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Peripheral ARTeries February Issue – Featuring Interview + Paintings by Marie Kazalia

I have a 4 page spread in the February issue of Peripheral ARTeries art magazine–

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.13.14 PM

The new issue of Peripheral ARTeries has been published and it will be available on several websites:

1) ISSUU ->

2) The old Peripheral Arteries website that will be soon renewed – >

During this week Peripheral Arteries February issue is available on many other web site, such as Rhizome, Neme and others. We hope you will like it.


Artists: One Hundred Dollars Free for Your Ad Campaign

Partial screenshot from my Google AdWords account showing 29 $100. coupons

For Artists! $100.00 free on your new Google AdWords campaign!

Artists, would you like to run ads featuring images of your art during the holiday season? Now until January 31st 2013, Artist Marketing resources is offering the first $100. 00 of your ad campaign free!

These are pay-per-click Google ads with an image of your art in each ad. If you do not wish to use an image, there is a text ad option.

Google requires that you add at least $25. to the ad campaign to receive the $100. credit amount. That means, if you spend $25.00 on ads you get an additional $100 free.

The fee for Artist Marketing Resources services varies depending on your images, written headlines, and your researched keywords list.

For more information, email: Marie Kazalia at

Your Artist Website: Ideas For Interacting and Gaining Feedback

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Artists, do you want feedback from your website visitors but are unsure how to create interactions? Do you wonder how visitors to your website feel about your site design, or the over-all look of your site and ease of navigation?

If you are trying to come up with new ways to interact with your website visitors and gain feedback from them you might try your own version of a survey and giveaway (like in the example below). You could create a survey and send it to your mailing list or site subscribers, or post it to your blog. Perhaps you could ask for survey feedback and give one lucky winner an art print. I know these things may seem trite or corny, but everyone loves a giveaway! Giveaways generate excitement and interactions.

A few months ago, I received sample art canvases from a manufacturer to review on my blog. I liked the quality and price of the canvases so I asked the manufacturer to do a giveaway on my blog. Yes, one of our blog readers, in our very own Artist Marketing Resources blog giveaway, received a free canvas shipped to them at no cost by the manufacturer. Our blog post and giveaway offer created enough of a buzz that the manufacturer was pleased and offered to do another giveaway with us in the future.

You could also set up a giveaway with an art supplier or manufacturer in exchange for a similar small promotional campaign.

As a giveaway, you can do this one-on-one. Contact an individual at an art and design company and offer placement of their logo on your site (for a set amount of time)  in exchange for a review of your site and their professional feedback for improving your site design and navigation. These sorts of exchanges are commonly done.

You can also offer logo placement on your site or blog to art suppliers or manufacturers in exchange for artist materials.


I received this survey recently, with a giveaway offer:

Artspecifier and Photospecifier needs your help.

Please take a few minutes and complete the attached evaluation/survey.

By so doing you will be assisting us in serving you better.

Click here to take the survey and help us out, thanks in advance!

When you submit your completed evaluation, you will be entered into a lottery to win a lovely dinner for two in the city you live in! It is that simple.

We thank you for your valuable contribution and for being an integral part of creating vibrant, creative communities.

Joyce Creiger
Art Specifier/ Photospecifier

Add Ten Art Images and Your Site Link to The Creative Finder

Have you signed up for Creative Finder? It’s growing fast! More and more quality art and artists continue to join, wishing to bring clients, opportunities, art sales and increased visibility to their work.

Sign-up and add your art to the Creative Finder– here is the link:

Add ten images of your art and your website link,free,  to get visibility. Creative Finder also offers upgraded paid options with additional features.

Make Money w/ Text Link Ads

Value for Money

Image via Wikipedia

Sign up for a free account on TextLinkAds then list your blog. If an advertiser selects your blog you will be asked to place their link in your blogroll. As long as the link remains on your blog you receive a monthly payment. Not only will you make a few dollars, but TextLinkAds generate targeted traffic to your blog and improve your search engine rankings.

Artists who would like to add their link to the blogroll of this blog can access the TextLinkAds site as an advertiser, then find Artist Marketing Resources listed and set up the link ad there. Another option is to contact  blog owner Marie Kazalia directly at for ad rates.

The pic at right is just for fun!

How To Get Your Facebook Vanity URL

The Facebook Man. Facebook is celebrating its ...

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In my Artist Marketing Resources LinkedIn group there is an ongoing fan page link exchange. Each artist will *like* all the fan pages on the list and post their own Facebook fan page link for others on the list to go to and *like.*

Always (I noted), artists post long fan page links containing number strings. Links similar to my full fan page link for my Transmedia Artist Amazon Pro Store–

Yet, in just one simple step I changed my long link (above) to this vanity link:

The shorter link has a cleaner look. Since most fan pages are business pages, a clean vanity link will give a better impression (than a long link containing meaningless number strings).

After seeing my link transformed from this–

to this–

you will want your own vanity URL for your Facebook fan page.

It’s easy to make the change.

Get your vanity URL at:

How I Got a $100+ Google AdWords Giftcard

Front of The New 100 dollar bill

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday, I began setting up a Google AdWords ad campaign for my Amazon store, with ads for each art work listed. I used  a $100.00 gift card to start.

When I entered the Gift Card code I received a balance $105.00 to use for my pay-per-click ads.

Google sent the gift card to me after I completed a video course in how to use AdWords to create pay-per-click ads. Complete the course and Google will send a $100. gift card to you a couple of weeks later.

To go to the Google video course, click the hyperlinked green work *ENGAGE*  in my article first published by Technorati news.

your press releases

In John R. Math’s article, 10 Ways an Artist Can Develop Their Brand:

” Online press releases offer an artist a way in which they can promote their events, openings and other promotions.  Most press release websites include links back to the artist’s website, along with a biography section.  They also offer guides on how to write and form a press release. Search engines pick up these press releases very quickly and they become a major source of the artist’s brand.

Read the entire article on the Art Marketing Strategies site:

The Press Release sites will give you an idea of what information to include in your art event news. I’d like to start posting exhibit and other news

for all artist subscribers of this blog, on an ongoing basis. Submit  exhibition and art project news to me via email: Marie Kazalia:

I will post your news here on this blog. Now until October 4th I ask everyone who sends a press release to support my Kickstarter project by backing it with $1. or more

Link to My kickstarter project–

Writing a Press Release is a good topic of discussion for our LinkedIN group Artist Marketing Resources:

If you would like to work on developing press releases for your art exhibits and sales, then join in the group discussion.