Artist Zalez: Short Movie About the End of Summer on French West Coast

The blogging gods have smiled down upon me, sending me this Zalez video to post share, to give me a day off from writing blog articles while I recover from the flu.

Actually, it was the artist Zalez himself who sent the video. He’s sent us videos before. This one is fittingly about the end of summer.

“Nowhere Land” is his short movie filmed during a road trip this summer on the French West coast.
With surf, street art, and skate…Enjoy!

“Nowhere Land” est une vidéo tournée durant un road trip trip dans le Sud Ouest de la France.
Regroupant, du Surf, du Street Art, et du Skate…


Zalez Video: West Is Yours

An artist in France, Zalez, creates a wide variety of work. Zalez sent us this video of a trip to Los Angeles. You may or may not appreciate wheat paste art or street art, but we decided to share this Zalez video with you today. Video length: 3:27

“West is yours”- Zalez from Zalez on Vimeo.


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