Call for Submissions: 100 Artist Books Exhibition

KALEID 2013 London // Saturday 20th July 2013


KALEID 2013 London will exhibit one hundred artists’ books, focusing on the form of the book as an interdisciplinary activity; combining visual arts with new technology, contemporary ideas and traditional book arts. They encourage artists practising in different disciplines to apply, including installation, drawing, printmaking, art writing, photography, painting, sculpture, book arts, video, digital media and performance. Deadline: May 1, 2013 — For artist submission information, click here.

KALEID editions invites submissions from European based artists who do books, for an exhibition and book fair, to be held in London on Saturday 20th July 2013.

KALEID 2013 London is the second annual curated event, showcasing the best of artists’ books to an international audience of collectors. Awards and acquisitions will be held on Friday 19th July, supported by The Art Academy, Frans Masereel Centrum, the British National Art Library and English Arts Council’s Saison Poetry Library.

KALEID editions supports ‘artists who do books’ and will further represent twenty-five artists at the London Art Book Fair, hosted by the Whitechapel Gallery in September 2013.


Artists are invited to submit by email. Galleries and publishers may also submit on behalf of an artist, however exhibition catalogues will not be considered.

DEADLINE – 1st May 2013


– Complete a PayPal payment of 10€ for each artist’s book submission and place the receipt number in the subject line of the email
– Attach a maximum of four digital images in JPEG format (maximum file size 1MB)
– Attach a completed Submission Form

Sofie Dederen, Director, Frans Masereel Centrum for Print, Belgium
Elizabeth James, Senior Librarian for Artists’ Books, Word and & Image Department, National Art Library, V&A Museum, UK
David Senior, Bibliographer, MoMA Library, USA.


KALEID 2013 London takes place at The Art Academy in London Bridge, close to White CubeJerwood Space and Tate Modern. Bookstands run by artists are located on the ground floor (100sq m). Singular works, installations, digital media and performances feature in a curated exhibition on the first floor (100sq m). A participatory book arts demonstration will be facilitated in the print studio and the top floor hosts the panel discussion, to seat fifty people during the private event.


Contemporary Abstract Paintings of Cyre de TOGGENBURG

Cyre de TOGGENBURG pursues freedom in his abstract art.

Sans titre, 130 x 97 cm, Cyre de TOGGENBURG

Cyre de TOGGENBURG began his search for freedom in the colors of Turner, after viewing Turner’s paintings at Tate Modern. “He is for me the beginning of abstraction,” said Cyre.

Bell's arrogance, Cyre de Toggenburg

For years, the artist kept this sentence written on his studio wall: Not concerning yourself with the result of an action favors the acquisition of the mastery.

Let's talk about you, Cyre de Toggenburg

 “There was a long period of de-constructing the learning and domestication of my ego,” the artist said.

Outland, Cyre de Toggenburg

“To experience at first hand the sense of abstraction I looked to understand the art of Zen. The technique of Zen archery has been crucial to my understanding.

The released arrow follows a trajectory. It does not worry about the target (“Not concerning yourself with the result of an action”). The target is just one step on its path. The arrow is free.”

Social VIH, Cyre de Toggenburg

“If I do not paint with my body, (no rhythm, no movement), if I do not paint with my emotions (I feel nothing, I’m not trying to express emotions, or even to be felt), if I do not paint with my mind (I do not build it with knowledge, intentions for composition, form, balance, state of the art …).

Nonetheless I paint!

So with what do I paint?

Who paints?

I am free like the arrow.

My artistic object is to reach the observer in his spirituality.

My thought process is to invoke the sacred dimension as part of each of us, regardless of whether we subscribe to an institutional affiliation or not.”

Cyre de Toggenburg

Cecily Brown’s Success As a Painter


Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

‘When I moved to New York,’ Cecily Brown says, ‘I was waiting tables, painting in the daytime and working at night, and I felt it was possible to find a balance and just about get by. I was 25 at the time. I thought, “Well, you just do it however you can.” I had no clue that it would go as well as it has.’

Now she is represented by the prestigious Gagosian Gallery, has works in Tate Modern and the Guggenheim, and is one of the most collected painters in the world. Each of her paintings sell for around £70,000, that is over $100,000.00USD, and there is always a waiting list of buyers, according to this Guardian article.

Image: Hoodlum, 2000-2001 Oil on linen by Cecily Brown, British, born London, 1969. School: British Contemporary

You will also find several images of her paintings, in her original painterly style, in the  Phaidon book Vitamin P .

In an interview Cecily Brown said: “The boundaries of painting excite me. You’ve got the same old materials – just oils and a canvas – and you’re trying to do something that’s been done for centuries. And yet, within those limits, you have to make something new or exciting for yourself as well as other people.”