Flootie.com: Where Marketing Art Is an Art


Flootie.com: Where Marketing Art Is an Art

By Dean Cameron

Artists don’t have to starve. Galleries can thrive. Art collectors can make money, not lose it. And Flootie.com is here to make it happen.

With far fewer galleries than artists in the world – and most of those in metropolitan areas – placing those finished masterpieces before the public eye can take as much effort as creating them. That’s why more artists, galleries, and collectors, are showing and selling art online– and Flootie.com leads the way.

On the cutting edge of the digital art revolution, Flootie.com uses innovative technology and inspired ideas to bring art to a growing online population of art lovers and buyers. We don’t sell art; we simply give artists, galleries, and art collectors the tools to do so. More than 11,000 page views in the last month alone says we’re doing it right.

At Flootie, we embrace the traditional artist-gallery-collector relationship that has worked well for so many years. At the same time, we reject the notion that online sales necessarily undercut gallery sales. Artists don’t have to bite the hands that feed them in order to succeed.

Artists, galleries, and art collectors need each other; each is as essential as the three legs of a stool. Flootie.com brings them together on one site, allowing visitors to browse by artist, gallery, or private collector. What’s more, when a subscriber clicks the “fan” button on an artist’s profile, we’ll notify her via email every time new works by her favorite artists appear on the site, no matter whether the artist, a gallery, or a private collector uploads them.


Finding new fans has never been easier, thanks to Flootie’s “concentric marketing” system. Like ripples in a pool, our social media network triggers thousands of shares every time we post, starting with our 10,000-plus contacts comprising arts professionals and enthusiasts. Instead of “fishing with a blindfold,” hoping someone with an interest will take our bait, we target potential buyers in an on-purpose marketing system.

Does it work? Our expanding database and ever-increasing number of visitors tells us that it does. We hear success stories all the time, too, such as the artist who had never even shown her paintings but now, two weeks after joining the Flootie.com artists’ community, she’s getting fans and emails from viewers praising her work. She’s well on her way to her first sale.


We love success stories almost as much as we love art. We’ll go the extra mile every time to help artists succeed, even offering support on the phone day and night. And we’ve got a lot of new features up our sleeve: a screensaver tool allowing fans to download and keep online photos of artworks; an art events calendar, searchable by city; an art marketing blog featuring guest posts by artist members, and more – all for $14.95 a month.

We keep our price low because we know the “starving artist” syndrome is no myth — not for now, anyway. Flootie.com aims to change that by helping artists to help themselves. We’re giving artists the tools they need to succeed, now and in the future. Why not join us today?

Twitter  @americanfineart

ArtFinder Alerts Art Buyers of New Available Artist Works

ArtFinder is a marketplace for people to discover and buy affordable original art online from a wide range of international artists and galleries. ArtFinder is a top curated online art gallery. Chief Executive of the ArtFinder site Jonas Almgren was quoted in the widely read BBC article on More Art Sold Online Than in Galleries, along with representatives of other top sites, such as, Saatchi Online and Artsy.

Some artists we know who recently opened up shop on ArtFinder– Gabriella Cleuren    Agent X   Leon Sarantos   Sharon Sieben   Marie Kazalia

ArtFinder has many advanced settings for tracking sales and shipments of your art, as well as for interacting with other ArtFinder artists and site Users. As an ArtFinder artist, I receive email alerts when a User (aka potential buyer) follows me or favorites one of my artworks. I can then follow the User back and  review the User’s profile to see all the artists the User has followed. With this new understanding of the User’s tastes, I may add images of my other available artworks to meet the User’s interests. ArtFinder sends the Users following me a newsletter containing images of my newly uploaded available work.

A recent ArtFinder newsletter (excerpted below) alerted me to new artworks available from artist Gabriella Cleuren–with cropped thumbnail images that enticed me to visit her portfolio on ArtFinder for full views of each work.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 7.27.37 AM

More Art Sold Online than in Brick and Mortar Galleries

The Saatchi Gallery was based at County Hall 2...

The Saatchi Gallery was based at County Hall 2003–2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this BBC article, more art is sold online than in galleries. This is the first I’ve read of this. Over the past few years there has been an ongoing debate, and even a snobbery perhaps against online galleries. It seems the tides have turned!

Read this article, including a quote regarding Saatchi online gallery sales vs physical gallery sales—http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23054641

PLEASE NOTE: Keep trying the links–you may receive an error message, but you will get through to the article if you keep trying.

Free Teleseminar on Marketing for Artists – June 25th @ 3 p.m. Pacific Time

Insider Secrets to SmART Marketing for Artists
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Learn how you can achieve the results you’ve been looking for
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SmART Marketing for Artists begins July 10th
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This is what you will learn in the online course, SmART Marketing for Artists:
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Common Problems When Purchasing Fine Art

The best way to buy art and avoid all the common problems of purchasing art mentioned in this video, is by purchasing direct from living artists. You can buy art directly from Belgian artist Gabriella Cleuren on her website.

Landescape 2013 – International Call For Artists – Third Edition

LandEscape is launching the third edition of “LandEscape Now!”, an international competition, which introduces twelve artworks by twelve international artists working in various fine arts disciplines.

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support contemporary creation worldwide through the advertising of works of art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meaning of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. This will be a recurring theme but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

– Photography
– Painting
– Video
– Interactive art installations
– Audio / Sound
– Body art
– Sculpture
– Spoken Word

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals who are at least 18 years old, from any country: selected works will be published in the next issue of our art review.


Submission guidelines


Prospecting participants must submit an artist’s statement (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV)
The statement may include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation.
Submissions should be written in English.
The abstract must be submitted as PDF (or RTF / DOCX document) to landescape@artlover.com

LandEscape submission does not require entry fee, but selected works will be asked for a symbolic contribution which includes publication on the next issue of LandEscape Art Review with a personal interview.

Deadline: Monday July 8th, 2013



India’s First Art Portal Dedicated to Affordable Art

SudhArts.Net may be India’s first art portal dedicated to affordable art.

At SudhArts.Net they promote contemporary Indian art and artists both nationwide and worldwide.

They encourage and promote original works online, as well as prints and multiples as a more affordable options to buyer and collectors.

Their 3 main areas of focus:

  •  The online art gallery, for global reach and exposure.
  • Publishing of print Art Works.
  •  Promoting real art & prints for offices, hotels and residences.

SudhArts.Net  just launched a range of Hand Painted Canvas Shoes.

Gabriella Cleuren Paintings: Filled Emptiness

bloglogo-gaby spontaneous

Filled Emptiness—Contact with reality, life in its specific aspects is an important foundation for my work. How do you consciously create from your mind, which is necessary for my concept of my ‘virtual worlds’? For this purpose you first have to fill up your battery with colour, shape, motion and composition. The content then automatically sprouts from the data collected.© Gabriëlla Cleuren 2013
Family 2007 42 x 29 cm ( 16 1/2 x 11 3/8 in. )
Art Laren Netherlands from June 14 until June 16 2013You can view the exhibited works at: 
Other works from the series “Full Emptiness” on:
http://www.gabycleuren.com/types/Filled_Emptiness_unique_worlds/works/In collaboration with New Place Art Gallery:
http://www.new-place-gallery.com/english.htmThe website of Art Laren Netherlands:

Gabriella Cleuren’s website: www.gabycleuren.com

Submissions Open for Color War summer group exhibition at Recession Art Gallery NY

Open Call For Recession Art’s Color War

‘Color War’ curated by the Recession Art staff, is now open for submissions.

Deadline Sunday June 9, 11:59pm

To lighten and brighten up the festive season of summer, Recession Art will mount the exhibition ‘Color War,’ a show to celebrate the joy and possibility of color in art. They’re putting a challenge to artists to show them the most rich, vivid, and vibrant artwork possible, looking for works that bring the summer sun into the gallery and forcing viewers to keep sunglasses on indoors.

This exhibition will be limited to flat work, with a maximum dimension of 24 x 24 inches and preferably smaller. All submitted works must be ready to hang on the wall, with a focus on works on paper, canvas, or wood. All works must be available for sale and be less than $500. Submit here.

Recession Art Gallery
47 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Seek Art

English: seek truth from facts

English: seek truth from facts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seek Art, a Beta site for what I refer to as high-end art, produced the RAZE site-specific exhibition in Beijing featuring a range of media, including sculpture, installations, sound, and street actions with QR-Codes appearing as part of the exhibition pointing to a media based project online.

For RAZE, the artist Zhang Ding served placebo ecstasy-shaped cakes to the viewing audience during his performance, inviting them to consume and altering their states of mind or experience through participation. The artist then took portraits of viewers.

Seek Art then produced a limited edition DVD of the RAZE exhibition, available in their /Lab.

The Seek Art shop offers limited-edition art objects created by  artists and produced by their /lab.

The SEEK-ART.com network of international artists range in medium and practice.  Michele Thursz, Founder and Artistic Director, is an independent cultural producer and consultant based in New York City. From 1999-2009, Thursz co-founded and directed Moving Image Gallery [MIG], NYC, one of the first galleries to show contemporary artists using electronic and computer-based mediums. You will find her contact information on the Seek Art site.

Why Art Published by PoetsandArtists Ends Up In So Many Art Collections

Rory Coyne painting feature on Poets and Artists

Rory Coyne painting featured on Poets and Artists

I asked Didi Menendez –What brings art collectors to your site? Why have so many purchases been made of artworks published in Poets and Artists? How do you account for this since you are not an online art sales site?

Didi replied–“I attribute the success of the publication to quality versus quantity. I only publish artwork based on my aesthetics and not the mass media. I do not accept advertisers or any other monies because I do not want anyone to dictate what I publish. To me publishing is also an art form. It is a creative outlet for me. I make sure to get the publications in the right hands. I also recently started publishing iARTistas which has a different feel to it.”

iArtistas is an iPAD/digital/print publication.  You will find the submission guidelines by clicking on *Submit* in the top menu on both the PoetsandArtists and the iArtistas sites.

Most of the paintings published by PoetsandArtists are figure studies and portraits– also themes of the Howard Tullman Collection. Take a walk-through with the collector in this YouTube video.

Tour of the Loft–The Howard Tullman Collection

LandEscape International Call for Artists

LandEscape is launching the second edition of “LandEscape Now!”, an international contemporary art competition which introduces 12 works of art by twelve international artists working in various fine arts disciplines.

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support contemporary creation worldwide through the advertising of works of art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meanings of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. This will be a recurring theme, but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

– Photography
– Painting
– Video art
– Interactive art installations
– Audio / Sound
– sculpture
– body art
– street art
– spoken word

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals who are at least 18 years old, from any country: selected works will be published in the next issue of our art review LandEscape

Submission guidelines


Prospective participants must submit an artist’s statement (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV)
The statement may include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation.
Submissions should be written in English.
The abstract must be submitted as PDF (or RTF / DOCX document) to landescape@artlover.com

LandEscape submission does not require entry fee, but selected works will be asked for asymbolic 10€ contribution which includes publication on the next issue of LandEscape Art Review with a personal interview


Deadline: Sat Apr 27th, 2013

Artist Submit to ArtFinder MarketPlace

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 8.14.40 AM

UK-based ArtFinder is accepting applications from artists who want to sell their art on ARTFINDER.

  • Artists who sell via the ArtFinder site receive at least %70 of the sale price for their work.
  • Artists create their own store on ArtFinder.
  • The added advantage is that all secure online payments are managed by ArtFinder.

For details on the very simple email application process, go to the ArtFinder site and click SELL.

Successful applicants will be sent participation guidelines and full terms and conditions.


Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition. No Entry Fee. Cash Prizes.

English: Sculpture by artist Jason Thompson

English: Sculpture by artist Jason Thompson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition OPEN TO ARTISTS WORLDWIDE

Registration Deadline: May 30 | Submissions due : July 12 2013 | No Entry Fee
Prizes: Painting prize of 36.000 €, a Fund for sculpture of 44.000 € and a Buying Fund to be determined.
The Foundation of the Arts and the Artists of Barcelona (www.fundaciondelasartes.org) is holding this year 2013, the Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition– (held annually) since 2006. This competition has a painting prize of 36.000 €, a Fund for sculpture of 44.000 € and a Buying Fund to be determined.

The aim of the Foundation is to encourage and spread Figurative Art.

The main task will be to encourage artistic initiatives and sponsor artists. Figurativas ’13 is being held in accordance with the following rules:
•    Any artist who wishes may take part.
•    Only one piece of work per author will be accepted in each discipline.
•    The work must be original and the exclusive property of the artist.
•    Works will be accepted in 1) Painting – min size 60x60cm, max size 300×200 cm, must be unframed (or with a simple strip), and glass cannot be accepted (methacrylate should be used instead); and 2) Sculpture – min size 50 cm on one axis, max 200 cm on longest axis (not including plinth or support),  no weight limit but artist must inform organization if artwork weighs more than 200 kg.

Entries will be accepted only thru the competition website at www.fundaciondelasartes.org
Note: Participants have to register by May 30th here.

Artists: the Swirl Into Spring Super Submissions Support Special


I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly anticipating the first signs of warm spring weather–and hoping that it will come soon! Over the years, providing resources for visual artists, I’ve noticed that many artists do a big push to submit their art in April and May each year, and then again in September and October. In anticipation of that early Spring art submissions push that many artist do,  now through the end of March I’m offering 3 submission resource lists for $30.

That’s right, for the entire month of March, any 3 resource list for only $30. — just let me know which 3 you want in an email to, Marie Kazalia, at: MarieKazalia@gmail.com .  I’ll send you a PayPal invoice (or a Google Pay invoice if you prefer). Once you pay the invoice I will send you the 3 PDF Resource lists you selected. This offer includes my ebook as well. This offer is only valid in the month of March. Select 3 from the list below–

1. International Art Gallery list PDF (170 pages) normally 19.95, only $10. with this offer.

2. Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives list PDF: (173 pages) normally $19.95, only $10. with this offer.

3. Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions ebook  (90 pages) normally $21.95, only $10. with this offer.

4. Directory of Art Consultants PDF  (over 200 pages) normally $19.95, only $10. with this offer.

5. 1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF list   (60 pages) normally $19.95, only $10. with this offer.

I’ve been working on these lists for over 4 years–and continue to research, expand, edit and update each PDF resource list.

To get an idea of what these lists are like, take a look at the free new list I’m giving away–

The Art Magazines and Publications list PDF: is currently only about 15 pages of links, but in a similar format as the large lists above.


Submit your artwork to EatSleepDraw


The thoughtfully curated site eatsleepdraw, is THE place to submit your art. Scroll through the blog to see  incredible work in all kinds of mediums, made by artists all over the world.

What makes this site unique is that they publish art about once every hour, 24 hours a day, Everyday. eatsleepdraw is the largest user submitted blog on Tumblr, which means that if your work gets selected, you will reach a wide audience!

All thy  ask from contributors is that all the drawings, doodles, paintings, and sketches be 100% made by you.

All posts will be approved before being live on the site.


  • eatsleepdraw receives about one thousand submissions every week.
  • eatsleepdraw has  5 moderators, with totally different tastes in art, approving people’s artwork.
  • Approved artwork is sent to the queue for auto posting.
  • Approximately every 60 minutes a new piece of art is automatically posted to the top of the website.
  • Approved artwork might take between 20-30 days to be posted on the site. So please be patient 🙂

This gratis list from Artist Marketing Resources includes more Tumblr blogs that accept artist submissions.

Smitsy: CALL FOR ARTISTS – Submit to Art E-Commerce Start Up Site

blogSmitsy Logo

Alex Joa is in the process of starting up a new art e-commerce site and has recently opened the site up for artist submissions. He asked me to post this call for artists to submit.


We are launching a start-up aimed at promote emerging and established artists.

The name of my start-up is Smitsy and the URL is www.smitsy.com.

Our initial plans are to develop broader awareness for our artists as well as to facilitate online sales.

To apply to be part of the initial launch, please email Alex at submissions@smitsy.com and include:

• Resume including date of birth and contact details

• One-page artist statement and bio

• 3 – 5 high quality images of available works and relevant details such as medium, year made, dimensions

No application or listing fees.


A segment of a social network

A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to 4art!


ArtReview is delighted to announce the launch of its new and improved social network site http://4art.com.

A platform designed solely for and with its members in mind, 4art.com  acts simultaneously as a professional resource, project facilitator and creative talent scout. 4art features editorial content in the form of industry listings, interactive art projects and competitions, and a regular featured showcase of four selected artists.

We wish to take this moment to encourage you to participate in the ongoing development and production of the site. We look forward to your suggestions, your participation in our projects and your overall involvement in working with us to create a truly vibrant and useful artists’ network.

Warm Regards,

ArtReview 4art


Visit 4art.com 

bright stupid confetti – Online Gallery of Contemporary Art

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 9.47.07 AM

Michael Jacobson, founder of The New Post-Literate: Gallery of Asemic Writing, a wonderful site that features artists’ work, contacted me on Facebook a couple of days ago. He wrote on my page, in part–

“Hi Marie, Here is a show I put together…. I’d like to show some more of your work at The New Post-Literate. Best, MJ”

Michael featured several of my paintings a few years ago on his The New post-Literate site, and I must admit I had not kept up with his site of late. So I was glad that he re-connected with me and doubly excited to learn that he had curated a show in the online gallery called bright stupid confetti.

Art in America, in a review of top online contemporary art sites, included bright stupid confetti–

Art In America calls Bright Stupid Confetti “…one of the more innovative and quixotic curated art websites in the blogosphere…”

Christopher Higgs the curator of bright stupid confetti, brings in guest curators each month.

Here is the link to view the Asemic art online exhibit curated by Michael Jacobson and featured on bright stupid confetti.

Pivot Art Gallery Call for Art


Call For Art
– pivot art gallery is seeking artists who would like to present a portfolio of work on the online gallery. Generally, a portfolio is up for a month beginning on the 15th of each month, after which a condensed version stays in the pivot art gallery archives. Additionally, an artist interview can be published to the pivot art news blog.
– pivot art gallery is devoted to showcasing emerging aesthetics – that is, a sense of art viewed through various media, avenues of expression, and the intersection of these that reveals a unique contemporary arts perspective.
– edgy, conceptual, and otherwise challenging work in all mediums encouraged !
– to find out more about the gallery (and to determine if your work is a good fit), visit the site and blog, including current and past featured artists.
– if interested, please email the following information to: info {at} pivotartgallery.com
link to site/portfolio | bio | artist statement | any other relevant info | your questions
– also interested in hearing from artists/writers who write about art and would like to publish on pivot art gallery
– there are no fees