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Mining the Mojave for Art: Chelsea Dean’s “Remnants of Ambition”

A wonderful exhibition that I thought my readers might like to know about!

Art and Cake

Chelsea Dean. Remnants of Ambition. Shoebox Projects. Photo Credit Kristine Schomaker

Mining the Mojave for Art: Chelsea Dean’s Remnants of Ambition

By Genie Davis

It would be hard to underestimate the appeal of the desert as an artistic mecca. The vastness of the landscape, the shifting light, the vast horizons, and the lack of what passes for civilization or the ruins thereof is the stuff of magic to me. Ghost towns, abandoned shacks and mines, rusted trucks, and discarded furniture, the left-behinds of those who came, who stayed, who departed again, perhaps defeated by the vastness, the heat, the dryness, the sheer emptiness they could not fill – it’s a mystery the mind wants to explain, a story that no one but the vicissitudes of time and weather can account for.

It was with great anticipation, then, that I viewed the culmination of Chelsea Dean’s artist-in-residence exhibition at Shoebox Projects…

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Doraelia Ruiz Impresses with her Brave, Bold Solo Show at Brainworks

Art and Cake

Doraelia Ruiz “Never Yes No Me You”

Brainworks Gallery

through March 25th

by Genie Davis

Let’s start with a simple wow for Doraelia Ruiz’ “Never Yes No Me You” at Brainworks Gallery. The impressive rainbow of colors, the mix of found images with her own mark making and her use of digital art to combine these elements – this is a mind-bending visual whirl.

Using her merging and melding of a variety of media, Ruiz prints her combined images, stretches them on panels, and then paints over them. This is layering, but it is a delicate layering, her methodology forming an intimate palette to the longing she expresses for what can never be obtained and will never be fully real. The illusions she creates are dreamlike, and in coloration remind the viewer just a bit of the ethos of Peter Max if he did a Vulcan mind-meld with Van Gogh.

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Matisse/Diebenkorn Artistic Soulmates

I don’t usually post art historical articles, but I recognize that this side-by-side comparison of paintings may be important for my readers and so I didn’t want them to miss this fascinating article.

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Matisse/Diebenkorn Installation View at The Baltimore Museum of Art. Photographer: Mitro Hood. Matisse/Diebenkorn Installation View at The Baltimore Museum of Art.
Photographer: Mitro Hood.

Baltimore Museum of Art
Matisse/Diebenkorn Artistic Soulmates

By Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Through January 29th

Matisse/Diebenkorn is an exhibition 15 years in the making, ending this month at the Baltimore Museum and opening at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in March.

Reading biographies of Matisse and Diebenkorn side-by-side reveals both to be great students, which lead them to be great artists. They have actively viewed work from both predecessors and peers utilizing these observations in the development of their painting. In addition to looking, Matisse was known for collecting work of his fellow artists, even going into debt for it. Diebenkorn’s stint in the Marines gave him the opportunity to view the collections of Museums in New York, Philly and DC, influences he would use later in his career. Twenty years later he traveled to the Soviet…

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Naotaka Hiro: Peaking at The BOX, LA

Art and Cake

Naotaka Hiro: Peaking Installation View Photo Courtesy of The Box Los Angeles Naotaka Hiro: Peaking
Installation View
Photo Courtesy of The Box Los Angeles

Naotaka Hiro: Peaking at The BOX, LA

By Shana Nys Dambrot

Through January 28th

Shaped canvas paintings are not often emotionally expressive, favoring the precise curves and angles of custom frames over the bohemian flaunting of rough-edges and raw remnants. Instances of attacking, slicing, piercing, puncturing, and otherwise compromising the painted surface through draping, crumpling, reversing and ruching are more emotive, obscuring image and content in ways that can feel subversive, destructive, violent, but also risk seeming calculated for effect. Naotaka Hiro’s current exhibition at The Box literally and figuratively turns these art historical tropes inside out, presenting a series of engaging, vivacious, visceral and absolutely disruptive carved-up canvases (and related series of frenetic works on paper, surreal bronze body-cast sculptures, and performative action-painting video) that reinvigorate these practices.

Naotaka Hiro: Peaking Installation View Photo Courtesy of The Box Los Angeles Naotaka Hiro: Peaking
Installation View
Photo Courtesy of The…

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El Kanu Contemporary Portrait Paintings

Contemporary Portrait Oil Paintings by El Kanu

Yani, el kanu

Yani, el kanu


Zoltan, el kanu

Zoltan, el kanu


Bystander, el kanu

Bystander, el kanu


Impromptu. el kanu

Impromptu. el kanu


Marwen, el kanu

Marwen, el kanu


Le Soupir, el kanu

Le Soupir, el kanu


le toilde David, el kanu

le toilde David, el kanu


Sabrina, el kanu

Sabrina, el kanu


Absolute Beginner, el kanu

Absolute Beginner, el kanu


el kanu

Sublimation, el kanu

The First 12 Portraits

Artist Lily Day creates a Selfie-a-day aka self-portrait showing her many moods! She is on day 15. Can she keep up this lively intensity for a full year? Follow her Selfie A Day project blog.

The Selfie Project

red polo p Day 1, Pencil

profile p Day 2, Pencil and Watercolour

smirk p Day 3, Pencil

hand p Day 4, Pencil

scowel p Day 5, Pencil

tongue p Day 6, Watercolour

leaves p Day 7, Pencil and Oil Pastel

sitting p Day 8, Pencil

mirror p Day 9, Pencil

tough p Day 10, Acrylic

spoon p Day 11, Acrylic

Moustache p Day 12, Biro

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