Clare Haxby: Two Paintings In Our Virtual 3D Gallery Exhibit

Horse 1, painting by Clare Haxby

I love it when artists make the most of their opportunities and find interesting ways to promote themselves.

Clare Haxby wrote:

Marie, I have put the link on my news page on my website.

Thanks again for including me


Here is the link to Clare Haxby’s website promo piece–!newsblog/c1fl0  

Streetlance Site Launched to Help Artists Make Money From Their Creative Skills

Call For Artists: Mini Job Opportunity

 Streetlance is a new online artist marketplace where people can buy and sell creative mini services!

The goal is to inspire people to be more creative, so they will find their own way to make money online with their creativity.  Streetlance will help bridge the gap between the artists’ expectations and the reality of employment.

The website beta version was launched a couple of months ago and Streetlance is looking for more talented artists to join their community. Fashion designers, writers, songwriters, entertainers, illustrators, painters, performers, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, videographers, typographers, are all welcome to join Streetlance.

The site offers artists great opportunities to pitch themselves and make money by doing microjobs. As freelance artist on Streetlance you can post a pitch and offer a small creative service for a small price which you can finish in for example 15 minutes. Great way to promote yourself, gain experience, make money, build up a portfolio and attract new clients. And by the way, small orders leads to big orders right?

To be successful, artists must be creative, think out-of-the-box and come up with unique ideas and custom services. Registering is free and you can post unlimited pitches–they even recommend you to do this. There are also tools available which you can use to share your pitch socially to attract more buyers.

Here are a couple of tips for selling on Streetlance:

  • It takes a unique pitch to sell your creative skills. Quality is important.
  • A pitch should be creative and uploaded with a real video with an introduction and example of your product or service.
  • You may include a link to SoundCloud or YouTube to showcase your work.

Join the Streetlance Artist marketplace!

Open Calls for Artists to Submit

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 16th Annual Juried Artist Exhibition, Deadline June 15th–find the submission guidelines here .

12th International Poster Competition, Mexico (no entry fee)

 Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants for painters and sculptors has an open application process for individual artist grants, so you can apply anytime via online application here.

Artist Marketing Resources has long recommended that artist make ten submission per week!   Don’t know how?  Don’t have time?**  Don’t have the resources? Here is an important tip: you do not have to wait for calls to submit. Send you work to thousands of companies, consultants, curators, art publishers, interior designers, retail sellers, and more who purchase and exhibit art internationally. Artist Marketing Resources provides artists with valuable resource lists of live links and email addresses that will save you thousands of hours on research alone. Not sure how to craft your first email contact? Our e-book guide for artists that tells you how. (Ebook also available on Amazon Kindle here and Smashwords here ).

** We also offer services to help artists. Email Marie Kazalia email:   for details.

A Variety of Opportunities For Artists To Promote Their Art

Tumblr dashboard

Tumblr dashboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are artists out there who tell me that they still don’t have a blog or don’t have time to blog. Try Tumblr. There is so much arts activity on Tumblr! You will find artists, art galleries, and arts organizations. Create a Tumblr blog, explore and reblog art posts to your blog. It is so easy.

Some Tumblr blogs have calls for submissions or allow you to upload and promote your own art images and links. Add an image of your art to the The NYC Mind Tumblr blog.The NYC mind is owned by an artist active in the New York City arts scene. Help his blog grow by submitting and sharing on Tumblr. He will help you promote your art.


Bring Your Own Beamer (beamer = cute British word for projector) or BYOB, is a series of pop-up one-night exhibitions around the world.  BYOB is open to anyone interested in moving light, sound, and performance.
Learn more about BYOB worldwide at


Artists Over age 65 – An Opportunity to Share Your Work

The John A. Hartford Foundation (, one of the nation’s leading private funders of aging research, is looking for two or three artists over the age of 65 to show some of their work at a small conference in Chicago on Tuesday, July 10th, 6-7 pm (at the Sutton Place Hotel–21 E. Bellevue Place).  They’re  looking for artists over the age of 65 to show some of their work plus talk a little about their creative process and take questions from the group related to their art and how it’s affected and been influenced by their own aging process. There is a modest honorarium for each participating artist. If you’re interested, please email Chris Gherst at before May 15th.

Summer Project New York Selecting Two Artists for Exhibit

This is the third year for The Summer Show Project. I usually avoid posting Calls for Artists that involve a fee, but decided this one could be worth the fee for the right artists. The fee could even be a great bargain if you know you are ready for this opportunity. This opportunity gives emerging or under represented artists an opportunity to have their work seen, recognized and reviewed in a professional gallery setting.

The Michael Foley Gallery states that they  “… do not recommend you try to fit your submission into what you might think the gallery is looking for. So, submit what is true for you, regardless of who will be viewing it.”

They will be using a blind jury process.  The curators will not be aware of the names attached to the entries during review.  At the conclusion of the selection process, all curators will then be given the names of the artists who submitted work so that they might follow-up with them directly.

The Summer Show Project New York

Deadline for submission is May 6, 2012.
The cost of submission is $30 by April 22 and $40 by May 6.

The Summer Show Project offers the unique chance for artists to work directly with the FOLEY Gallery.  They are looking for two artists for this exhibition–  one artist that works with photography and one artist that makes works on paper. Upon acceptance, the two artists selected will work on your own and with the guidance of gallery owner Michael Foley to create a well curated two person exhibition.

All artists world-wide and from all disciplines who work in photography and works on paper are invited to apply.

Deadline for submission is May 6, 2012.  The cost of submission is $30 by April 22 and $40 by May 6.

To apply send 3 jpeg images no wider than 1000 pixels or no more than 700 pixels in height.  Resolution must be 72 dpi.  Choose three images that show some consistency while staying true to the type of work you are most interested in doing.  The work will not be chosen based on theme or style–it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a journalist, a collage artist or whatever–it’s all about the art.

Submit a statement about your work in 100 words or less.  That’s right, 100 words.  A caption or title that summarizes the work would be a good way to start.

Easy Art Licensing: Your Art on e-cards

A custom greeting card made from an ESA/Hubble...

Image via Wikipedia

Artregards  is a curated art site that offers something a bit different. If you are an artist you may apply to join. Once accepted you upload your art. Your art images may then be purchased on the front of e-cards that allow personalized messages to be added inside on the Artregards site.  You the artist receive a share of the purchase price for each e-card that goes out with your art on it.

This is a very simple type of art licensing. Artists hold all rights to their art and may cancel the license with Artregards at any time.

Artregards is based in Switzerland.
Image: A custom greeting card made from an ESA/Hubble image
You will find an extensive list of art licensing resources here.

The Guggenheim Museum’s 2 New Lines of House Paint

For artists who think that licensing their work is somehow wrong or too low brow an activity, consider what the Guggenheim has done to earn money.

They created two lines of house paint–Guggenheim Color by Fine Paints of Europe.

That’s right, the Guggenheim museum apparently found a way to earn a living selling house paint. I don’t know how the deal was set up, but perhaps it is an art licensing deal. Colors from the paintings in their collections–paintings by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Modigliani and others–are now manufactured in a new color line of house paints called Classical Colors.

For a second new paint line called Gallery Colors which contains 50 hues available in paint cans, the colors were inspired by colors used in Guggenheim exhibits and from the Frank Lloyd Wright designed museum building itself.

English: The Guggenheim (New York). Español: M...

Image via Wikipedia

Artists have long used house paints on their canvases. Now they can get Modigliani colors.

Blogger note: To find out more about licensing your artwork go here. For even more resources go here.

Modigliani nude sdraiato

Image via Wikipedia

Part 4: Ways For Artists To Cut Down On Studio Expenses

Artists paints

Image via Wikipedia

My past three posts on ways for artists to cut costs, included– how to make your own paints,  buying fine art paper in bulk and  how to make your own pastels. What I like about the tips I have shared is that quality is never sacrificed. In fact, if you make your own paints with pure quality pigments and binders you may improve the quality of your studio paints since the paints you make yourself will not contain the additives or fillers that some manufacturers use.

In part 4, on ways to cut costs, I am  bypassing retail and going directly to fine artist paint manufacturers.

C.A.S. paints is a manufacturer of high quality artist alkyd oil paints located near Chicago. They are a smaller manufacturer that has grown in recent years and you can now buy C.A.S. alkyd paints from large retail suppliers such Blick. I first purchased C.A.S. paints a few years ago during one of their dented tube sales.  From time to time C.A.S. offers dented tubes of paint at greatly discounted prices. I order several dented tubes and when they arrived I looked them over– all had only the smallest and most  minor dents. When I used their paint I was impressed by the quality.  When C.A.S. decided to stop  producing their oil paint line to manufacturer alkyd oil paints exclusively they wanted to clear their shelves of their oil paint stock. I purchased several pints of their richly pigmented oil paints at about 1/3 the price. Sign up for their newsletter to receive notification of dented paint tube sales. Also, C.A.S. has sought artists to demonstrate their paints. Perhaps this is an opportunity that will work for you.  There is an upcoming  C.A.S. paint demonstration scheduled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Check the C.A.S. website for details.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, Nova Color Paint, a manufacturer of artist acrylics, has a factory store where you can buy discount acrylic paint supplies. Perhaps a paint manufacturer near you offers discounts you don’t even know about.

Some fine art oil paint manufacturers: Archival Oils,Blockx, Daniel Smith, David Davis Oils,Gamblin,Grumbacher, Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors, Lapis Arts Oils, LeFranc & Bourgeois Oils, Liquitex Oil Colors,Maimeri Oils, Old Holland, Rembrandt Oil Colours,Rowney Oils, Schmincke Mussini Resin Oil Colours, Sennelier, Shiva Oils, Utrecht Oil Colors, Williamsburg Oil Paints,Winsor & Newton Oils & Alkyds,Yarka Oils

Some acrylic fine art paint manufacturers: Atelier Interactive, Brera(Maimeri),Daler-Rowney, Daniel Smith,Golden, Grumbacher, Lascaux, Liquitex, Matisse, M. Graham & Co., Sennelier, Schmincke,Utrecht, Windsor & Newton

More on Ways to Save Money in the Studio

Yesterday, there was much interest in my blog post — Artists, You Can Save Money By Making Your Own Paints. Thanks to all who shared it and re-blogged it.

Today, I am posting follow-up tips on supplying your studio for less.


One problem you will likely encounter when making your own paint will be the continual lack of enough clean containers with lids to store your paints.  I discovered American Science and Surplus has many plastic and glass bottles in assorted sizes at super low prices. Because they stock surplus items you can even find art supplies as well as paint-making devices such as a mortar and pestal at a fraction of the cost of the same items sold in art supply stores. If they are not in your geographic area perhaps you will find a store like this near you.

How To Make Your Own Pastels

I’ve made lots of my own pastels and have always found it super easy. Even if you do not consider yourself a pastel painter there may be instances where you want to draw with a large stick of pigment onto canvas or paper. You can make pastel sticks to fit your needs and your hand, or even make sticks with graphite powder, charcoal powder, metallic powders or plain white chalk powder.  A kilo of the highest quality white French chalk powder retails for as little as eight or nine dollars. Mix white chalk with a dry pigment powder to make a tint of that color.  Knead in the wet binder, gum tragacanth–which is easy to find and use. This full description on how to make pastel sticks

English: Gold bronze pigment Deutsch: Goldbron...

Image via Wikipedia

seems a bit much more complicated than I have personally found it to be. For instance, the instructions recommend adding a preservative. I have pastel sticks that I made  4-5 years ago that are still in perfect condition even though I never added any special preservative but used only distilled water and added a little Isopropyl alcohol to the gum tragacanth.

If you have tips for saving money in the studio that you would like to share with other artists feel free to leave a comment.

Artists: Store Reviewing LOVE / Valentines Day Art

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

Image via Wikipedia


Do you create love themed art?

The Transmedia Artist AMAZON Pro store at is reviewing Valentines Day art to add as new listings in the store.

The store currently lists original paintings, Giclee prints on canvas, limited Giclee prints on paper, digital art, and digital art prints, limited edition posters, and other print editions.

We would like to add more original fine art paintings and fine art prints, Giclee prints and posters, in any style, that we can promote and sell as gift art appropriate for the upcoming Valentines Day February 14th 2012 buying season.


If you create love themed art, and would like us to review your website or online portfolio, then submit your name and link using the form below: