Exchanghibition Bank Projects: Artist Exhibition Interactive Performance Series

Exchanghibition Bank

Exchanghibition Bank

I received this amazing email recently. Enjoy! and perhaps reading will spark ideas of your own.
hey Marie Kazalia
I noticed this page of yours about Money and Art – http://pinterest.com/mariekazalia/money-art/ – and thought you might be interested in my Art as Money project, so decided to send you some pics, text and links…….
here below I copy-pasted some links and text
A bit over two years ago I started my own bank as an artist – the Exchanghibition Bank. It’s a traveling bank booth, which pops up at many places. Some of them are cultural, such as the Rijks-, Boijmans and Stedelijk Museum, or Paradiso. Others are very public, such as Amsterdam Central Station, Occupy, or even shopping centers. Visitors can exchange their money for our banknotes of Zero, Million, Infinite, and others.
Short 90 second video showing a bit more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6d0CvhFSto
The bank has also traveled to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, which is based on a gift-economy and where money doesn’t exist. Here our customers could sign a Spiritual Karma Laundering contract to bring their spiritual Karma debt back to Zero, and would get a Zero banknote in return.
Last summer we built another project in the Nevada desert – the Transformoney Tree. It’s a tree which has the Exchanghibition banknotes hanging as leaves from its branches while the tree itself got covered in real banknotes, glued onto it by participants. People turned those banknotes into art, by drawing and painting on them. I think it would actually be great to make the tree come to Zurich and organize workshops where bankers could turn money into art and glue it on the tree 😉
Money Tree

Transformoney Tree

Money Tree

Transformoney Tree

More information about the banknote with value LOVE can be found here: http://blog.artasmoney.com/bank/can-love-be-the-root-of-all-money/

Here’s a video of a talk I gave at the Boom Festival in Portugal about money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MKhbFJBpkU
And here’s an interview from a few weeks ago when we did a whole week of events and performances in Berlin with the bank:
The website of the project is http://www.exchanghibitionbank.com and the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/artasmoney
I enclosed pics of performances with the bank, the tree in the desert, some banknotes (all the originals of the banknotes are real paintings……) and
some black and white drawings.
So far. I guess that will give you a bit more to explore 😉
Yours Bankingly and Dreamingly
CEO and Founder Exchanghibition Bank
In a 2nd email he sent– and here by the way is my new project Like 4 Real, which I started working on website went online yesterday: http://www.like4real.com
Do you dare to take the Red Like?
All the information about is on the crowdfunding site (yes, it’s all about the money………)



Banknote, Charlie Davis

Banknote, Charlie Davis

Open Call for Artists: Art in Public Space in Zurich, Switzerland

17ZWEI Call 2013 Zurich

Open Call, 17x2m space for Art in Public Space in Zurich, Switzerland
Deadline extended: April 14 2013
Submission fee: none

Professional artists and artist groups to submit a proposal for a two-dimensional artwork (size 16 m x 2.15 m) which will be publicly displayed for 4-6 weeks in a highly frequented underpass in Zurich’s (Switzerland) new business district. Seeking artists from all over the world who are interested in working with the immediate surrounding of the urban neighborhood of Hardbrücke public area (the underpass),  the location of the underpass or Zurich’s urbanity in general. Application guideline:

Applications must be submitted in English or German., Each applicant may submit only one concept., The application should include:,  Contact information of the artist, (including: name, surname,  postal address, e-mail address, phone number).  A curriculum vitae in PDF.  An artist portfolio of five works no older than five years. A project proposal (which can be a description of max. 300 – 500 words and a visual sketch with the correct proportions of the tarp), Please submit your complete application as a PDF by e-mail until, 14th April 2013 to call@17zwei.ch, (please note, only complete applications will be considered).

The application process:

Once the deadline has passed,  a jury will select 4-6 works. The selected artists will receive an artist’s fee of 1000 CHF. In addition to the artist’s fee we offer to cover the travel expenses to Zurich to the opening of the artwork (there is no cash alternative for trip costs). Each piece will be displayed for minimum of 4 weeks., Please note that the artwork will be printed on a 16 x 2.15 meter truck tarp. The truck tarp print will become part of the Deutsche Bank art collection after the public displaying period., If your work gets selected you will be informed of the dates your work will be on display. The decision of the jury will be mailed out to all participants at the end of April.  The project is funded by Deutsche Bank and ZHdK.

For further information: http://17zwei.ch/