Artists Submit ArtWork Incorporating Text: Jan 6th Deadline

HOAX is now accepting submissions for issue #7 until January 6th.

Every six months, HOAX publication publishes artworks incorporating text into pastel-colored pamphlets. Hoax is an on-profit project. Editor of HOAX Lulu Nunn works with the printed editions as well as the Hoax online exhibition platform to dissolve the distinction between the practices of writing and art making.

Submissions are especially welcome from women, people of colour, LGBTQIA, disabled people and all underrepresented minorities.

See the HOAX website for submission guidelines and follow the Hoax twitter account, QUOAX .

HOAX issue 6 available to read and download for free online >>

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CALL FOR ART – Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective

An ideologically correct name would improve se...

An ideologically correct name would improve self-image. Poster reads: “Hail the emancipated women of the USSR” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CALL FOR ART – Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective is pleased to announce the first call for art Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective in support of Women’s Rights and the passage of the ERA. Artists can become part of the Celebration and effort to ratify the ERA through expressing their voices and showcasing their art! Please support this cause and send your art!

PROSPECTUS: is looking for art that speaks to, examines and explores the social, political and economic issues related to women’s activism — seeking art (all media) that expresses the women’s perspective on issues of women’s rights, political rights, reproductive rights, the ERA and issues of societal control which can range from literal to poetic, abstract to representational, and psychological, to social and political commentary. Submit work that explores the concepts of being a woman in today’s global society and how social constructs define your experience whether internal, external, imagined or imposed, and how it defines and shapes our identities, relationships, ideas and politics. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly; submit works that have resonance and meaning to you. will present these issues in visual form, creating a public forum for action, reaction, and informed discussion.

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perpective

Terri Lloyd’s B*tch Fest


“B*tch Fest is a collaborative vision for exhibition of female art conceived by Terri Lloyd and Monica Marsh, founders of The Haggus Society.

During a conversation last year (2010), Monica and Terri came to the realization that older women are invisible in society, but more specifically in the arts. Even a television show makes reference to the invisibility of people over 40.

Monica and Terri had talked about issues that postpone or delay women’s art careers. Talking about age in a youth oriented society; and the idea that art by women must fit a hygienic mold. Along with the fact that there is little to no institutional support for the older female artist. (We wanna light fuses… Ha!)

Not everyone has a linear art career trajectory. Life happens. Right?

Many women are re-igniting their careers during these highly inflammatory and changing times, and we see that they are under-served.”

And so begins LA digital artist Terri Lloyd’s Kickstarter campaign — read the full story here–and kick in your support: