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Here’s some advance publications news. The author of a forthcoming magazine article on how artists use Twitter, informed me that she has quoted me heavily in her article. The magazine editor requested two jpeg images of my art for the publication (space permitting). I haven’t read the article yet, but it will appear in the September marketing issue — in both print and digital editions– of Professional Artists magazine.

Before the article comes out, it would be nice to get even more Twitter followers on my Twitter account @Artozon which currently has 9,984 followers. I only need 16 more followers to roll my number of followers over to 10,000.  Artists, follow @Artozon on Twitter, tweet the link to your website and add the hashtag #artistnews or #artistmarket to get your tweet RT’d (re-tweeted) across all of my Twitter accounts!  (I set up @Artozon Twitter account August 2011, so it’s also a 3 year anniversary this month.)

My Twitter Account @TransArtGuide has 7,948 followers. I’d like to get that number up to 8,000.  Artists, follow @TransArtGuide on Twitter, tweet your link with the hashtag #artistnews or #artistmarket and I will RT (re-tweet)!

Please also follow my Twitter account @Transmediartist with 7,684 followers –I want to increase that number too.

Sneaker Dog Video

Artist Jerry Gonzalez had the right idea when he created this cute little video short to promote his print edition Sneaker Dog. Each print is on Hot Press Rag 310g fine art paper and retails for $30. Click here to view & buy.

Are You a Newsworthy Artist, or Arts Blogger? Want Some Press About What You Do?

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Do you have an interesting story that others would like to read about? Have you had some unique success on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Maybe you connected with a collector online? Or do you have interesting art sales or exhibition news to share?

Are you working on a unique DIY video or Green project?

Done any arts related traveling?

I’m writing a series of short (400 word) articles for Technorati. Technorati is the #4 online news source, and Technorati posts feed into Twitter and Google News.

My article EBAY Rip-Off Artist Caught With His Pants Down published this morning as an exclusive, so I can’t post anything other than the link, like this:

Article first published as EBay Rip-off Artist Caught With His Pants Down on Technorati.

What makes you newsworthy? Not sure? Let’s talk about it. If you are an artist or arts professional in need of more online media attention, complete the form below and I will get back to you today: