More Than 50 Crowdfunding Platforms for Artists

There are about 60 sites on our 50+ list of crowd-funding platforms where artists can fund their projects:

Big Art Boost crowdfunding + social media marketing

BORN is a curated crowdfunding platform that celebrates and supports creative talents in art, home design, fashion, gastronomy, innovation and philanthropy. Based in London

Crowfunding Forum  get advice/post your campaign


Crowdfunding Pays

Crowdlender is a crowd-lending site dedicated to helping you raise the capital you need to finance the launch or growth of your small business. If you require immediate funding to expand your business, make payroll or increase your marketing efforts then Crowdlender can help. They have easy payback options and help to provide fast capital when you need it the most. Address: 433 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

CrowdMapped International lists of crowd funding sites. Find the best crowdfunding site for you!

Crowd Rise

CrowdSifter Crowdfunding Campaigns New York City

CrowdT Crowdfunding T-shirts for small business, Design High Quality Screen Printed Tees. Zero Risk. Zero Upfront Cost. We Directly Ship to Your Customers. You Keep The Profits. Also known as CrowdTParade and CrowdTRetail

Crowd Tilt

Crowd 4 Art  art auction crowd funding

Contributions Crowd-Funding of the social site for groups Meetup. Now Meetup has its own crowdfunding platform called “Contributions.” The feature allows Meetup group members to fund various projects managed by group organizers in order to pay for things the group needs – like meeting space, supplies, equipment, drinks and snacks and more.

dropz A network of domain experts, connecting and sharing Equity Crowdfunding opportunities, information and insights for tech startups in Palo Alto

Fund Anything

Funderway  fee to join

Fund It Crowdfunding Ireland’s Creative Ideas


FundaRaising, FundaRaising is a donation-based crowd funding website designed to make fundraising easier. Fund a cause & share through social networks. It’s FREE to sign up! North America

Give Forward


Grass Root Biz  crowdfunding site with arts category

Hatchfund, formerly USA Projects. Work with artists all over the USA at no cost to artists. If you would like to discuss launching a project please email at

Indie Funds Crowdfunding is the way to fund your indie project– fundraising for your music, art, film, design, writing or whatever project.

IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform

Jack of all Threads Jack of all Threads – India’s first crowdfunding platform for customised tees – Create and sell YOUR OWN tees, you keep the profit, Zero risk. Bangalore, India

Jump Start Africa, crowd funding

Kickstarter Crowdfund your project

Kollektiv Gallery  is much more than a gallery. It is the platform for a unique and valuable learning experience in the world of Crowdfunding, curating and selling art. We use Kickstarter to teach new artists how to fund a project using their supportive and global online network.

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank  is one of the world’s leading sites for creative project crowd funding. Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is an alternative space dedicated to creativity– artists, inventors, explorers, filmmakers, designers–your project will find a place on KissKissBankBank. The site is in French and English. You don’t have to live in France, or be French-Canadian to use the site. If you have a command of French or can get the English version of your project text translated into French, this may be a new platform to try.

Kiva, loans that change lives

Krowdster, Santa Monica, CA

Lexshares  crowdfunding your lawsuit

Megafounder, Megafounder is ongoing funding for projects. 0% platform fees. Barcelona

OzCrowd is an Australian based crowdfunding site where you can raise money for almost anything. Founded by long time lawyer and entrepreneur Nick Karolidis, OzCrowd is fully dedicated to individual Australian based crowdfunding projects.

Patreon, Be a Patron of the Arts, Patreon, based in San Francisco, is a crowdfunding platform created by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam. It allows artists to obtain funding from patrons on a recurring basis or per artwork. It is popular with YouTube content creators, musicians, and webcomic artists and has been featured in Forbes, Time, and Billboard magazines.

Pozible  Austrailian Crowding fund for creative projects Pozible | Crowdfunding Creativity

Razoo crowdfunding site

Reality Crowd TV, Host of the Virtual Crowdfunding Summit 2015 to be held from Nov 30 – Dec 18th 2015. Home of Virtual Incubator & Crowdfunding Network! RealityTV Webseries! Global

RocketHub  crowdfunding site; a revolutionary new platform that allows you to sponsor your favourite artists in exchange for awesome perks and rewards! London, UK

Start Artists crowdfunding artists in groups of ten

Talk Hub  crowd funding

Tee Spring Tee-shirt crowdfunding site

The Art Boulevard TheArtBoulevard is a network for creative opportunities Crowdsourcing platform to make your art projects come true! World

The Crowd Funding Centre

Thunderclap  Crowdfunding

Tiny Lightbulbs  (inventions, crowdfunded,electronics) Create and sell custom shirts online with no upfront cost, zero risk and receive the profits when your campaign ends. We print and ship the shirts.

TubeStart Digital, film and Video project funding

USA Projects is now Hatchfund-Fund


Wayv, Colourful people change the world! | Dutch Crowdfunding Platform | Local Impact | Rotterdam

Wealth Migrate The Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

You Caring

YourArtBay Crowdfunding platform to Buy & Sell shares in Art & Antiques online. It’s a new way for people to pool small amounts of money for collective equity in artwork for both short and long term asset building opportunities. Mission:
• Promotes and supports Art & Antiques as an alternate asset 
• Buy & Sell affordable shares in art & antiques
. The small-time buyers can now afford ‘a piece of the asset building in Art & Antiques. 
The simple answer is, to empower common patrons in art & antiques. You can collect Art & Antiques asset opportunity in a Bay filled with such treasures, hence the name “YourArtBay”. Founded December 12, 2012 Email to sell

After you get your funding, find more resources for selling your art in both of our Artist Marketing Resources web stores here and here



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Fund Your Next Project Now Via USA Projects

Dear Artists,

You are invited  to participate in USA Projects, an online fundraising platform dedicated to supporting artists. USA Projects is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Why fundraise on USA Projects?

• Receive 1-on-1 guidance, training and support throughout your fundraising campaign with an Artist Relations Specialist.

• Tax-deductibility for every donor, meaning bigger donations on average ($124) for your project.

• USA Projects has a 75% success rate, with almost 5 Million dollars raised thus far.

Get started. Enroll now at

Deadline: Sat Aug 31st, 2013

Financing New Work; Artist Karen Fitzgerald On The Success of Her USA Project

Financing New Work

Over the past seven years, I’ve been incorporating gilding into my work.  Gold is embedded in the core of our civilization, its dynamic energy often signals something beyond the purely physical.  The precious metals I gild with indicate a quality of energy that expands beyond our physical world, a quality that is metaphysical and transformative.  As a traditional painter (in that I apply paint to a substrate, embracing the long history of pictorial space)  gilding processes brought a new focus to the work, as well as integrating a new level of language into my work.

Let's Become Like Birds, 2013, 48" diameter, oil with 23k gold, red gold and moon gold on MDF panel.

Let’s Become Like Birds, 2013, 48″ diameter, oil with 23k gold, red gold and moon gold on MDF panel.

For several years I had an idea in the back of my mind to do a suite of work gilded exclusively in different types of gold.  It’s one of the more expensive materials to work with; I knew I had to find a funding source to support the new work.  I’d investigated the crowd-funded phenomenon and decided to see if it might work for me.  My project launched on February 18, 2013, with USA Projects.  It closed on April 27, having raised over $8,000, from nearly 100 supporters.

The Watchman He Lay Dreaming, 2013, 48" diameter, oil with moon gold and 23k gold on MDF panel.

The Watchman He Lay Dreaming, 2013, 48″ diameter, oil with moon gold and 23k gold on MDF panel.

The backstory is a bit deeper than the facts suggest.  I began seriously preparing to do the project in September of 2012.  I wrote a grant that included a much more modest aspect of crowd-funding, as well as working with a different organization.  The grant was unsuccessful, which suggested to me that I needed to up my game if I was to get to the ultimate point of funding the materials needed for my new work.  I began putting together a set of “perks” – essentially, gifts I could give donors who supported the project at different levels.  I created an edition of etchings as a perk.  I assembled an inventory of original works on paper that could fit the perk levels.   Finally, I began to draft the text that would convince someone to send me money.   The project ran during a time when I was doing a great deal of consulting work – without being at the studio, I was able to spend up to 3 hours every day working at the funding goal of the project.

Little Sun, 2013 7" diameter, oil with 23k gold on prepared paper, 19"x16" overall.

Little Sun, 2013 7″ diameter, oil with 23k gold on prepared paper, 19″x16″ overall.

“From the Core” is now in full production.  To date I’ve created a dozen works.  Each piece explores an aspect of energy that resides at the core of our selves.  Dreaming energy, transformation energy, the energy of the sun and moon, oppositional energy; energies we experience and negotiate, navigate and attest to.  For several months during the Spring I was flooded with the energy of feeling very “normal”.  As an artist, I have often experienced the pull between studio time and money – they are some sort of co-equivalent, an Einsteinian reality for all artists who pay as they go, keeping themselves afloat and their studio work moving forward.  For several months, my “normal” landed outside that potentially explosive co-equivalency of money/studio time.  I had both, simultaneously.  I could simply work; pick up the phone and order supplies, not think about juggling finances to afford what I’d just requested.

Little Pink Moon, 2013, 7" diameter, oil with 18k gold and copper on prepared aper, 19"x16" overall.

Little Pink Moon, 2013, 7″ diameter, oil with 18k gold and copper on prepared paper, 19″x16″ overall.

So, I’m curious.  I’m wondering if you think these new paintings look like they were produced in the lap of luxury, the lap of “not lacking in financial support”.  Do they look flaccid in their comfort zone?  Or do they stand up, their strength apparent.  Like the mocking birds throwing themselves into the air, wings flashing along with that cascade of changing song, I think these new paintings do that.  Their voice is one of oceanic gladness.  They come from that core of the imagination that returns all of us to the core of joy we had when we were children.

-Karen Fitzgerald © 2013

Karen Fitzgerald’s studio is located in Northern Long Island City, one block from the Socrates Sculpture Park.  She frequently provides basic gilding workshops at her studio. Fitzgerald Art website