SOLD! Art in Our Amazon Artists Only Store

Our Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store best-selling item has sold and shipped to buyers throughout the US, and Europe. This morning an order came in to ship one expedited to Canada. That means the buyer paid a lot more for next day delivery.

Jimi Hendrix & His 1969 Corvette Stingray, a limited edition poster from an original painting by Chris Osborne–find it on Amazon here:

Also, available in our Amazon store as Giclee prints on canvas in two sizes–20 x 13  and 23 x 35 inches.

Jimi Hendrix & his 1969 Corvette Stingray, by Chris Osborne, Giclee on canvas prints and limited edition poster

Art on Amazon–A Google+ Public Page

(please ignore this verification code: {EAV:f3a728645d545cb0}) If you like using Google+ you may have noticed the option to create a *page* and make it *public* to all Google+ users. Yesterday, I created a Google+ page for the Transmedia Artist Amazon store. I named this Google+ page Art on Amazon.

I used the Artists on Amazon logo above, but simplified the page name to Art on Amazon to bring more people interested in art to the page. This new Google+ page is more than just a static profile page. I will continue to post items to a stream from this page and encourage artists selling in the store to do so as well.  I have already added several items listed in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store. Visitors may comment on these and other  posts.

The Art on Amazon Google+ page is a great place for artists selling in the Transmedia Artist Amazon store to post more about their art and interact with buyers. For instance, artists may share details and behind the scenes details and photos about the making of an artwork, or share photos from an art exhibition, and more. This will help bring interest and buyers. I plan to post to the Art on Amazon Google+ page daily, and would like to see store artists post as well.

All are welcome to the Art on Amazon Google+ page.