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Alex Joa is in the process of starting up a new art e-commerce site and has recently opened the site up for artist submissions. He asked me to post this call for artists to submit.


We are launching a start-up aimed at promote emerging and established artists.

The name of my start-up is Smitsy and the URL is

Our initial plans are to develop broader awareness for our artists as well as to facilitate online sales.

To apply to be part of the initial launch, please email Alex at and include:

• Resume including date of birth and contact details

• One-page artist statement and bio

• 3 – 5 high quality images of available works and relevant details such as medium, year made, dimensions

No application or listing fees.

Unseen at the WUHO Gallery: The exhibition seeks images


unseen at the WUHO Gallery

NO ENTRY FEE – submit work via email

*Open to all photographers, working in all mediums and styles*

NO ENTRY FEE – Submit up to THREE images made in the last two years as 300DPI JPGs via email to Files should be labeled with Artist’s First and Last Name, Underscore, Image Title. (ex: JaneDoe_Bluesky.jpg) Film and video pieces will also be considered, and artists will submit a link to view the work (either a YouTube, Vimeo or URL).

In the body of your email please include Your Name, the Title of Each piece, the File Name of each piece, Size of artwork, medium, and date. Please include your Name, Contact Phone #, Contact Mailing Address, Email Address, and Website URL (if applicable) in the body of your email. EX: Jane Doe, “Blue Sky”, JaneDoe_Bluesky.jpg, 20×20″, chromogenic print, 2012


Learn How To Link Your Google+ Page to Your Website

Google+ Pages provides you with presence on Google+.

If you’ve created a Google+ page, Google strongly recommends linking from that page to your website and vice versa. Linking your Google+ page and your site like this not only helps you build relationships with friends and followers, but also gives Google information they can use to determine the relevancy of your site to a user query in Google Web Search. It also makes your site eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.

How to Link your Google+ page and your website

  1. Make sure that your site’s home page is available to appear in Google’s search results and isn’t blocked by a meta noindex tag or by your robots.txt file. (Verify by doing a site:search for your domain, like this: []. You can also use the Fetch As Google tool to see your page exactly as Google sees it.)
  2. Update your site’s home page by adding a link to your Google+ page, like this: yourpageID]” rel=”publisher”>Find us on Google+
    To find your page URL, open your page and copy the web address from the browser address bar.
    It’s best to add the link to your most significant page. Usually but not always this is your home page; for example, if you’ve created a page for a product, you can add the link to the product description page.
  3. Link to your website from your Google+ page’s profile.  To edit your page profile:
    1. Make sure you’re on the Google+ page you’d like to edit.
    2. Click the profile icon .
    3. Click Edit Profile.
    4. Click Website. You’ll know it’s editable when the color of the section changes to blue.
    5. Type your homepage URL. This should match exactly the URL of the page to which you added your Google+ page link in step 1.
    6. Click Save.
  4. (Optional) Verify your business or brand with Google.
  5. Use the rich snippets testing tool to check your markup and make sure that Google can extract your page information from your content. This tool will display the markup found on a specific web page, as well as a preview of how that page might appear in Google search results. Learn more.

Artists To Watch Submissions


Would you like to submit your artwork to Artist to Watch?

Ceci Butler and all the wonderful folks at Artists to Watch look forward to reviewing your work for possible inclusion in their award-winning stationery line which includes greeting cards created by awesome artists. They are always on the lookout for wonderful, fresh artistic talent in every media. If you would like to submit your work please follow these guidelines:


You may e-mail images for consideration or you may send your website address for review. Please no Facebook or Flickr accounts. (They say: Keep us in a good mood, please make it quick and easy for us! )
If you send images, please do not send more than 10 and make them as small as possible (jpegs, pdfs or tifs, please!)

Email to:


Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want the submission returned.
Send 10-12 reproductions of your work to:

Artists to Watch
Studio B
1766 East Highway 36
Maplewood, MN 55109

Artists to Watch reviews all submissions quarterly. Please be patient.

If they feel that your style compliments the philosophy and creative direction of Artists to Watch, they will contact you for further conversation about working together and creating greeting cards for all occasions.

(The also say: Remember to always pursue your passion with your artwork, no matter what anyone says!  That is especially true of publishers’ and manufacturers’ opinions…if they were artists, they’d be making artwork instead of cards or widgets.)

Review examples of their cards here, and their artists here.


The Artist Marketing Resources PDF of  Art Licensing companies, artist agents and reps consists of over 160 pages of art licensing opportunities such as the one above:

F*R*E*E* Mobile App of Your Artist Website In Minutes!

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a few years ago, getting an app made featuring your artwork for viewing on iPhone was a major project and expense. You had to hire an expert with the right software and pay them  thousands of dollars. According to experts, iPhone users shop on their phones, but also, perhaps surprisingly, they read books on their iPhones. So there are more sales of ebooks to iPhone users than to Kindle Amazon users. Visibility on the economically upper-levels of iPhone owners and users pays, but at that time may not have been worth the investment for many artists

Even very recently, I noticed a company promoting on Facebook–they create an app of your artist website for iPhone and Smartphone for just under $800.USD. While that price offer is better than the thousands it used to cost for such an app, I have even better news. Now you can get an app featuring your artwork free, at Conduit Mobile

You can create a mobile-friendly version of your website in minutes.

It’s true!  I tried it.  I entered my URL and the rest was completely automated. About two minutes later my app was ready.

Conduit Mobile also helps you promote your app and site to get more mobile users with their set of promotional tools and tips.

So you may have to invest some time into learning how best to promote you new app.

Baang and Burne Contemporary Art Gallery, NY, Seeking New Artists to Represent

Baang and Burne Contemporary Call for New Artists 2012

For Baang and Burne Contemporary’s 2012 exhibition season, they’ve decided, once again, to do something a bit unconventional by hosting an international open call to artists.

Just to be clear, the are not doing an open call for a juried group exhibition–they’re looking to sign new artists to their gallery for inclusion in exhibitions, projects, and events for the 2012-2014 seasons.

They want to find artists whose work they admire, and help to promote and sell the work for the next two years. The fact that their art will be featured in an exhibition in New York City is really just the icing on a very sweet cake.

DEADLINE: August 15, 2012.

FEE: $45

Why the Fee?

Baang and Burns says: You learn a lot when you decide to open an art gallery. First lesson—everything costs much more money than you thought it would.

Bottom line: We need to charge a fee to cover our costs or we’d have to forget about doing the open call all together. In the end we decided we didn’t love the idea of charging artists money, but absolutely hated the idea of not getting to see the exciting work you are making. The lesser of two evils: We’re charging a $45 fee. A relatively small pill to swallow considering how much more opportunities you will have when you have a team behind you and your work.


Open to all artists, age 18+, who wish to be considered for a two-year representation contract with the gallery. All submitted artwork must be available and for sale.


Entries will only be accepted online:…

Artists should submit 8 images of their most recent artwork, an artist statement (150 word maximum), a CV, and if possible a URL to their website.

Baang + Burne will only be accepting entries submitted through this system. E-mail or mailed submissions will not be accepted.


Every submission will be personally considered and reviewed by Baang + Burne Gallery Directors Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso and Associate Director Erin Skaryak.


Baang + Burne Contemporary is an unconventional art gallery directed by contemporary artists Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso.  Bang and Burne aims to challenge the premise of what an art gallery can be by engaging the world at large and presenting work that generates dialogue critically, socially, and culturally.

In the first 16 months of Baang + Burne Contemporary’s existence, we experimented with apartment shows, private “invitation only” events, and 6×6, an art version of a music festival. For 6×6 we presented six exhibitions in six weeks in Chelsea, NYC, bringing together unexpected alliances and partnerships from various creative fields outside the art world and from non-profit arts organizations.

Bang and Burne is committed to asking challenging questions and using the gallery to continually experiment — finding new solutions for both artists and collectors. Baang and Burne Contemporary is designed to continually challenge and constantly innovate. The Mission is to make art the agent and not merely the product.

So here you have it:  If that trips your trigger, send in your work. Let’s make something exceptional happen.


Contact the gallery by e-mail at for more information or if you have questions regarding the open call, exhibitions, or this prospectus.

Make Money w/ Text Link Ads

Value for Money

Image via Wikipedia

Sign up for a free account on TextLinkAds then list your blog. If an advertiser selects your blog you will be asked to place their link in your blogroll. As long as the link remains on your blog you receive a monthly payment. Not only will you make a few dollars, but TextLinkAds generate targeted traffic to your blog and improve your search engine rankings.

Artists who would like to add their link to the blogroll of this blog can access the TextLinkAds site as an advertiser, then find Artist Marketing Resources listed and set up the link ad there. Another option is to contact  blog owner Marie Kazalia directly at for ad rates.

The pic at right is just for fun!

How To Get Your Facebook Vanity URL

The Facebook Man. Facebook is celebrating its ...

Image via Wikipedia

In my Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn group there is an ongoing fan page link exchange. Each artist will *like* all the fan pages on the list and post their own Facebook fan page link for others on the list to go to and *like.*

Always (I noted), artists post long fan page links containing number strings. Links similar to my full fan page link for my Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store–

Yet, in just one simple step I changed my long link (above) to this vanity link:

The shorter link has a cleaner look. Since most fan pages are business pages, a clean vanity link will give a better impression (than a long link containing meaningless number strings).

After seeing my link transformed from this–

to this–

you will want your own vanity URL for your Facebook fan page.

It’s easy to make the change.

Get your vanity URL at: