VIP Contemporary ONLINE Art Fair February 1-17

Before the 1st VIP Online Art Fair ever opened, I alerted my blog readers in articles to attend. The opening hour of day of the very first VIP Online Art Fair had so many trying to access the art fair site that there were issues. I wrote a review of the 2nd VIP Art Fair, sharing screenshots of some of my favorite artworks. Now, it’s opening day of the 3rd VIP Contemporary Art Fair.

Amazingly, some artists have asked me, somewhat puzzled, why they would want to attend this art fair. To look at art of course! Don’t you love art? You don’t have to fly to Miami or New York City or Italy or London to research the art scene and art galleries, and to make connections with curators–you can do it at the online fair. No, it doesn’t replace seeing real art in a gallery or museum, but there are lots of benefits to attending the fair. Give it a try.


Artist Works From the VIP Art Fair

Did you visit the 2nd annual VIP Art Fair last week? Here are screen shots of some of the art on exhibit at the fair. The first image shows how the art appears in a left to right flow–this is a line up of paintings by Anton Henning that can be clicked for a larger view with zoom features.

Anton Henning painting

painting by Beatrice Milhazes on view in the James Cohen Gallery

somehow I missed the artist's name, but the mixed techniques in this painting are wonderful