#Artists Apply To Open An Online Shop on Pink Lion

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Above: painting in Pink Lion Natalie Baca’s Studio 2

Artists with their original drawings, paintings, prints, jewelry and other 3D fine art items on such popular sites at Etsy, may also wish to explore some lesser-known online sales options such as Pink Lion.

To get your own shop on Pink Lion, you must apply (here) using their site form and upload four images as examples of art items you wish to sell for review.

Your shop may get more visibility and your work may stand out as one-of-a-kind to buyers on such sites that feature both art and home decor items.

Find many more shops and online galleries here.

Below: Drawings available in Mason Holcomb Design

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Limited Edition Prints and Paintings on Paper: Our First OnSugar Artists

Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print

Real Thing, Sandra Dawson limited edition print


We’ve started a new project to stream art for sale directly in front of potential home decor buyers on the OnSugar site. Real Thing, original limited edition prints by Sandra Dawson is one of the very first art prints that we are promoting in our OnSugar store.

Also, we are featuring gorgeous abstract paintings on paper by Kikuko Sakota



If you are an artist with artworks you would like us to feature please send an email with a link to your online portfolio to: MarieKazalia@gmail.com