Why Art Published by PoetsandArtists Ends Up In So Many Art Collections

Rory Coyne painting feature on Poets and Artists

Rory Coyne painting featured on Poets and Artists

I asked Didi Menendez –What brings art collectors to your site? Why have so many purchases been made of artworks published in Poets and Artists? How do you account for this since you are not an online art sales site?

Didi replied–“I attribute the success of the publication to quality versus quantity. I only publish artwork based on my aesthetics and not the mass media. I do not accept advertisers or any other monies because I do not want anyone to dictate what I publish. To me publishing is also an art form. It is a creative outlet for me. I make sure to get the publications in the right hands. I also recently started publishing iARTistas which has a different feel to it.”

iArtistas is an iPAD/digital/print publication.  You will find the submission guidelines by clicking on *Submit* in the top menu on both the PoetsandArtists and the iArtistas sites.

Most of the paintings published by PoetsandArtists are figure studies and portraits– also themes of the Howard Tullman Collection. Take a walk-through with the collector in this YouTube video.

Tour of the Loft–The Howard Tullman Collection

The Media Directory Launch March 2013

The Media Directory, launching in March 2013, is a Media Industry & Performing Arts Networking Directory & Job Listings Website. A great resource for anyone looking to either find a job or make more connections in a creative industry, the website has the contacts, the jobs and the website for you to search & build relationships to further your career.

Film/TV/stage, Music, Photography, Dance, Comedy, Art, Radio & More.

Website logo

Functions of the site include:

Searching their extensive & forever growing media industry & performing arts e-directory. Thousands of contacts in Film/TV/Stage, Music, Photography, Comedy, Dance, Art, Radio & More. Contacts include: Company Address, telephone, email, website address, social media links & a company synopsis. Save contacts to your favourites for ease & future use

 Build a profile/portfolio/timeline with their step by step guide. Input the URL for your social media accounts and see your music, videos, photographs, blogs, tweets & posts automatically transfer to your timeline and paste your CV in your about me section for employers to see your skills.

Start a topic in our forums. Discuss media events. Promote your own work. What ever you wish to talk about. Then here you can. Network and build friendships.. Then add each other as friends if you require a personal conversation.

Post a job for free!

Membership Costs:

Pay As You Go: £2.95 a month for as long as you want it… No cancellation fees and no additional costs after subscription.
The Year Deal: £19.95 for a full years subscription. There are no additional costs. That price is for full use of The Media Directory.

You can sign up here http://www.themediadirectory.com/, as well as follow them on Facebook


Google Webmaster Tools

If you want to be found on the web, go to  Google Webmaster tools http://www.google.com/webmasters/  

Once there to add your website URL.

Google will generate a code for you to add to your site for verification.

Google verify code for my site Artist Marketing Resources: <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”A06IlyiOVgEyi1YAigQNxuDRtg3chsYmu4LryawXGEc” />

Exhibbit 3D Online Gallery Rentals for Artists

Artist Janis N. Senungetuk has a show of her digital photographic art prints, from her Garden of Light series, in the 3D virtual Tiri gallery on the Exhibbit site. All her images are available and ready to ship to buyers. Janis says that the Exhibbit show occurred by chance. This past December Exhibbit posted a contest on Facebook and Janis won a 12 month rental of the Tiri gallery space on the site. Here is a gallery view of her virtual exhibition–

View the entire show here.
This second Exhibbit gallery view is of a virtual exhibition of paintings by Andrew Weis–

“From artists struggling to get their work noticed, to galleries with too many works and not enough wall space, exhibbit provides a stunningly realistic solution” says exhibbit.com CEO Peter Worrall. “An exhibbit show can be embedded into an email or website, shared via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. You don’t even need a website to showcase your work as all exhibitions are hosted free on the exhibbit website. We’re about to change the way that art is viewed online.”

Peter Worrall, who has done cutting edge 3D animation for television and movie industry projects, spent seven years developing the virtual gallery spaces of Exhibbit.
The WeLikeArtists site reviewed Exhibbit recently. You can read their description of accessing and moving around Exhibbit virtual gallery spaces here.

Holiday Sales Op News for Artists

James Day explains his new sales plan for his Art of Day site:

Here’s how Friday’s holiday feature will work.

Normally I post one feature each day (on http://www.artofday.com) for a single artist with up to 20 images. My thought is that instead of Friday being for one artist it will be for up to 20 artists. Each artist will have one image of an artwork of theirs they wish to sell.  All artworks in Friday’s feature will need to be either for sale on the artists website, or placed for sale in the Art of Day store but for a 10% commission. If the art is for sale only via the artists website, a commission is not required.

Information needed:

  • Artist name
  • Title of artwork
  • Medium
  • Size
  • Shipping weight

(if for sale in Art of Day store)

  • Price (US dollars)
  • Link – to artwork in artist store (not required if selling item in Art of Day store) A Buy Now button will be located below each artwork for sale taking visitors to the Art of Day store, or to each artists store where they can purchase the artwork there.

    If you’d like to be included, please send me the info on one (1) of your artworks The artwork must be for sale and ready to ship within 2-3 days if purchased.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,


    James Day
    Founder of Art of Day

    WEBSITE (Portfolio)
    Sculptor & Artist James Day


    BLOG (Artist Features)
    Artist Features, Gallery Networking, & Art Event Promotions

    FAN PAGE (Facebook)


    TWITTER (Art of Day)
    – Premiers all featured Art of Day artists to the twitterverse! –

    Visit the Art of Day website to submit your art and bio for review or your gallery’s upcoming events for inclusion on Art of Day. The ArtofDay.com website accepts artists and galleries as contributors, meaning you can submit your own articles & event announcements for immediate review. Submit your own article today! http://artofday.com/wordpress/?page_id=367

  • your press releases

    In John R. Math’s article, 10 Ways an Artist Can Develop Their Brand:

    ” Online press releases offer an artist a way in which they can promote their events, openings and other promotions.  Most press release websites include links back to the artist’s website, along with a biography section.  They also offer guides on how to write and form a press release. Search engines pick up these press releases very quickly and they become a major source of the artist’s brand. www.prlog.org www.pressreleasepoint.com www.dbusinessnews.com

    Read the entire article on the Art Marketing Strategies site:

    The Press Release sites will give you an idea of what information to include in your art event news. I’d like to start posting exhibit and other news

    for all artist subscribers of this blog, on an ongoing basis. Submit  exhibition and art project news to me via email: Marie Kazalia: mariekazzaz@embarmail.com

    I will post your news here on this blog. Now until October 4th I ask everyone who sends a press release to support my Kickstarter project by backing it with $1. or more

    Link to My kickstarter project–


    Writing a Press Release is a good topic of discussion for our LinkedIN group Artist Marketing Resources:


    If you would like to work on developing press releases for your art exhibits and sales, then join in the group discussion.