#Artists Bring New Visitors to Your Website: Create A Post About Your Art On Niume




Niume is a platform where you can add images about your art and tell others about your work. Sign up for a free Niume account here and then write your post. Select the Art category for your article. Then add an eye-catching photo of your art as a cover image. Write an interesting title. Then add more images of your art to the body of the post. Include interesting written information about your work along with a link to your site. Include keywords such as painting, works on paper, fine art, drawing and many other possible fine art terms.

Once you publish, share on Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and many other social media platform share options offered by Niume.

View the Niume platform here.



Art Collector Magazine Re-blogs Articles From Artist Marketing Resources


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Yesterday, African Art Collector magazine re-blogged my article on African artists to their Tumblr blog here as well as my Randal Marmet article here. What’s interesting, is that they re-blogged articles that I posted to my site about nine months ago, further demonstrating the value and reach of feature artist articles here on Artist Marketing Resources.

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There are many ways to get your art featured on Artist Marketing Resources. Ask for details via email to Marie Kazalia email: mariekazalia@gmail.com

Tumblr + Chronicle Books Will Print Art, Photo, Illustration Blogs as Books


Tumblr is partnering with Chronicle Books to find three blogs, print and bind the contents between two covers as books. It’s the Great Tumblr Book Search now in its third year.

Just tell them your concept for an art, photography, illustration or design book (they will also do a humor and a food + drink book based on Tumblr blogs). Entry form over at the Chronicle Books Tumblr. Contest details over here.

  • Art: Calling all photographers, illustrators, or anyone else making visually interesting things that would translate well to print.
  • Food + Drink: Are you an epicure? We want to see cookbooks, food memoirs, and whatever else you’re cooking up!
  • Humor: We still want to be amused, so keep the LOL-worthy book ideas coming.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. If your Tumblr deserves to be a book, craft a post pitching the idea. Include a proposed title, a written synopsis of the book-to-be (200 words or less), and examples that communicate your concept (photos, animated gifs, artwork, video, text, or any media supported by Tumblr). We will check out your post, along with your entire Tumblr blog.
  2. Tag the post “TumblrBookSearch”
  3. Give us a link to the post and your contact information using this form.

Here’s what you could win:

3 Grand PRIZES (One from each category): Your book idea considered for publication, $300 worth of Chronicle books, a feedback session with a Chronicle Books editor.

3 Runners-up: $100 worth of Chronicle books

The contest ends 3/2/2015, so don’t miss your chance to enter. Winners will be announced 4/6/2015.

Read the official rules for more information, and email contests@chroniclebooks.com with any questions.




If you are looking for more art book publishing opportunities and art magazine feature opportunities for art check out our #artistresources here and here.




#Artists Add Your Art to Facebook Art Page + Retail Price, Link

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Artists are invited to add their art image to our Facebook page–be sure to include a link to where buyers may purchase your work, a price and details about the artwork to increase visibility and drive traffic to your site.

We often share the links to our Facebook page and Pinterest group boards on Twitter which increases the number of visitors viewing your artwork there and clicking through to visit your site.

As we reported last week, our group Pinterest boards have gotten artists higher click-throughs according to Google analytics.

Artist Leon Sarantos wrote: “Marie’s Pinterest boards are one of many important aids to artists that I’ve discovered through her Artist Marketing Resources blog. Kudos! .. and thanks for all you do.”

Two of our five Twitter pages have over ten thousand followers each: @TransArtGuide and @Artozon

Tweet your art images, links to your site, exhibition news and art sales news with the hashtag #ArtistMarket or #ArtistNews and we will retweet your tweet!

Send your work to mariekazalia@gmail.com and I will post it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!





imgfave app, a New Art Gallery, and a Call for Proposal Submissions




In my daily research I’m always on the look out for opportunities for artists. In case you missed these found around the web this week:

The art gallery Haunch of Venison London closed not long ago and now the former gallery directors Ben Tufnell and Matt Watkins are launching a new gallery, Parafin, in Woodstock Street, Mayfair, London in September 2014. Founder of London gallery Master Piper, Nicholas Rhodes will join them on this new venture. The new Parafin will represent emerging artists and internationally established artists.

Find a 261 page list of clickable links to International Art Galleries here.

Deadline for proposal submissions for Project Anywhere 2015 program is September 1, 2014. Proposal guidelines can be found here.

Project Anywhere is an expanded exhibition model encompassing the entire globe in which the role of curator is replaced with a peer review system. Emphasizing art outside conventional exhibition circuits, Project Anywhere specifically promotes the work of artists at the outermost limits of location-specificity.

I added the imagfave free app to my iPad just this morning. imgfave seems to be a great site for sharing your art images large and getting others to share them on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.  It’s easy to create a new account on imgfave and immediately upload your art, or try some cross-promotion with artist friends–upload one of their art images and have them upload one of yours.

Artists: Tweet Your Art To Nonsense Society + send 4 other ways

Nonsense Society is just one of many hundreds of links to art blogs and art magazines that you will find in our extensive PDF for artists — to access the PDF click here

Nonsense Society  accepts submissions from artists for a feature on their art blog. Their curators will also contact selected artists for an interview. According to their submission policy, Nonsense Society gives all submissions equal attention. Their criteria for selecting artists to feature is based on the creative story the artist has to tell and how well the artist’s portfolio fits their curatorial vision.  There is an $18 fee payable via credit card or PayPal with submissions to Nonsense Society. Alternatively–if you don’t wish to pay the fee– you can submit your work free via their Tumblr blog, or send it in a tweet to Nonsense Society, share your images in their Flickr pool and on the Nonsense Society Facebook page.

Sell Your Art on Tumblr with easy to use Blk Dot

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.46.43 AM

Some artists and art galleries have a Tumblr blog exclusively, while others may have a Tumblr blog in addition to their main websites. Either way, there are a lot of artists and art galleries using Tumblr to post images and news, as well as millions of other users with a wide variety of interests.

According to Blk Dot, “Tumblr’s audience includes more than 10 million teens, 12 million 19-24 year olds and 12 million 25 – 34 years olds* with a combined discretionary spending power of over $200B. It is the world’s largest blogging platform hosting over 100 million blogs that create more than 80 million posts per day. Among social media platforms, Tumblr has the largest share of “time spent on site” after Facebook. It is the 15th most popular website in the U.S.”

Until now, you may not have thought of Tumblr as a place to sell your art.

But by setting up a Blk Dot account you can offer your original art, prints, posters, art books, and other items to buyers on Tumblr using  Blk Dot Stripe automated sales options.

I used Blk Dot to add two items for sale on my Tumblr blog, and found Blk Dot Stripe super automated and easy to set up in 4 steps. Add your banking information for deposit of funds from sales directly into your checking account. Blk Dot only takes a 3% commission per sale for their services.

You must have a fairly large high-resolution image of the item you wish to sell. Upload the image, add the description and price and the listing goes live right away. Super easy. Plus there are adjustments, such as options to move the *buy button* to any corner or center area  of your image.

Artists Submit to Garvey Simon Art Access Saturday Feature

Every Saturday, New York City art gallery, Garvey Simon Art Access Inc  posts a selection of original artwork submitted by up-and-coming artists to their Tumblr blog.

This is an excellent way for up-and-coming artists to get images of their art viewed by gallery curators. Saturday Selections Submissions may be made here.

You won’t be able to upload your jpegs but will need an image URL. You can find an image URL on images of your art on your own blog or website. Copy and paste the link into the Tumblr form.

How to submit work:

– Please submit your work as a photo or video post, and if there is a link to your personal blog, please include that as well. Read the full guidelines on the gallery Tumblr blog.

Artists will find a further list of Tumblr blogs to submit to here.

Touch My Prints


Touch.My.Prints. ISSUE02   IMAGE vs DATA

Photography has long been concerned with data retention within the act of the photograph. Photographers are taught to expose, develop, and digitally capture in a method to maintain the most information possible. Every step in a photographer’s workflow is a careful dance to keep data. Film or digital, every photographic process is essentially the mastery of data retention. The reasoning is, having the most information available allows for the most creative interpretations of the information.

Touch.My.Prints wants to explore this concept of the photography as data as opposed to image. TMP will provide an image for every participant to take. Each participant will use the image as data and create a new piece of work. The new work can be video, sculpture, sound, video, even a drastic reinterpretation of the image, etc. A selection of the new works and their creators will be featured in Touch.My.Prints. ISSUE02.

The deadline is June 01, 2013.


Save the image. Use the data the image file provides to create a new piece of work. The new work can take any form, any medium, any function, in fact, preferably so. Then send the new work to TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com following the guidelines below.

Places to find the image in the latest post here http://www.touch-my-prints.com/
Or the post page here http://www.touch-my-prints.com/image/49449072303
Or the image URL here http://24.media.tumblr.com/2de9226c2d298843476aad5b187c42e4/tumblr_mm6o6z4i9L1s7nkgmo1_1280.jpg


Please only submit 1-3 works for ISSUE02. Only 1 (one) work per artist will be showcased in TMP ISSUE02.


Please submit files at 300 dpi, with the longest side being 10 inches, 8-bit and as a JPEG.

File Name would be Doe_Jane_01.jpeg

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Medium (i.e. Screenshot / Digital Photograph / Digital Collage)
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a link to your Vimeo or Youtube + 1-3 film stills of the video. The film stills should follow the guidelines for image submissions except for the dpi being 300, the film still can be 72 dpi.

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)


Please submit a link to your GIF animation + 1-3 film stills of the GIF. The film stills should follow the guidelines for image submissions except for the dpi being 300, the film still can be 72 dpi.

In the email (TouchMyPrints @ gmail .com) please list the following information.

Title, Year Produced
Your Website (Professional Site / Twitter / Tumblr / etc)




If you have followed the Richard Prince copyright controversy, you may have an interest in this open call–

According to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,  five Richard Prince works of Appropriation Art are not transformative enough. For this Call for Artists, you are asked to help Richard Prince and make them more transformative! View the five works here: http://afterprince.tumblr.com/ or http://aftercariou.tumblr.com/, click on “submit” and upload your image (or just upload the image on your Tumblr with the tag “after prince” or “after cariou”), or submit your Applications here: http://afterprince.tumblr.com/submit


Tumblr: From Cave to Canvas + Hyperallergic Tumblr Conference

When Tumblr first came online, visual artists took it up right away and have continued to use the Tumblr platform in interesting and exciting ways–such as the eatsleepdraw project that I reported on last week.

Tumblr is such an exciting mini-blogging tool for artists, with select Tumblr blogs accepting artist submissions their art.  I’ve created a separate category of Tumblr blogs within my Art Magazines and Publications PDF, a gratis list provided by Artist Marketing Resources here.   Cave to Canvas is one Tumblr blog that you will find on our PDF list. Cave to Canvas accepts submissions from artists for features on their Tumblr blog.

Hyperallergic and the World’s First Tumblr Conference

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 6.16.19 PM

For those who are not able to attend, you may be happy to know that they will be livestreaming the event, and you can watch it at: new.livestream.com/tumblr/tumblrarthyperallergic.

And you don’t need to be at tomorrow’s event to take part in the lively discussion that is certainly going to take place. Please join in at anytime using the #tumblrart hashtag on various social media platforms, including Tumblr, Twitter, and Google+.

You can also submit questions via the Hyperallergic tumblelog — hyperallergic.tumblr.com/ask — or via twitter (using #tumblrart hashtag) during the Q&A period during the event.

Submit your artwork to EatSleepDraw


The thoughtfully curated site eatsleepdraw, is THE place to submit your art. Scroll through the blog to see  incredible work in all kinds of mediums, made by artists all over the world.

What makes this site unique is that they publish art about once every hour, 24 hours a day, Everyday. eatsleepdraw is the largest user submitted blog on Tumblr, which means that if your work gets selected, you will reach a wide audience!

All thy  ask from contributors is that all the drawings, doodles, paintings, and sketches be 100% made by you.

All posts will be approved before being live on the site.


  • eatsleepdraw receives about one thousand submissions every week.
  • eatsleepdraw has  5 moderators, with totally different tastes in art, approving people’s artwork.
  • Approved artwork is sent to the queue for auto posting.
  • Approximately every 60 minutes a new piece of art is automatically posted to the top of the website.
  • Approved artwork might take between 20-30 days to be posted on the site. So please be patient 🙂

This gratis list from Artist Marketing Resources includes more Tumblr blogs that accept artist submissions.

New Resource For Artists: Gratis Access to the Art Magazines, Publishers and Media Submit List

In the first week of this new year, Artist Marketing Resources began putting together a new submit list for artists. In a blog post last week, we asked artists to help build the list.

Thanks to all the artists who sent links to add to this new list of Art Magazines, Publications and Media.

We now offer all artists gratis access to the PDF submissions list for Art Magazines, Publications and Media

This list also includes Tumblr blogs that accept art submissions.

Why Tumblr blogs? According to a Mashable article, Meet Tumblr’s First Artist in Residence, Tumblr is on the top 10 list of the most visited sites in the world.

Tumblr blogs contain more than 20 billion posts and have about 170 million people per month using Tumblr.

REBLORG is tumblr project–a curated blog artists can submit to here.

I Heart My Art

I Heart my Art is a Tumblr blog accepting submissions of your art. According to their submission guidelines you can send your artwork, or link to your website. I Heart My Art is based in New York City, and is a little different in that it also has a mailing list. There is a sign-up at the top of the blog next to submissions. In a previous blog post, I list  3 other Tumblr blogs that accept submissions.

Share Your Own Art

 Image via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Art Snapper on Pinterest has a share your own art board where you can add images of your own art to get more visibility for your work.

I’ve also found that there are many Tumblr art blogs that have options for you to either submit your art or upload your art and artist news, announcements or articles along with art images. Add your own art or cross-promote with another artist to mutually share–this is such an easy way to get more exposure. Also, many Tumblr art blogs also have Pinterest pin buttons. Once you add you artist article and image you can pin it to Pinterest.

Here are just a few Tumblr art blogs that accept your contributions of  images and writing–there are many more:

No Ones Nemesis http://noonesnemesis.tumblr.com/submit

A Thousand Words http://a-thousand-words.tumblr.com/submit

Fuck Yeah Expressionism http://fuckyeahexpressionism.tumblr.com/submit 

On the Art Finder site http://www.artfinder.com/about you can build your own art profile, add the link to your website, and connect with art lovers and collectors. An easy way to create a strategic online presence amid art lovers.

I have found that art galleries internationally promote their art publications on the Issuu site, where you can create a free member profile and join one of the groups such as the Art People group that allows members to upload an ebook up to 500 pages. Do you have a digital manuscript of your own artwork? This is a great place to share your own art ebook!

1st To Add My Art To New Artsia Site

What a surprise when the owner of the new Artsia fine art print site contacted me to tell that I was the very first artist to upload one of my artworks! He wanted my feedback on how easy it was to use the site features. Well, I had no issues. Artsia seemed super-power driven and so easy to use.

Artsia.com just went live a few days ago. My Artsia page was created for me from my ArtWeb.net account, since Artsia offers prints of my art on ArtWeb.net  and is an extension of that site. My Artsia page should be visible at www.artsia.com/mariekazalia.

Artsia is officially launching at the end of this month with a big PR push planned for the start of September.

Follow Artsia on Facebook:

Follow Artsia on Twitter:

Colin Mansell
Founder, Artweb.net

Emily Peterson
Lead Curator, Artweb.net

ZuuBee, a New Microblogging Art Sales Site




ZuuBee is a new site in Beta. The concept behind ZuuBee is for buyers and sellers to better connect and communicate. Something like Facebook with a Tumblr-like micro-blog that has a shopping cart. Well, at any rate–I don’t know if the ZuuBee CEO will like that description– but they did send me their logo and screen shots, so you get the idea. Sign up for a free account here.



Share Exchange: Tweet, Google+, Pinterest, FB, Tumblr, etc


Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

I keep Tweetdeck up all day and receive notices of any mentions. Some artists, art orgs and galleries share my links. When I receive a mention on Twitter I make sure that I retweet. If you’d like a retweet then share one of my links below.

On Google+ it is easy to share links and  +1.   I reblog on Tumblr whenever the option is available, to help share the artwork of artists. On Pinterest I pin to my own boards and to other boards I’ve been invited to pin to, such as one for the literary and art journal Meat For Tea.  Send a good quality jpeg of one of your art images and I will upload it to Pinterest and pin it to one of my boards. Be sure to let me know the title and medium of the artwork. Send it to MarieKazalia@gmail.com (leave a comment here to let me know that you’ve sent it).

Leave your links in a comment on this blog post, and I will copy and paste them into a tweet and share on Google+. You can leave your website link, portfolio link, Facebook fan page link, Tumblr blog link etc, but be sure to also leave a descriptive line. (No one will click on a shared link unless they know something about what it links to.)

Share my links:

Artist Marketing Resources blog http://ArtistMarketingResources.com 

Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store http://www.amazon.com/shops/TransmediaArtist

Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store Facebook fan page http://facebook.com/TransArtStore

Artist Marketing Resources PDF lists: 800+ Places to Sell Your Art, International Gallery List, Art Consultants, Art Licensinghttp://artistmarketingresources.webs.com/

ebook  Guide to Making Artist Submissions is available on Amazon Kindlehttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B006YCZSTG

ebook Guide to Making Artist Submissions on the Smashwords site is downloadable in many formats: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/55939

Some New Opportunities for Visual Artists

Sub Mission

Sub Mission (Photo credit: aquababe)

THE MISSION presents: THE SUB-MISSION, an alternative installation project space created to encourage and promote artists living and working in Chicago.

Now in its second year, THE SUB-MISSION is located below the main gallery. The space is a natural progression toward fulfilling their mission statement. Specifically, THE SUB-MISSION was created to showcase local artists and provide an opportunity to create a dialogue between themselves and the surrounding community.

This to be a unique project– a raw space available for artists to transform, bounded only by their own vision.

To be considered, please submit the following items:
– Current CV
– Brief artist statement
– Detailed summary of installation project; including materials, installation timeline, and layout.
– Self address stamped envelope (If you’d like materials returned)
– Contact information; including phone number and e-mail address

Deadline for submissions October 15, 2012

Please mail submissions to:
Sarah Syman
1431 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60642

For a floor plan of THE SUB-MISSION, images, to see the specific artist guidelines or for any additional questions e-mail sarah@themissionprojects.com
Only one submission per project.
No phone calls please.

THE MISSION promotes art of the Americas by organizing exhibitions of contemporary and historically significant artworks. THE MISSION initiates dialogue among local, national, and international contemporary artists. We are dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and experimentation in light of art historical contexts.

Link: http://www.themissionprojects.com/

You can submit your art to Tumblr blogs which accept submissions–


If you are looking for new and interesting art galleries to show your art, here are 3 I found yesterday–

Platform Gallery in Seattle, USA http://www.platformgallery.com/

Circuit 12 Gallery in Texas, USA http://circuit12.com/

Gallery B15 in Denmark http://www.galleryb15.dk/

Our international gallery list has many more. Find the list here.

A Variety of Opportunities For Artists To Promote Their Art

Tumblr dashboard

Tumblr dashboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are artists out there who tell me that they still don’t have a blog or don’t have time to blog. Try Tumblr. There is so much arts activity on Tumblr! You will find artists, art galleries, and arts organizations. Create a Tumblr blog, explore and reblog art posts to your blog. It is so easy.

Some Tumblr blogs have calls for submissions or allow you to upload and promote your own art images and links. Add an image of your art to the The NYC Mind Tumblr blog.The NYC mind is owned by an artist active in the New York City arts scene. Help his blog grow by submitting and sharing on Tumblr. He will help you promote your art.


Bring Your Own Beamer (beamer = cute British word for projector) or BYOB, is a series of pop-up one-night exhibitions around the world.  BYOB is open to anyone interested in moving light, sound, and performance.
Learn more about BYOB worldwide at http://www.byobworldwide.com/.


Artists Over age 65 – An Opportunity to Share Your Work

The John A. Hartford Foundation (www.jhartfound.org), one of the nation’s leading private funders of aging research, is looking for two or three artists over the age of 65 to show some of their work at a small conference in Chicago on Tuesday, July 10th, 6-7 pm (at the Sutton Place Hotel–21 E. Bellevue Place).  They’re  looking for artists over the age of 65 to show some of their work plus talk a little about their creative process and take questions from the group related to their art and how it’s affected and been influenced by their own aging process. There is a modest honorarium for each participating artist. If you’re interested, please email Chris Gherst at cgherst@aboutscp.com before May 15th.