Yoko Invites Woman of All Ages and All Countries To Submit To Her Project

Yoko Ono invites woman artists to take part in her art installation project and resulting book.

Details on the artist’s website:


Allison Schulnik’s impasto paintings come to life


Allison Schulnik’s impasto paintings come to life! The artist takes her work off the canvas and into 3D work, then flattens again to video.

allison schulnik, big money head, 2008, oil on...

allison schulnik, big money head, 2008, oil on canvas (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

Mound by Allison Schulnik from garaco taco on Vimeo.



Artist Book Project Now Accepting Submissions

This is an independent book publishing project that will not be of interest to all readers of this blog. I have not personally viewed any of these books. Some of you may find this information useful:

The Artist Book Project, designed to showcase artists, is a book project created by artist Jina Wallwork. Read about the project here. Two previously published books by Jina Wallwork may be viewed on the project blog here. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon.com.  One of the books titled Vision, may be viewed on Amazon.com here.

Jina Wallwork has exhibited artwork in galleries across the world, exhibiting with the finest in contemporary art such as Jeff Koons, Yoko Ono and Grayson Perry. She exhibited with John Baldessari, and was also featured in one of his artworks. Jina has a BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University in England and has trained with other art establishments. Jina was also born with a unique perception that some would refer to as mysticism or clairvoyance.This spiritual influence is something that greatly impacts her art. Her visions have become embedded in her practice. This allows her to visually express complicated concepts from spirit such as the diagrams of the universe that can be found in her book Death and Rebirth, that contains 150 pages and sells for $23.00 on Amazon here.

Want your artwork  included in the Artist Book Project book that will be available for purchase from Amazon?

The theme is nature. Submit your creations inspired by nature so Jina can create a book of nature showcasing contemporary art. Submissions are now open. Send paintings, drawings, photos and go wild with the theme.  To be included in the project, all that she asks is a payment of $16 or £10 from each artist. Every artist can take part in the Artist Book Project– visit about the project and the submissions page for more details.

Producing the book

Once Jina has received your images, she will begin work  on the book which will be titled ‘Nature’. The book will be formatted using the professional standard software, Adobe Indesign. It will then be printed using Createspace a sister company of Amazon. This company will print the books using print on demand technology. All participating artists and customers will be able to purchase a copy of the book from Amazon in the United States and Europe.

The book

The book will be a full color paperback. 10″ x 7″ inches. This is a portrait format book, which might be worth keeping in mind as you select which piece of artwork you would like to include. The price of the book will be dependent on its size; it will be influenced by the number of artists that choose to take part in the project. If demand is very high, different volumes will be produced, so we can make sure each artist can be included. Each artist will receive one page each. The page will show the artist’s name, title of the image and a photograph of the artwork.

Jina Wallwork writes on how to use the ‘Artist Book Project’ to network and makes sales:

As an artist it is import to find relevant art business contacts. It is important to find people who believe in your work, and as a business person it is also important to find people who can assist you in turning your work into profit. As an artist you will already have some contacts from agents to art gallery owners, art bloggers and critics. Think of all of your useful contacts and then think of all the artists that will take part in the Artist Book Project, think of their contacts.

Once the book is published each artist that is involved will share the news with their contacts. When they purchase a copy of the book and discover all the other great artists that are included, that means you. Their contacts have now become your contacts. They can search the web for more information on the great artist they have discovered and they may give you your next career opportunity. The book becomes a tool for each artist, to promote all the other artists who take part.

Each artist will not make money directly from the artist book project. However, they will make money indirectly. Each artist will not receive profit from the sale of each book. However, the artist retains complete copyright of the work. The Artist Book Project will have permission to use the image in a single publication. This means that the book is promoting a piece of artwork where the artist owns the original work and owns the copyright. The more successful the book becomes the more it increases the value of the artwork depicted. Consider the current value of your work then consider the value once it has appeared in a published book. A publication will raise your status and how others perceive your work will alter. A lot of artists are successful because people consider their work to be an investment. Those artists cultivate that perception, encouraging others to believe that a work purchased will double in value in a space of five or ten years. Publications are one of those methods in which you convince others that you are going to be one of the greats. It enhances your CV and increases the chances of other opportunities.

Deadline June 1st for Annual Postcard Show Call for Artist Submissions

Artists & Friends of A.I.R. Gallery:

We invite you to participate in our yearly benefit postcard show:

Wish You Were Here 11: June 21 – July 15, 2012
Reception: Thursday, June 21, 6 – 8:30 pm
DUMBO 1st Thursday: July 5, 6 – 9 pm

Last year’s exhibit featured work by over 400 artists from as far afield as Australia and Guyana, and included the work of notable artists such as Yoko Ono and Dottie Attie. This year we hope you will join us in our mission to provide leadership and community to women in the arts by exhibiting your work in Wish You Were Here 11.

All the proceeds of this exhibition help fund our programs, including our Fellowship Program for under represented and emerging women artists.

Each donated card will be labeled and a list of participating artists will be made available to gallery visitors.

All postcards will be priced at $45 including New York State sales tax.

This year all sales will be CASH or CREDIT & CARRY only.

DIRECTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION: please read the below carefully

1. Create a wall mountable artwork that is 4 x 6 inches*

*If your artwork is made of cardstock or a similar thin material, it will be displayed in plastic sign channels that are mounted on the walls of the gallery. If your artwork is made of thicker material, please wire the back so that we can hang it on the wall on a nail or hook.
*We will accept horizontal diptychs & triptychs in which each component is 4 x 6 inches in size – NO vertical diptychs/triptychs allowed.

2. Print the following information on the back of each card:

Phone Number &/or Email:



DELIVERY of work: By 6pm Friday, June 1, 2012:

Mail / Hand-Deliver in an envelope to:

A.I.R. Gallery
ATTN: Postcard 2012
111 Front Street #228
Brooklyn NY 11201

RETURN of unsold work:

– Enclose a SASE for the return of your submission.**
**this is ONLY for U.S. submissions. Postcards from outside of the US cannot be mailed back.


– Pick up your submission no later than September 8th 2012.

 will become the property of A.I.R.


To download an example of how to format the back of the card, click HERE.
Please note that depending on your printer, this example card may print slightly larger than 4″x6″. Please trim to 4″x6″ if you use this PDF as a template.

Imagine Peace Free Downloads

"Wish Tree for Washington, D.C." by ...

Image via Wikipedia

English: John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Image via Wikipedia

Yoko Ono has created the *Peace Tower* to honor John Lennon.

On her website, you will also find her downloadable billboards.

The free download of Yoko’s Times Square New York City billboard of the famous phrase *Imagine Peace* in 24 languages is available in several sizes–HERE.

Yoko Ono has also been creating Wish Trees.

When I visited a temple in Tokyo with a Japanese friend, he showed me long strips of paper printed with wishes, that visitors tied to trees or bushes— a common practice at temples in Japan.

Yoko Ono has made her Wish Tree project instructions available for download here.