Film and Video Resources: Panavision Free Camera Packages, Women in Film Fund, Creative Grants


A professor of photography once told me that she had visited the then Polaroid Corporate offices where she was given free film packages and loan of a large format camera, with Polaroid back, for the day–she had to return the equipment at the end of the day along with some of the resulting photos for the Polaroid Corporation’s collection.

Panavision, the leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems, film and digital cameras, lenses and accessories for the motion picture and television industries continues this tradition of loaning cameras in their New Filmmaker Program. If you are a student or low-budget indie filmmaker, Panavision might supply you with free camera packages. The New Filmmaker Program loans film and digital camera packages to filmmaker for student thesis films, low-budget independent features, showcase reels, Public Service Announcements, and any other type of short not-for-profit project.

If you are a creative artist with a photography, video, or film project there are now numerous newly added funding resources in our Photographers Resources PDF.

Other newly added programs include–Creative District  a new networking platform specifically for filmmakers. Their mission is to make a LinkedIn type of site specifically for filmmakers, to help film and media makers create more work.  They’re giving away up to $5,000 in grants each month for projects at any stage.  

Women In Film/Netflix Finishing Fund industry organization gives out sizable funds to films by women filmmakers, with a preference for plots about women. 

Now may be a good time to get your project off the ground, and Artist Marketing Resources provides numerous resources here.

Guest Project call for Submissions

Invitation for Guest Projects Proposals 2014, London

Yinka Shobnibare’s ‘Guest Projects’ – an ‘alternative universe and playground for artists’.
Deadline: 31 May
Application fee: none

Guest Projects is an initiative conceived by Shonibare Studio to offer an opportunity for projects of any artistic discipline (dance, visual arts, music, film screenings, seminars and talks on any subject) to have access to a free space for 1 month. Experimental projects are particularly welcome. There will be five projects a year running from January – June 2014. Winning proposals will be given flexibility in their use of the space.

If you can produce your own show, covering all production costs, please outline this in your proposal to include the following :

• Funding
• Publicity
• Materials
• Power costs
• Invigilating costs

All applicants must fill out the attached submission cover form with their application and include a proposal with –

• A description of your project (images will be helpful)
• All materials and equipment required
• Detail how you will cover the above costs.

Please no artist solo shows. Only Group shows (with two or more participants) will be considered.

Further information

Guest Projects
1 Andrews Road
E8 4QL

Mark Moore Gallery TV: Art Exhibitions News and Interviews Via Video

OK, so maybe you are not in LA–that is, Los Angeles, California, USA–but you’d like to find out what art a gallery like Mark Moore exhibits. Well, they make it easy for you via their Mark Moore TV and other videos on their site, such as this one on the gallery site page for the wonderful painter Feodor Voronov and his word painting series exhibition–

Be the First to Take Up Artists’ Residency in This Castle

The Cregg Castle Arts Venue,

Corrandulla, Co Galway.

An Artists Residence

Working Studios, Gallery and workshops

I thank you for your interest in this venture. The call is for Artists who wish to work together to create a wonderful, peaceful, creative living and working environment to develop and showcase their artwork, while creating a whole new experience within the historic walls of Cregg Castle.
This is a great opportunity to join a team of like-minded Artists and become one of the key people to transform this beautiful Castle into an Arts Venue as well as a creative environment to live and work.
The castle is now in need of some loving care mainly cleaning and redecorating. The aim is, as a team, we work for a full week, on the accommodation areas and then move into the main common rooms. This work will allow us get a great start and then everyone will have 4 weeks holiday later in the year at their convenience.
The rent per week is € 100 -120 with one day per week allocated to working on the venue.
Each Artist will have a medium to large comfortable bedroom with an en-suite or shared between two. The bedrooms will be heated by a pot belly stove. Communal areas include a large internal studio with store and coffee room of a lounge, the large kitchen/dining room, living rooms and music room and then a presentation/workshop/movie room. The rent agreement ranges to reflect the rooms.  Each artists has an external personal (stable) workshop. Bills included in the rent are electricity, TV and Wi-Fi and an Insurance policy for all artwork. Firewood for our heat is available on the property. We hope to grow our own vegetable garden within the one acre wall garden.
The venue also encompasses a large Gallery, Gallery/ Office. The plan is to host resident group exhibitions, external / internal workshops and events. It will be open to the public from Thursday – Sunday each week. A 20% commission will apply on sales from the gallery which will be invested back into the venue.
The Gallery website will promote the resident artists which will also have links to each of their personal sites.

If you wish to receive an application please email Alan Murray

The Deadline is April 10th, –this is a new venture so email to find out if limited space for 9 has been filled. (no website yet–coming soon).

Exceptional, Historic Castle of  Extensive Proportions dating back to the 17th Century; located on approx. 180 acres of land just nine miles from Galway City close to the little village of Corrandulla.
Cregg Castle is a historical property, having been built by the Clement Kirwin Family in 1648, later inherited by the renowned Chemist, Richard Kirwin in 1754. Remains of his laboratory are still in the Orchard. There is a Queen Anne Bell Tower in the Courtyard, and also a lovely Chapel within the Castle. After the Kirwins, Cregg Castle was owned by the Blake Family, another of the Great Tribes of Galway.
Cregg Castle is one of the last, if not actually the last of the ” Fortified Mansions” built in Ireland; and is located in rural splendour on about 180 acres of magical  woodland, meadow and pasture.  There is also a spring well and a river meanders through part of the land.
The entire building is an interesting display of three centuries of advancement in fortified building. Whilst parts of the building are clearly fortified.