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Seek Art, a Beta site for what I refer to as high-end art, produced the RAZE site-specific exhibition in Beijing featuring a range of media, including sculpture, installations, sound, and street actions with QR-Codes appearing as part of the exhibition pointing to a media based project online.

For RAZE, the artist Zhang Ding served placebo ecstasy-shaped cakes to the viewing audience during his performance, inviting them to consume and altering their states of mind or experience through participation. The artist then took portraits of viewers.

Seek Art then produced a limited edition DVD of the RAZE exhibition, available in their /Lab.

The Seek Art shop offers limited-edition art objects created by  artists and produced by their /lab.

The network of international artists range in medium and practice.  Michele Thursz, Founder and Artistic Director, is an independent cultural producer and consultant based in New York City. From 1999-2009, Thursz co-founded and directed Moving Image Gallery [MIG], NYC, one of the first galleries to show contemporary artists using electronic and computer-based mediums. You will find her contact information on the Seek Art site.

Offering Artists Open Access to a New Art Magazine Submissions list PDF


You are an artist and you would love to see your art featured in an art magazine, right? Artist Marketing Resources is busy compiling a list of art magazines that accept artist submissions.

To get permanent access to this list–even as it grows and expands over the years ahead, this is all you have to do—help us expand the list by sending Artist Marketing Resources the name and link to one art magazine that accepts artist submissions–send in an email to:  

You will receive a thank you email response that contains the PDF access link.  Use the PDF list to submit your art for features in publications.


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BUY SOME DAMN ART was founded by Kate Singleton of Art Hound in 2011. The up-and-coming artists of  BUY SOME DAMN ART  often create brand new work just for the site– making each of their online shows an unveiling of the artist’s latest and most exciting work.

Buy Some Damn Art accepts submissions. They are particularly drawn to work that is influenced by folk art, and modern and vintage illustration, as well as to work by self-taught artists and those who work in that style.

Spend some time on their site and if you feel that your work is a good fit for Buy Some Damn Art, then by all means get in touch. They love hearing from artists.

If your work is very different stylistically or thematically than what you see on Buy Some Damn Art then please think twice before submitting your work. They receive a lot of submissions (for very few open spaces) and take the time to look through each one.

The best way to submit your work is to send an email to with a link to your portfolio and a quick intro. If you don’t have a website you can attach 3-5 images of your work.

For more place to sell and submit your art, Artist Marketing Resources provides extensive resources for artists in the  900+ Places to Sell your Art PDF list  —

Submit to World Art

This interesting new site allows you to submit your artist exhibition news as well as your portfolio.
Gopan, of World Art, wrote:

If you like “World Art” then be a part of it. Here’s what you need to do:


The following details required.
1. Bio-Data / CV
2. Artist Statement
3. Photograph of  Artist
4. Four works of art images (1200px width, 72dpi), Details

Submission eMail:

Submission cost is Free


World Art on Facebook:
World Art LinkedIN group:


Clio at 8byTen asked me to share her call for artists here on my blog.
They are looking for any form of art that can be printed (paintings, graphic art, drawings, photography, collage, typography) for their new online print shop.

“ We use high-end giclee printers and have a good knowledge of internet marketing.”

8byTen is currently accepting artist submissions to be included on the site. 8byTen needs your high-resolution art images and they do the rest (print, process and fulfill all orders). Commissions are paid  monthly to artists’ PayPal accounts. It’s a great opportunity to get your name out there and make extra money.

The 8byTen website will launch their new website very soon, but you can take a look now:

To  submit samples, email your images to: or visit for more information. If 8byTen approves your work you will receive a contract that explains how they work, in detail.

Thanks and best wishes to Clio  @ 8byten.