses and research time down to a fraction, wouldn’t you do that?

That’s what we are offering you.

We’re sharing thousands of hours of research at a fraction of the cost of to you and at a fraction of what others would charge if they had our resources.  Yes, we’ve been told that an e-list sold by others for $150 only contains listings for art galleries in one country–Italy.

Our e-list of art galleries is a fraction of the price and contains extensive galleries listings within all 50 states in the US and extensive listings of art galleries in countries Internationally. Plus our e-list resource contains gallery submission guidelines and policies–highlighted in red so they are easy to find. Our art gallery e-list consists of over 560 pages and approximately 10, 000 art gallery listings.

We also offer an extensive resource e-list of art licensing companies and their submission guidelines, a resource e-list of art magazines and publishers, other of our resource e-lists feature print sales opportunities, photography agents and sales venues, and another on art consultants. And if you need help with your submissions we have an ebook guide, and offer one-on-one services.

Again the question we asked at the outset–How many art galleries accepting submissions could you find on your own and how long would it take you and at what cost? What valuable opportunities are you missing out on in the meantime? Plan to use your money and time wisely and effectively in 2017 by letting us help you.



If you’d like to contact use, please use this form:

Open Call for National / International Artists and Other Opportunities


Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio, Texas has several gallery spaces , project spaces, and arts programs.

Blue Star Contemporary will have an Open Call in January 2017 for 4 artists for their 3 month Berlin Residency –find details here. They are also exhibiting artists, now and into 2019, in a major city airport–find out more here.

The Blue Star Contemporary open call for National & International Artists invites you to submit a portfolio of your work to be considered for exhibition opportunities–the next call will open in the Spring of 2017.  Blue Star exhibitions are curated from the pool of the top 10% of artists who submit their work.

To find out more about the many programs of Blue Star Contemporary Art Center click here.

Blue Star Open Call Opportunities for Artists here.

Submission Guidelines here.

Plan ahead in 2017. Keep up with thousands of opportunities in our International Art Gallery Directory e-list. In this e-list we’ve color highlighted art galleries accepting submissions and have added their submission guidelines and links to their guidelines for artists to review. If you are an artist you can quickly locate more opportunities for their art in the International Art Gallery Directory e-list available here and here.

Gallery Accepts Submissions for Solo and Collaborative Group Exhibits

 Portrait of a gray duck | by Tambako the Jaguar

Portrait of a gray duck | by Tambako the Jaguar


There are so many art galleries accepting submissions! We’re giving you just a small sampling from our  International Art Gallery Directory of over nine thousand art galleries.  We’ve been working on this e-list for years and it has now reached over 550+ pages. This November and December we’ve reviewed the entire list checking every link and all details to be sure that you have access to the latest information. This is a great resource that we want artists to use. In our International Art Gallery Directory e-list  we’ve color highlighted art galleries accepting submissions and added their submission guidelines for artists to quickly locate more opportunities for their art. Get the International Art Gallery Directory e-list here and here.

The same day that she purchased the International Art Gallery Directory, November 2016, an artist wrote to me:
“Marie, and I had a quick look in the iCloud version – this is a wonderful resource, very, very impressive.”   Marilyn Green, artist

Today, we’re sharing this art gallery from our e-list resources — Gray Duck Gallery in Austin, Texas. If you are in artist in the Texas region, or would like to travel there,  you might consider submitting a solo or group exhibition project proposal to Grey Duck Gallery.

Gray Duck Gallery accepts submissions for solo and collaborative group exhibits. Curatorial proposals are also accepted. Works in any media by artists at various stages in their career will be considered.

Please note that they are now accepting submissions only via email in .jpg (JPEG), .pdf, (Acrobat), or pps, (PowerPoint) formats. Include 5-10 digital images along with resume/CV, artist statement and website link. Read the full gallery submission guidelines here.

Get our International Art Gallery Directory of over nine thousand art galleries– here and here


Art Galleries Shift From Once-A-Year Calls To Accepting #Artist Submissions Year-Round

Yesterday, we posted here on how New York art galleries have begun to accept artist submissions on an ongoing basis.

As we double checking and triple checking every link in each gallery listing in our International Art Gallery Directory of over five thousand galleries–available here and here–we’re discovering more and more updated art gallery submission guidelines adopting this “more fluid” artist submission policy.

Here is another–

Art in General in New York City, writes–  “Responding to the current state of artistic and curatorial practice, Art in General’s Open Call has shifted from its once-a-year online deadline to a more fluid model of receiving and reviewing artists’ work. Artists are encouraged to submit project proposals at any point throughout the year.” Proposals are accepted via email –read the full submission details here.


For more opportunities get our International Art Gallery Directory of over five thousand galleries–available here and here.

3D Artists: 3 Calls–Cups, Contemporary Clay Figurative Sculpture and more

The Baltimore Clayworks Gallery & Shop has 3 Calls for artist submissions–

Call for Entries

Find more opportunities on the International Art Gallery list PDF  and the 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list

Your Submission has been Published!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.39.35 AM

Yesterday, I woke especially early and checked my email to find — Your Submission has been published!

That was a pleasant surprise but not completely unexpected, since I felt that I had submitted the right artwork to the right venue. (Check my blog here to find out who published my art.)

If you haven’t been submitting your art to publications such as blogs and online magazine and journals, the only trick is in selecting and submitting the right work! It’s really that simple. With more submissions made, you will get to know who is likely to accept what you submit.

To help assist artists, Artist Marketing Resources has compiled a gratis PDF list of Art Magazines, blogs, and other publications. Get it free here.

Landescape 2013 – International Call For Artists – Third Edition

LandEscape is launching the third edition of “LandEscape Now!”, an international competition, which introduces twelve artworks by twelve international artists working in various fine arts disciplines.

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support contemporary creation worldwide through the advertising of works of art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meaning of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. This will be a recurring theme but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

– Photography
– Painting
– Video
– Interactive art installations
– Audio / Sound
– Body art
– Sculpture
– Spoken Word

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals who are at least 18 years old, from any country: selected works will be published in the next issue of our art review.

Submission guidelines

Prospecting participants must submit an artist’s statement (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV)
The statement may include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation.
Submissions should be written in English.
The abstract must be submitted as PDF (or RTF / DOCX document) to

LandEscape submission does not require entry fee, but selected works will be asked for a symbolic contribution which includes publication on the next issue of LandEscape Art Review with a personal interview.

Deadline: Monday July 8th, 2013



DEADLINE: June 17, 2013

The In Practice program supports emerging and under-represented artists in creating new work for presentation at SculptureCenter. We are currently inviting artists to submit proposals for new projects to be presented during the 2014 season. Artists selected for the In Practice program will receive a $250 honoraria and up to $1500 in production support. The level of production support will depend on the scope of accepted works and available funding.

During 2013-2014, SculptureCenter will be undergoing extensive building renovations. We are taking this opportunity to encourage artists to propose projects outside of the confines of traditional exhibition formats. Please note, the lower level galleries will be unavailable during this time. The main space and Gallery B on the upper level may be considered for short-term, temporary presentations of performance, audio, film and video works. Publication projects, proposals for the website, public works, the building exterior, and interventions into other parts of the city are also welcome for this year’s In Practice open call. Artists are encouraged to experiment with unconventional display and exhibition formats.

SculptureCenter seeks proposals that offer new ways of considering sculpture or furthering the understanding of the discipline and how it can intersect with other mediums. Proposals will be reviewed relative to the following criteria:

– Quality of the proposal and prior work
– Responsiveness to the site and the specific context of SculptureCenter
– Feasibility of the project

SculptureCenter staff and advisors will conduct a preliminary review of proposals. A limited number of artists will be contacted for further information and/or studio visits during the fall. Submitting artists will be notified by email by September 30, 2013. No calls please.

To be considered, please go to the SculptureCenter website and fill out the application by 11:59pm on June 17, 2013. Please note that we are not accepting submissions by mail, drop off, or email. We strongly recommend that you review the below list of required information in advance, complete a separate document offline, and copy your finalized responses into the online fields.

IMPORTANT: Your application must be submitted through our website by 11:59pm on June 17, 2013. We strongly recommend that the application be completed online several days in advance of the deadline, as we anticipate high volume on our server on the night of June 17th.

Questions? Please read the FAQ below! If you feel you have a question that is not addressed, email us at inpractice @

View the Open Call as a PDF here.

Submission Guidelines (continue below)

The online form will ask for the following information:

Contact information


Artist statement

Project proposal
In your proposal, please describe how the images you are submitting relate to the proposed project (i.e. related prior work, work in progress, etc.)

Project proposed budget
This may be preliminary but must be realistic. Artists selected for the In Practice program will receive a $250 honoraria and up to $1500 in production support. The level of production support depends on the scope of accepted works and available funding.

Work samples
Work samples may be of the work proposed and/or of prior work that relates to the proposal. You may include up to 15 total images and 5 video or audio links.

Images: Uploaded JPEGS MUST be named as follows: Lastname_Firstname_Number.jpg (example: Duchamp_Marcel_01.jpg). Images should be no larger than 800 pixels x 800 pixels, at 72 dpi. Images that are formatted incorrectly may not be reviewed.

Video/Audio: Video or audio work samples must be online so that you can provide a link to view it.

Work sample captions
Each image and/or link to a video/audio work should provide title, date, media, dimensions, and any relevant descriptive information for each submitted sample.

FAQ for In Practice

Can I hand deliver, mail, or email my application?
No. All applications must be submitted using our online submission system. We are unable to accept email or paper submissions.

Does the online application have to be completed in one sitting?
Yes. You cannot save your work to return to at a later time. It is recommended you complete your answers in another document before you begin the application, and copy them into the provided fields.

Do I need to put the image caption in the actual jpeg?
There is a field for each image caption that corresponds to the image uploaded.

When I review my submission, should I be able to see the images I submitted?
No – the system will show just the names of the files and the captions.

What is the character count limit for the artist statement field of the online application form?
The artist statement field is limited to 1,250 characters.

What is the character count limit for the project proposal field of the online application form?
The project proposal field is limited to 3,000 characters.

Do the character counts include spaces and line breaks?
Yes – all characters including spaces and returns count.

What are the specifications for submitting JPEG files? How will they be viewed?
JPEGS must be named as follows: Lastname_Firstname_Number.jpg (example: Duchamp_Marcel_01.jpg). Images should be no larger than 800 pixels x 800 pixels, at 72 dpi. Images that are formatted incorrectly may not be reviewed. Images will be viewed both on a computer monitor and also projected through a video projector.

Can I submit a combination of past work and proposal images for my work samples?
Yes, whatever combination you like, up to 15 total images.

What spaces are available for proposals?
The lower level galleries — where most In Practice projects have taken place in the past — will be closed for renovation in 2014. So this year’s RFP focuses on non-traditional exhibition formats. Performances, video screenings and other event based work will be presented on the ground floor in the main gallery or the smaller white box. SC’s website, building exterior, and projects outside the confines of the building will all be considered and are encouraged.

May I submit a proposal for the SculptureCenter restrooms?
The restrooms are open for proposals.

May I submit more than one proposal?
The panel will review one proposal from each artist or artist team.

May I specify alternate locations for my proposed project?

Is the open call limited to New York-based artists only?
Artists from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply, although the budget does not provide for travel, housing, or accommodation costs.

Can I apply as part of a collaboration or artist team?
Yes. Please designate one mailing and one email address.

What are the dates of the In Practice exhibitions?
Projects will be presented throughout 2014.

How long will I have to install?
Although the exact dates have not yet been determined, it is likely you will have between 1-5 days to install and/or rehearse, subject to discussion with the staff and depending on the organization’s schedule and the needs of selected projects.


Open Call For Submission To Touch.My.Prints Issue01

Call for Submissions 

Virtual Connection 

The publication

Touch.My.Prints seeks image based works, essays, virtual sculptures, and video based works on the topics of death, isolation, love, loss, tragedy, betrayal, friendship, etc of and by players and characters in video games.

T.M.P is interested in the lives of NPCs (Non-Player Character) and our interactions with them.

Submission Deadline is April 1, 2013

Touch.My.Prints is a digital publication project by Aaron Brumbelow showcasing photography, time based works, virtual sculptures, and essays. T.M.P explores aspects of virtual spaces through the lens of photographic and new media theory. We look at our relationships with the landscapes of online video games. We explore our personal connections with Google Street View. We embrace a virtual romanticism.


Please only submit 1-3 images, 1-2 writings, 1 video per issue 


Please submit files at 300 dpi, with the longest side being 10 inches, 8-bit and as a JPEG. 

File Name would be Doe_Jane_01.jpeg 

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information. 

Title, Year Produced
Medium (i.e. Screenshot / Digital Photograph / Digital Collage) 
Source (Which game or program was the original source) 
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a RTF file. 

Essays should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 2000. 

Carefully copy edit your work before submitting. 

File Name would be Doe_Jane_01.rtf

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information. 

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc) 


Please submit a link to your Vimeo or Youtube

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information. 

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Call For Artist: Bilo Tree Show and Sale Williamsburg Deadline June 7

The Bilo Tree is a pop-up art gallery concept and three-day event, June 22nd – 24th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.  The gallery aims to be the first evolving exhibition space of its kind by configuring its physical form to meet the requirements of the art during its exhibition period. The Bilo Tree will morph, contract, and expand depending on the kind of art in which it exhibits. There will also be a community mentorship program that allows developing artists to work directly with the curators to refine and grow their body of work. Local artists can also volunteer time at the gallery in exchange for space, mentorship, and an opportunity to sell their work in the storefront. They are accepting artist and designers submissions until June 7th, 2012, if you would like to be included in the show please write for more details. For more info please contact: Sheena Medina, Chrissy Reilly or Dan Peluso E-mail:

Or visit the site <> and click on *SUBMIT* to read the full submission guidelines.

Submit Your Art



I initially visited the BOOOOOOM site to view the amazing abstract paintings of Reed Danziger, and while there noticed the Submit! button at upper right. So decided to share so you can  submit your art to BOOOOOOOM!   The BOOOOOOOM blog is currently averaging over 3 million views each month. Submit to get some visibility!


MEAT FOR TEA is an art and literary print publication. Editor Elizabeth MacDuffie repined some of my art images on Pinterest along with a comment inviting me to submit. So, I got my jpegs sized to submission guidelines and got them in a couple of days later. (How many artists put opportunities off for various reasons until weeks, months, years(!?) go by? I like to clear my thoughts and my to-do list ASAP).

Open Calls for Artists to Submit

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 16th Annual Juried Artist Exhibition, Deadline June 15th–find the submission guidelines here .

12th International Poster Competition, Mexico (no entry fee)

 Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants for painters and sculptors has an open application process for individual artist grants, so you can apply anytime via online application here.

Artist Marketing Resources has long recommended that artist make ten submission per week!   Don’t know how?  Don’t have time?**  Don’t have the resources? Here is an important tip: you do not have to wait for calls to submit. Send you work to thousands of companies, consultants, curators, art publishers, interior designers, retail sellers, and more who purchase and exhibit art internationally. Artist Marketing Resources provides artists with valuable resource lists of live links and email addresses that will save you thousands of hours on research alone. Not sure how to craft your first email contact? Our e-book guide for artists that tells you how. (Ebook also available on Amazon Kindle here and Smashwords here ).

** We also offer services to help artists. Email Marie Kazalia email:   for details.

New: Calls + Opportunities for Artists

ZKU will open its doors for residents in June 2012. Located in a former railway depot surrounded by a newly landscaped public park



ZK/U Berlin
Siemensstrasse, 27-49
10551 Berlin

ZKU (Zentrum fuer Kunst und Urbanistik / Center for Art and Urbanistics) announces its first OPEN CALL for residencies in Berlin for artists, scholars and practitioners (curators, activists, autodidacts etc.) interested in cross-disciplinary theory and practice dealing with the city.

ZKU has been founded by parts of Berlin-based artists‘ collective KUNSTrePUBLIK, offering residencies for artistic practice at the interface of urban research.

Please check out the website


Open Network, will focus on the new ways art bypasses the middlemen of yesterday (gallerists, museums, and critics) and goes straight to the users of today, who in turn are able to reply immediately. And through this concept Cirrus is holding an open call for submissions that extends to visual artists in all forms and media and writers interested in developing catalogue essays for its past exhibitions.

Open Network runs from March 10th to May 5th 2012

Cirrus Gallery
542 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Cirrus History:
Print visionary Jean Milant founded Cirrus Editions and Cirrus Gallery, originally located in Hollywood, in January 1970.


Nectar Magazine is a fine art publication that is currently looking for submissions for the theme “Most of Us Die.” All styles of art and writing accepted.

Deadline is June 1, 2012   visit for submission guidelines.

Submission is free! Nectar Magazine is produced by the Sante Fe University of Art & Design in New Mexico, USA

Online Gallery Gray 24/7 365

@GalleryGray began following me on Twitter this morning. I took a look at their Twitter profile and yes, I followed them back. This out of the ordinary online gallery  site seems more like one for an upscale brick and mortar gallery.

Visit Gallery Gray ( to view the July  solo exhibit of paintings by Ellen Siebers.

The online Gallery Gray accepts artist submissions for Solo and Group Shows. Click the *contact* tab on the site for full submission guidelines.

Southern California Gallery Accepting Email Submissions from Artists

Free twitter badge

Image via Wikipedia

Artist email submissions are becoming standard. Usually the gallerist who say they don’t like email submissions are the ones who receive hundred or even thousands of unsolicited artist submissions each week. But, I expect to see more of the smaller galleries putting out calls for artist to submit with submission guidelines requesting email submissions only. I have noted that more galleries post a *Submissions* heading their gallery website, that  list their submission guidelines and email address.

Also, lots of calls to submit links show up on Twitter. I just re-tweeted this call–follow me on Twitter @TransArtGuide

So I thought I’d share it here too:

This gallery is accepting email submissions. All the details here:

There are two galleries in San Francisco with open calls to submit. One is online and brick and mortar and the other a physical gallery only. Both are listed in my share list of several hundred galleries (I don’t recall the names of these galleries at the moment). But If you’d like to get into more gallery submissions, here is a link to my Gallery Share List:

Graphic Design Envy ———-Call For Art

The people at Graphic Design Envy asked me to post this for them:

Call For Art…seeking out artist’s, designers, and photographers who are
interested in submitting their works inspired by environmental issues and
social causes. We want to know the story behind your work. We are offering
you a chance to market your work at no cost to you! You can receive the
submission guidelines and learn more about our new online art magazine by
subscribing to our Newsletter here: