Yesterday, I posted about the art site eatsleepdraw. While viewing art on eatsleepdraw, I noted repeated references to ArtSnacks, an art supply subscription service. Artists love art materials but perhaps hate the hours spent in art supply stores or online suppliers sites searching for just the right tool.  ArtSnacks feeds that love of the hunt but helps you cut down on time waste with monthly sampling of artist materials

. How clever! ArtSnacks subscription service delivers art supplies to your studio door!

Normally, I receive offers of blog posts in exchange for art products, but this time I bypassed that and went ahead and subscribed to ArtSnacks.

Success! Thanks so much for subscribing to ArtSnacks!

Here are some questions you might have:

I just signed up for a ArtSnacks subscription – what will I receive?

Each month you’ll receive a box full of 4-5 art products to enjoy. Each box will include a different mix of goodies like pens, pencils, markers, inks, brushes, paints, and more.

When will I get my first ArtSnacks box?

If you signed up before the cutoff date (the 20th of each month) you’ll receive your ArtSnacks this month! We ship ArtSnacks on the 1st of each month and you can see details on shipping below. If you signed up after the 20th, you’ll receive your first box next month – and we promise it will be worth the wait ūüôā

When will my ArtSnacks ship?

ArtSnacks are sent every month, like clockwork. We’ll start sending out boxes on the 25th(ish) of each month.

Will you tell me what is coming in my box ahead of time? Can I choose?

No, we won’t tell you, we like surprises. But we definitely want to know if you have ideas for future boxes. Send us an email with a link to a cool art product and well consider it for the future.

Whats your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription via the account page at any time. To cancel your subscription, just login to your account, click on Manage Membership and hit Delete Account. You will still receive the ArtSnacks you have already paid for but your subscription will not be renewed the next time it expires.

For any other questions, or to get in contact with us, please feel free to email us directly at

Art Butler + Try Selling You Art in Subscriptions?! +

Limited edition three-dimensional album cover

Limited edition three-dimensional album cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Need to get better organized to increase your sales? Art Butler is a software to organize your art. Art Butler turns ten years old this month and offers 50% off their regular prices as part of their anniversary celebration.

Need an innovative idea to make regular quarterly sales of your art? Try setting up a subscription service on your website,¬†in a way that is similar to a quarterly magazine subscription, except buyers subscribe to receive one of your limited edition artworks quarterly. ¬†Spaces, an alternative exhibition space in Cleveland Ohio, has sent up such a subscription service. Review their ¬†Quarter Art¬†program as¬†an example for you to follow and adapt to your needs. At Space an annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 ‚Äď $150 per limited edition art object by some of the¬†artists they represent,¬†including:¬†Aaron Koehn,¬†Sarah Kabot,¬†Lorri Ott¬†and¬†Michael Loderstedt. At Spaces an annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 ‚Äď $150 per limited edition art object.¬†Subscribers quarterly art objects may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional or digital. Subscribers do not receive an image of the specific object in advance. The surprise is part of the fun for subscribers.

Signed up for to discover art from over 250 of the world’s leading galleries and museums.

Free Subscription offer

News Release:
Free Subscription to Huge Art Opps List Now Available

Please publish, post or forward this news release. It is being sent to organizations and individuals that provide information to artists.

NEWS from Art Opportunities Monthly

For immediate release, Dec. 10, 2010

Art Opportunities Monthly is now providing a completely free version of their highly acclaimed opportunities list for visual artists. The new AOM Free is the largest free list available anywhere. Each entry is veted to eliminate the scams and the for-profit soak-the-artist schemes that flood other lists and sites.

Artists may subscribe by using this link:


There is no obligation and subscribers will have complete privacy. Names, email addresses are never sold, rented or otherwise divulged to outsiders.
Each issue of AOM Free contains 250-350 carefully screened and condensed entries, delivered as a PDF directly to each subscriber’s email address. There are no passwords or URLs to remember.¬†Each issue may be read with Adobe Reader or other such free programs or may be printed in part or in whole. Each email and URL is hot, so the user can send an email or go right to the prospectus for more information or to apply. There is also a sophisticated search system to find listings by media, geographic area or terms such as “grant” or “no entry fee.” 

Each listing in the AOM Free Edition is exactly the same as in Premium Edition  but Premium subscribers receive even more of them, get them earlier and are given several special bonuses and privileges (see below).*
Publisher Benny Shaboy said, “While the Premium Edition is aimed at¬†professional artists or those who want to be, we hope to make the Free Edition of AOM¬†available to everyone. We think it is an excellent tool for the artist who currently has limited time for production and promotion but who wants to keep an eye out for legitimate juried shows, grants, residencies and other sources of support outside the commercial gallery system.”
For more information, contact
*Premium subscribers get an additional fresh 200 listings each month, plus a bonus list of about 160 open- and repeating-deadline opps, an image page and a thumbnail in the AOM Gallery, a link to their site from AOM site, the chance to have an image of their work in AOM, even on the cover, full support for any questions or problems and a 100% money-back guarantee. The Premium Edition is  $25/year (see  subscription info).